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  1. Best player I’ve seen in a wednesday shirt.
  2. 'Yeah, I have no explain for that.'

    Take it you’ve never sat in the kop before?
  3. Shirt sale

  4. Venancio

    Not the worst thing for a centre half. Think we could do a lot worse especially with the last two season’s CH debacles
  5. When we win

    Were they not there for the first half?
  6. I think Chansiri tried handling the Hirst saga the same as Forestieri. Guess it doesn't work quite the same with an 18 year old who's only got a year left compared with someone in their late 20's on a long contract. Ah well.
  7. The away end

    Sort segregation out in the back and give them 2,500 split in the top and bottom closest to the south, simple.
  8. We're not going to be relegated!

    Teams at the top usually win their games though. That’s why they’re at the top.
  9. Didn’t he have a shot after whistle had gone and got booked for kicking ball away?
  10. Sammy ameobi

    Another bang average player we made to look half decent
  11. Jos out !

    It’s a sense of perspective. What do you expect with no players? He’s not had the chance with a full squad. He shores up the defence in his first few games and how we didn’t beat villa after anhiliating them beggars belief
  12. Jos out !

    Don’t talk ducking wet. How you expect the guy to go out and attack teams with a threadbare squad is laughable. Make sure we stay up this season and get the squad fit for next season. Throwing teddies out of cot every time we lose just puts more pressure on the team
  13. Wasn’t matias supposed to be back after 3 weeks? Now been 4..