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  1. SettleForADraw


    Been glaringly obvious for three years now. Only we've gone backwards and decided to not sign anyone at all in those positions
  2. SettleForADraw


    Not quite sure why i'm so desperate to get it on..
  3. SettleForADraw


    Which VPN you using? If you don't mind me asking
  4. SettleForADraw


    Have they clamped down on IP blockers? Keep getting an error message.
  5. SettleForADraw


    Is the video on today?
  6. SettleForADraw

    Wednesday fans born 1990 and since

    Alex Lopez .
  7. SettleForADraw

    Sheffield, city of students

    ‘Back in the pile’
  8. SettleForADraw

    Boro Away form

    When two are against newly relegated sides and another against one who were flying, i’d class them as good results. Still unbeaten at home.
  9. SettleForADraw

    Time Wasting

    Was great last season when Hull were beating us 1-0 time wasting all game, we get two back and low and behold they score in 95th minute, time added on because they were time wasting. Couldn’t have made it up.
  10. SettleForADraw


    X2 ID’s needed. Got 520 but doubtful it’ll make it to that. DM me if you can help out. Ta
  11. Yep, he won the ball and I’d agree I wouldn’t personally class it as a red card, but he went in to forestieri studs raised when he really didn’t need to. By the letter of the law, red card.
  12. SettleForADraw

    Marks out of 10

    Might just be ayf cut but have a genuinely good feeling the lower expectations might suit us. Looking forward to seeing what Jos can do with a full pre season. I appreciate we all want the best for Wednesday but please can we try get behind them rather than get on their backs. The more fans get on at players the less likely they are to attempt the more intricate stuff. Come on Wednesday.
  13. SettleForADraw

    Let's back Fernando

    Of course. Just remember, it’s not racist if it’s funny.