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  1. I think that’s one of the worrying things is just how cold it will be and also the change in weather, can’t imagine driving in a blizzard being much fun but it’s all life experience I guess. Prices aren’t too much off a worry, think it just is what it is really, if you don’t have a choice there’s no point fussing about it. I’ll make do on crisps if I have to haha
  2. So make sure I take some good deodorant then? can’t imagine the water smelling in the shower. Glad to hear that the roads are good though, it was a little area of concern
  3. yeah I heard it was expensive but for 5 days that’s ok, I don’t mind too much. Be a different story if it was a couple of weeks haha! Yeah a little worried about the weather myself, but it’s when the missus wanted to go so it’s what we’re doing. We will be hiring a car as we are landing in Keflavik and driving over to Reykjavik which I think is like 45 mins but I guess will be a lot longer if we are in a snow storm
  4. Yeah was looking at the weather there and it’s hitting -6 this week... so December sounds like it’ll be fun haha! Think I’ll need to buy a new coat!
  5. Booked to go for 5 days in December, blue lagoon, whale watching and a northern lights cruise. Anyone been before? Any tips for Iceland?
  6. Must admit I was a big fan of Bruce Grobbelar, just hearing his stories and the way he handled himself was hilarious
  7. think that is mainly the issue, I think no matter where anyone goes it’s going to be flipping hectic out and about as everyone will be wanting to go away when we are finally told we can
  8. That is nice, defo one to take a look at. I’m very much willing to have a big list of places and then see what is possible and what actually works
  9. yeah but it’s more exciting I imagine than being woken up by rabbits while camping in England haha
  10. This is cracking advice, thanks mate, I’ll keep that in mind!
  11. I'm a teacher so will be in the summer, when it is nice and expensive
  12. Is that just the Canadian side of glacier NP?
  13. Calgary makes the most sense, obviously not direct but it’s just one of many plans, trying to figure out how practical it is really.
  14. Yeah I think overall that’s the main issue with it, amount of people and cost. Think the accommodation can get a little bit to eye watering levels... but I think it’ll be worth it, or I hope so at least haha
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