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  1. He’s inherited Monk’s team and been here for four games, not 14 months
  2. When playing out of position at centre half. Never been a centre half. Looks decent on the wing.
  3. Iorfa pulled up quite clearly close to kick off, Shaw was put in as a centre half which proves my point. Do you seriously expect us to use a formation we’ve not used just before we kick off?
  4. We were poor first half, absolutely. We had to play our way in to the game, we were two of our most influential players short to start with and a centre half goes off after a minute. If you’re expecting us to go all guns blazing I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed this season.
  5. Why would it be my fault babes I wasn’t playing today
  6. 4 centre halves injured within 90 minutes? Not sure you can. Just one of those things
  7. It’s going to be a long hard slog, I don’t think any of us anticipated it being an easy ride. Dust ourselves off and stay together, the last thing we need is division.
  8. Just think it was one of those days - I’m not sure there’s much more anyone could’ve done personally
  9. -Iorfa & Brown injured giving us little time to adapt -Shaw Injured in the first minute -Shaw’s replacement (Palmer) off injured at half time - Odubajo at centre half (who I thought did very well considering) -Paterson who’s not played all season getting through the 90 Every player out there has worked their côcks off. Yeah it’s grim that we’ve conceded in injury time again, but let’s stick together - you can’t knock their effort out there today. WAWAW
  10. Another who doesn’t get sarcasm.. I’M MOCKING THE MORONS
  11. I don’t think you’ve grasped internet sarcasm..
  12. ‘Clubs in the championship and overseas showing interest’ BuT NoOnE eLsE wOuLd EvEr WaNt ThE dOnKeY
  13. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jul/07/former-kasabian-frontman-tom-meighan-admits-assaulting-ex-fiancee Just for context. Assault occurred 9th April. We played Barnsley 8th Feb
  14. Far from it mate. Just uneasy on the idea of letting some power hungry dîckhead get away with assaulting a 16 year old. Were you at the game? There was no trouble whatsoever when fans were mingling naturally, there sure was when the police instigated it though, you know, as they do.
  15. I think it’s a matter of you not understanding. There’s clear video evidence of him hitting a 16 year old around the head with a baton, causing visible damage. He shouldn’t be on ‘restricted duties’ he should’ve been struck off straight away. Just let him sit in the background for long enough till it all blows over. Yawn.
  16. If I was a copper I wouldn’t assert my position in such a way. There is literally no way this can be excused, none. Guy behaved like a complete and utter àrsehole and if you or me would be doing time.
  17. He hit a teenager over the head with a fücking baton. Could have killed him. Justice my arse.
  18. A racist who will shág all the players wives. Get him in
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