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  1. We won’t get that will we? As they’re a German club?
  2. Fantastic. Thanks for bringing the topic of politics to owlstalk, where, if we weren't already sure (it was already pretty obvious) of who the degenerates are on here, we almost certainly are now.
  3. Or the recruitment team he brought in do..? Here's hoping they can unearth some more gems
  4. Frustrating but we’re still there or there abouts. See how we get on at West Brom after the break
  5. That was after Swansea...Funny looking back on it now
  6. Forgot about Luongo but remembered 33 year old fourth choice goalkeeper...
  7. Not forgetting Luongo who seems a shrewd bit of business already - can only see him getting better too.
  8. Radged, innit? Hopefully this new recruitment team have it sussed and we don’t end up spaffing money up the wall for the sake of it again.
  9. And the hundreds of players we ‘scouted’ and ended up paying over the odds for Van Aken. Iorfa and Börner costing a mere 200k.
  10. True, but my point was that we conserved ourselves against Stoke and still got the win (after they’d beaten Swansea and Fulham in the two games before they played us). We didn’t need to go all out, we got the job done and went all out against Leeds (3rd game in 8 days). 5 points from those 3 games aren’t bad at all.
  11. That performance today makes the ground out win against Stoke midweek even more impressive.
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