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  1. Most promising article to come out of the club in the last few years. Hopefully not getting carried away but sounds as if Moore is getting a lot more say in players and people like that fûckwit Paxoman are taking a back seat
  2. They were due to be lifted last week to be fair..
  3. People turning up for League One football at £10 a pop won’t work, it didn’t in the Championship. The only time(s) Hillsborough is sold out is for a big game/team when the teams playing well unfortunately
  4. Great post. Just looking forward to going again - doesn’t matter what league we’re in or how bad the chairman/players/management may be. UTO
  5. Vaguely remember Hanneman(??) taking the p*ss taking his goal kicks at 2-0... Soon hurried up when they were 3-2 down
  6. “Show me where it says Benson & Hedges on that!”
  7. Said I wouldn’t feel confident till we got to 5 when it was 3-0 on Monday. Even when it got to 5-0 I was half expecting us to fûck it up
  8. His post match interview was brilliant
  9. Not in the area where it mattered, thankfully
  10. Would rather take a cheese grater to the bell. ...Will still be watching
  11. Possibly the most depressing thing about our own debacle is hoping Rotherham get a points deduction to give us half a chance of stopping up... Let it go lads
  12. He’s under a two year contract and Brentford would’ve paid a million for him last summer with a year left. I reckon we could still command at least a million up to 2 personally
  13. Merely to make sure we get some money for him in the summer when we go down. Someone in the championship will pick him up for a couple million.
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