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  1. Punting the ball into the channels and expecting JR as a lone striker to do something with it is like expecting a bichon frise to mount a newfoundland. What’s even more infuriating is we’d get the ball in the fvxking box when Rhodes wasn’t on the pitch to no one there!! Give him a chance under Bruce if he wants to use him or sell him, I’m not too fussed. But just short sightedly bashing players is daft. (Especially after he was signed because of the fans)
  2. It’s all relative though, innit? I mean you can’t help a serious injury that keeps you out for a year, can you? Could happen to anyone. Just look at Bannan, he was a forgotten man before we signed him now every championship team would love to have him in their squad. In Bruce we trust.
  3. I saw the same docu and he was keeping fit and wanted to play??
  4. Possibly - but by the looks of Abdi he's not kept himself in shape and our circumstances haven't really changed since he signed (still in championship). Rodwell though kept himself fit and was willing to play but Sunderland wouldn't play him. Why would he take a massive pay cut to go play somewhere else when Sunderland were stupid enough to offer him 80k a week wages??
  5. I have one in the upper and a mate has one in the lower. Would prefer to swap the lower for an upper ideally
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