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  1. A racist who will shág all the players wives. Get him in
  2. Swings and roundabouts. For how utterly depressing last night was and the season in general, it makes you appreciate the better times following Wednesday (albeit how infrequent they actually are).
  3. Cowleys. Give them 2/3 years at it.
  4. The shortsightedness is unbelievable. Pointless even trying to point out to you his importance and the commitment he has show for the last 7 years. It’s all gravy though, we’ll stick to sucking the ever present Forestieri off who wouldn’t ever dream of holding the club to ransom, cause he does pretty stepovers n that. Or Fletcher, who lasted a whole 5 minutes before feigning yet another injury. Are you one of the guys wishing we were like United, a team full of players who aren’t all that talented but give their all? Taking everything into account and the mess we’re in (and have been in) I’ll stick to thinking he’s a club legend and one of the only legends from the depressing past 20 years.
  5. Struggle to see how people have managed to slag the bloke off. Read the last however many pages as plenty have said why he’s been a club legend off to a tee.
  6. Probably cause at times we’ve had 7 strikers on the books
  7. I don’t think it’s as simple as keeping monk or letting him go, our problems are much deeper than the manager.
  8. Really? Neither brilliant. A bare minimum would be for your keeper to stop trickling shots at the near post from outside the box or come collect balls into the 6 yard area. Experienced keeper needs to be signed in the summer, those two are not good enough, simple.
  9. No, as said before we’re in a transitional process with a high turnover of players. It’s not going to happen over night
  10. Knock on effects though. Everyone’s screaming blind we need to make more astute signings. We’re in a transition process of shifting the high earners. It’d make no logical sense to then spunk £6million for a player in the last year of his contract on £40k+ a week? Need to stop living in dream worlds. We’ve spaffed loads of money (on a lot of shîte) and it hasn’t worked. Time for a new plan.
  11. Absolutely not. If money didn’t come in to it you’d take hector every day of the week, he was sublime today. But when finances come into it, it’s a no brainer for me
  12. Exactly what Monk alluded to yesterday. Iorfa for 200k & Börner for fûck all...I know what I’d rather have
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