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  1. 5 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



    I only know because someone told me just now




    I had absolutely no idea myself. I thought it was Fargate or High Street at first

    Someone on Sheffield History solved the problem - https://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk

    The people on that forum can answer pretty much any question and identify any sheffield photo you can throw at them!

    I didn’t think Norfolk St was that wide but as you say they know these things better than us. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, DSandersonOWL said:

    Thank you, but the Owls' Horrors started over half a century ago.


    Firstly, one Sunday morning when the People newspaper revealed the betting scandal involving Peter Swan, David 'Bronco' Layne and the already departed Tony Kay.  


    Then in May 1966, the slip by the normally reliable Gerry Young leading to Temple's goal, when we comfortably beating Everton 2-0, is a recurring nightmare that haunts me to this day.  


    Chris Woods pushing the ball into the net nearly 30 years' later to give Arsenal yet another cup final victory completes a hat-trick of nightmares before Wednesday's sad decline and the birth of Owlstalk.

    Like a lot more I also lived though those times. 

  3. 14 hours ago, McRightSide said:

    Btw my proposal is a playoff between the top 3 in Championship 


    So they only have to win 1 game against lower opposition to stay up.


    That - IMO - takes out the game in hand argument. It’s still in their own hands.

    Don’t forget that it’s not only about the championship, if the EFL. make a ruling it has to include league one and two. In league one there are about two or three points between second and about tenth so that would would be difficult to have playoffs. Also how would relegation work?  For me the season has to be finished in full at some time or it’s void. 

  4. 49 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 13.48.51.jpg

    Thorncliffe Sports Ground

    Information from Paul Garratt, "Having grown up within 300yds in this area since 1960, Along with my parents and grandparents before them, I can confirm that this is a picture of Thorncliffe Sports ground looking towards Pack Horse Lane from the pavilion and club house area.


    The site remains unchanged in layout as at todays date 24/09/12. Having taken part in numerous sporting events on this site over a period of many years, I can confirm that cricket, football, tennis, hockey, and numerous other games and pastimes regularly took place on this ground which was formerly in the ownership of .


    During the 1960's the ground was used by Sheffield Wednesday as their training ground prior to their acquisition of the Middlewood Road ground."

    The ground was owned by Newton Chambers. Now there is a new sports ground on the site including artificial pitches and grass pitches. There is also a sports centre including a swimming pool off Pack Horse lane. I remember watching the players train at Thorncliffe in the sixties. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, sheriwozgod said:

    Also West Ham away in the 80,s , may have been the same day but deffo a different pub.


    They were waiting for us as we left the pub about 30 of them , about 10 of us....................thankfully i was in my early 20,s and like $hit off a shovel   :biggrin:.....they couldnt catch me.


    The fighting was everywhere, out of the 10 of us in the minivan i think only 3 or 4 actually got in to see the game.


    Grimsby on boxing day mid 80,s also put the wind up me, but for a different reason.............it was a horrendous crush before the wooden gates were opened.

    It was also very cold. 

  6. I’m more worried about the poorer teams in league one and two. They don’t have the millions that the premiership have, they rely on match day income and now there isn’t any. If the big boys can’t survive on their multi millions well it’s tough shiit 

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