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  1. Do you think he may hold back abit now that he has been selected so that he does not get injured? Before selection - he is out to impress. Now - he is out to make sure he gets to the world cup fit?! Not trying to bring him down or be negative by the way, just a thought! Well done USA
  2. Gunuine chuckle...?!?! Honest I'm not on smack! Apologies for my predictive text letting me down (again!)
  3. No wonder iv no money in my wallet now I'm home.. Maybe I should be asking him for extra... Despite me eating it along with the hot dog ha!
  4. Alcohol affect visions, big time! I hardly saw the game through the old glazed eyes let along pick tango out of 4 thousands bouncing owls ha.
  5. I bought Tango a pie at HT today after he gave me a couple of quid (he was behind me in the que and they where close to running out). When I got it and turned around he had vanished. I looked for him in the stand to no oval so if you see him tell him I'll come and see him Monday night with a couple of quid!
  6. PS - I'm shaking my head for rising to your comment ha
  7. No actually its Guinness, which strangely spoons tend to have a lot of. Away from football grant I tend not to visit them, however I think they are spot on as more often than not they are next to a train stations and they are big enough to house a roudy bunch (Perfect for a starting spot). The sticky floors and passed out pirates in the corners only add to the away day magic, maybe you should try it sometime, the new experience may improve your interpersonal skills and make you realise that something different is not necasserily something bad.
  8. Sounds good, we will be going straight to uders and into the first spoons we see which sounds like the above
  9. The thought of both makes me have to sit down and take a few deep breaths to steady myself ha! Wickham has a love affair with the owls though... And on the pitch that helps to find that little bit extra deep inside when it really counts. Why don't we have a whip around as fans and buy wickham for the club? Early Christmas present call it ha!
  10. Fryatt yes.... But I'd prefer Wickham....?!
  11. January 2007 was my conversion day thanks to the introduction to gods own football ground by my best pal and it was the hi ho before ko that made me fall in love, totally hooked ever since! (Despite loosing the game 2.1). So so so many memories since then, the good and bad, the ups and the downs and the outright sublime (6.0 Leeds, beating pigs after deon Burton missed a pen and the Wycombe promotion day to name a few). Any sprogs or extension of family (a wife :-( if I have to) Will be a blue and white, bouncing all the way owl, not negotiable!!
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