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  1. SettleForADraw


    Spare ID. DM me.
  2. SettleForADraw

    FUP not FFP

    Don’t get how Leicester can break the rules, gain promotion, win the prem and then get slapped with a measly 3 million fine. Bonkers.
  3. SettleForADraw

    Bell of the season -Championship

    You’re joking, right? I’m praying he’s back next season and Hutchinson gets to plant him in to the don. There’s not a chance he’d have still been conscious let alone able to walk had he been playing this season
  4. SettleForADraw

    Have we forgotten Gary hooper???

    I don’t get this obsession with signing centre halves?? If Fred signs that’s Lees, JVA, Fred, Pudil with Nielsen and Thorniley up to the job. I’d also drop Hutch back there, always looked solid next to Lees and far less likely to injure himself/get suspended. That’s 7 CB’s, if we’re on a shoestring with FFP I’d rather us use what we have to bring in full backs/wingers.
  5. Best player I’ve seen in a wednesday shirt.
  6. SettleForADraw

    'Yeah, I have no explain for that.'

    Take it you’ve never sat in the kop before?
  7. SettleForADraw

    Shirt sale

  8. SettleForADraw


    Not the worst thing for a centre half. Think we could do a lot worse especially with the last two season’s CH debacles
  9. SettleForADraw

    When we win

    Were they not there for the first half?
  10. I think Chansiri tried handling the Hirst saga the same as Forestieri. Guess it doesn't work quite the same with an 18 year old who's only got a year left compared with someone in their late 20's on a long contract. Ah well.
  11. SettleForADraw

    The away end

    Sort segregation out in the back and give them 2,500 split in the top and bottom closest to the south, simple.
  12. SettleForADraw

    We're not going to be relegated!

    Teams at the top usually win their games though. That’s why they’re at the top.
  13. Didn’t he have a shot after whistle had gone and got booked for kicking ball away?