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  1. Not received mind yet. Had to print ticket for L##ds game no option to load to card.
  2. First half we have Wallace getting crosses in the box but no lanky forward to get on the end. Far too many unnecessary fouls given away. Sloppy passing, especially first half. Wasted opportunities from corners. Ridiculous sending off Wallace should know better. Goals have pretty much dried up - see above! Slow starts, hardly ever seen to score or play well in the first half. We're definitely work in progress. But onward and upward, maybe we can play better against the better teams.
  3. Far better than that lad Hunt too IMOO.
  4. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism/discussion it's what these boards are for.
  5. Gives the ball away constantly, can't beat his man, can't takle. Basically can't defend or attack. Apart from that he's v good!
  6. All the crosses were from deep positions and relatively easy to defend, can't remember getting to the by-line once. Bannan was often much too deep.
  7. It’s early days for #FootballOn5, but we’re listening to your comments – expect some tweaks to Football League Tonight this Saturday. Waits with baited breath!
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