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  1. Stephen Gleeson- HITC

    Great player is Gleeson, will be an asset to most teams in the championship imo
  2. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    I think he's quite good, rather like him.
  3. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    I actually want us to, just because of how funny it would be. Having Revell in goal would be class.
  4. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    Yes but we can get relegated tonight, So we need him. Worth the risk
  5. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    Neither do I but I think Robbo is taking the "what have we got to lose" line. And I agree.
  6. MK franchise forum

    And thanks to you too Realist haha
  7. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    We still don't know. We get a decision on the red card at 3:30 and then apparently he's going to try and get someone if it fails... We sound un-workable if you ask me
  8. MK franchise forum

    Thank you very much TT!
  9. MK franchise forum

    Scumarmy is a WUM and quite a good one at that
  10. MK franchise forum

    I've seen it, and I couldn't give a roger...
  11. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    Nope. We will stick with 4-2-3-1
  12. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    I genuinely don't know, maybe some 17 year old who's never played before as apparently Charlie Burns is injured. We're un-workable in all honesty.
  13. MK Dons Goalkeeper Prombles

    We released him and gave him a one year contrac again for God know what reason but he might not be playing anyway.
  14. Must win fc fake

    You'd think so but in reality we'll pass it around the defence and midfield and not really attack you. I take no offence anyway mate! All allowed an opinion!
  15. Must win fc fake

    Don't know, doesn't bother me anyhow. They moved here when I was 7 and I had never even heard of Wilmbledon until they were in Milton Keynes. I know we had a non league team, MK city but they were ironically killed off by the old Wimbledon owners in the 80s.