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  1. Think you have a good squad, might need to freshen it up a little though
  2. I would add to this, I imagine your fans are more put out on being knocked out of the play-offs than ours due to the size of the clubs and expectations. You have a long and rich history, and get massive crowds. We’ve been around 20 years and get crowds half the size of yours. You probably feel Wednesday are in decline, having been relegated, whereas we feel we are on an upward trajectory. Hone crowds are increasing, we are taking more to away games, our atmosphere is getting better (I know haha soulless bowl who did you support before 2004) and the passion for MK Dons is definitely on the rise. we are a club that is currently very connected, we are all moving as one and there is a really good feel around the place, which makes not getting promotion easier. I don’t think you lot are on the same boat, you finished just below us in the league but I think our fans enjoyed it a lot more this season than yours did. Wednesday fans seem a little against eachother and there is a clear split between people who like the manager and want him out. We don’t have that, we all love all the players and the manager, something we haven’t done for about 5 years. after the start to the season we had, with the snake Martin leaving, nobody would have thought we would have finished one point off automatics, especially with a completely unknown manager we had plucked from the Belgian second division. We’ve done exceptionally well this season, as you lot have too, even if you don’t see it that way. Promotion is hard, but we both got to the play-offs and that’s a hell of an achievement, even if we couldn’t meet at Wembley. we’ll both go again next season, maybe with new managers, maybe with completely different squads. Expectations will be high, but that’s what it’s all about
  3. you’ll hate me then as I think Moore is a very good manager
  4. yeah this was our opportunity, we can’t replace who we will lose. No rumours yet, but our sporting director is very good so that gives faith, there is a very good feeling around the club after some turbulent years, it feels like MK Dons again.
  5. disappointment, not that we lost, but that our team is going to be completely torn apart now. With the squad being so young with so much talent, they are all going to leave. We also don’t have the pull to make them stay, I think that’s the difference between us and you for example. Players will more likely stay with you and give it another go, we are likely to lose out manager, Twine, Darling, all the loanees, Kasumu. We will have a completely new team next season. we bottled that first leg incredibly hard, but after our performance in the second leg I don’t think people mind as much, as we put up a proper fight and went out playing our way. The general assumption is if Eisa didn’t get injured or we kept Watters we would have won the league. Losing to Doncaster 2 times didn’t help… the manager is incredibly popular and well liked, but it appears he will be off which is a crying shame. This is easily the best squad we’ve ever had and we have nothing to show for it, which is the worst thing, and next year I predict we’ll finish anywhere between 9th-16th
  6. you are not right, that’s not us mate. Our stadium wasn’t built that long ago…
  7. Yeah, 2-1 Maynard scored, I only know as I had a bet on 2-1 and Maynard to score at 12/1
  8. Yeah 15/16 season, and we got relegated straight away. Though we’ve been in the play-offs 5 times and lost in the semis every time. Awful in the play-offs.
  9. Beat those ******** 4 times this season and they’ve still gone to Wembley. We’ll finish 12-16th next season, but what a ride.
  10. They are indeed, killed us in the first league. We just couldn’t do it tonight, so gutted about how our team is going to get ripped apart in the summer now. I really hope you lot go up, can’t deal with you getting 6 points off us again next year
  11. Heartbroken and devastated, but that’s football. Couldn’t be prouder of how we performed tonight. Please smash them at Wembley.
  12. I’m so nervous, I hope we can do it… Come on you Dons…
  13. I’d agree, can’t only have 1 shot on target again next match… got to throw the kitchen sink at it and hope for the best
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