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  1. Agreed. Throughout the last 20 or so years we’ve always had terrible teams but solid goalkeepers. We could just do with a solid keeper and the rest with follow. Pulis has us hard to beat but our goalkeeping options aren’t good enough.
  2. Static maybe, but we’ve grafted our ballicks off all game restricting them to nothing. Goal 1, goalkeeper should come and take everything. Goal 2, he should spread himself. Simply not good enough.
  3. A solid keeper needs to be signed in January, simple as. We look solid defending in front but as soon as we get turned I’m worried.
  4. None of them are good enough. None of them command their six yard box. Shïte
  5. Three options we have simply aren’t good enough.
  6. He’s inherited Monk’s team and been here for four games, not 14 months
  7. When playing out of position at centre half. Never been a centre half. Looks decent on the wing.
  8. Iorfa pulled up quite clearly close to kick off, Shaw was put in as a centre half which proves my point. Do you seriously expect us to use a formation we’ve not used just before we kick off?
  9. We were poor first half, absolutely. We had to play our way in to the game, we were two of our most influential players short to start with and a centre half goes off after a minute. If you’re expecting us to go all guns blazing I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed this season.
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