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  1. This. We usually park on the streets across the road have a pint in there before and walk back to the car after the game. Straight in and out of preston both times we've done this with no traffic etc
  2. Thanks for this. Whenever someone asks why I’m not fond of southerners I can respond with said graphic rather than “cos cvnts”
  3. Think the kop is way too tight too and the space between the turnstiles and the back of the stand is just wasted. Be good if they could build to the road and utilise the space properly with proper concourses etc and put in new turnstiles too.
  4. Needed to go but felt he had been dealt a shybo hand and brought in just to keep us afloat while we got sorted with FFP. He was the disciplinarian everyone wanted after Carlos, we didn't go down and the ship has been steadied now. Move on.
  5. This has been proven to be false. SYP & a tory government lying and covering up - exactly like Orgreave.
  6. Hilarious. Genuinely had one telling me they were a bigger club and had won more trophies. When I showed him the obvious facts he grunted, "still a bigger team though" ?????
  7. Jesus H, genuinely been sat pishing at that for a solid five minutes hahahahahahahahaha. Wish someone looked at me the way he looks at them fvckin digestives
  8. Keep Rhodes sell Winnall. Just have a feeling Rhodes will score a hatful playing to his strengths. Don’t lose it over night.
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