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  1. Of course you can't support another team. My mistake! However...... I hate Liverpool more and more. My point is I really enjoyed City winning and feel a little guilty!
  2. Living in the Nothwest over the last 20'years, listening to Man City and Man U fans become somewhat tedious. However I have come to hate Liverpool more and more as each year passes. So really happy that City beat Liverpool to the title. Man U fan says" thought you supported Sheff wed ? " This is whilst he is watching city on a big screen rather than being at OT ! I so wanted city to win today,but still felt uneasy wanting city to win. I can only ever love SWFC but wonder what you guys all feel about wanting other teams to succeed. Don't get me wrong Inited are still scum but Liverpool are not far behind..........
  3. Simple. Just win ALL of our remaining games. Bruce has no option now other than to give it everything and see what happens. You never know............
  4. In no way am I'm I blaming Fox for not winnining today. Simply pointing out he is not good enough !! Watched him at U 23 against Crewe when he came back from injury and even in that game was poor. (Hutch played in that game was immense) Just working through the team today and thinking about next season. Fox simply not good enough ( likewise Boyd) just thought today he was poor in possession and Bruce will not hesitate in making the necessary changes !!
  5. Despite SB being happy with another clean sheet (as I am too) Fox has demonstrated today his many inadequencies. Distribution poor. Aggression non existent attacking potential nil. Each time I looked at SB when Fox was involved I could see him wince. I have every faith in SB as we move forward. Fox has to disappear quickly!
  6. Jos has a very fluid formation during games and when we move from a 4 to a 3 at the back, it is essential that lees is central. He looks totally lost when he's playing on the right. Being captain is irrelevant.
  7. Whilst goalkeepers positioning was poor, the fouled conceded by Fox that lead to it was unnecessary. Ipswich player back to goal and going nowhere. No need to foul, but just hold position and make them play ball away from goal. The defending for the 1st goal was just as bad as we over committed near the corner flag with 2 defenders completely out of position and we were then out numbered in the 6 yard box.
  8. You were saying Colin ? 3 goals all in one game. Just concentrate on your own team. Good luck against City.
  9. If we were to win this fixture that would mean 5 x consecutive games in Sheffield including 4 on the spin at home an expensive time after festive period. A really good move therefore from the club to make it a tenner. Well done DC?
  10. Names / Locations of the Away pubs at Bolton. Where's everyone going ?
  11. Simple. Spurs away FA Cup 3rd round. Green Man here we come.
  12. This is taken from the EFL play-off rules website in relation to tickets..... "The visiting club have the right to claim 2,000 tickets for use by its supporters ( or such number as represents 10% of all tickets reserved or otherwise sold in advance, if less than 2,000) Makes sense that each team would only give opposition the 2,000 minimum to gain maximum advantage at home.
  13. Hoping that pubs near to ground will be opening up early before Fulham game.....'Someone on here will know'
  14. 6 Games (potentially 3 more) to the end of the season. We owe it to OURSELVES as Wednesdayites to do everything we can to support our beloved team achieve the maximum out of each game. In reality we never really have any influence on appointments of Manager or Players. We all need therefore to almost forget the identity of the manager and the players and remember our own identity as Wednesdayites and give our all for our club in the remaining games. The manager will not be sacked between now and then anyway. I urge you all to do your bit and make a difference. For me our supporters, when we put our minds to it can be amongst the best in the country. Living away from Sheffield I constantly here so many people say how good our support and club is. Well it's time for us to really show it. Wednesdayites at Barnsley were once again terrific, let's show our players and manager what being a Wednesdayites is all about in ALL the remaining matches. Give it it everything boys and girls, give it everything for the final push. You never know what just might happen........ WTID
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