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  1. I have one in the upper and a mate has one in the lower. Would prefer to swap the lower for an upper ideally
  2. Anyone want to swap a lower tier for an upper? Or vice versa?
  3. Looks like it'll make it to general sale
  4. Just out of bare curiosity - what happened with Firmino when he was caught on video racially abusing Mason Holgate?
  5. 2 months ago i'd have agreed with you. Now i'd rather we got rid of Forestieri and kept Reach. Just think Forestieri is more of a luxury that hasn't really performed for the last few seasons
  6. Hutchinson and Diame both at DM, shithousing our way to the prem. Count me in.
  7. We’ve got another 1100 and we don’t usually sell out at Leeds.
  8. That’d be lovely. I’ll drop you a message closer the time.
  9. Still the best challenge i've ever seen at Hillsborough. Doubt it'll ever be beaten
  10. Seems to be enjoying it here and can’t see many teams in the prem offering him a contract so hopefully he’ll take a wage cut? Can’t imagine him being on mega bucks at Chelsea anyhow
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