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  1. I looked at the title and was hoping someone was kicking Wilder in the knackers 😀😀😀😀
  2. As much as jack was admired I don’t see a stand being named after him. Let’s face it no one suggested before he died.
  3. If we had anything like good from Christmas we could have taken a 12 point hit and still made the playoffs.
  4. Surely they rehearse these parts of the show. They just don’t go in cold and read what’s in front of them.
  5. Yes and That was the most entertaining part of the thread.
  6. A few months ago I had a go at Gary Lineker saying he was vastly paid for the job he did someone on Owlstalk said that Gary Lineker writes all his own scripts if that is true then it’s not the researchers fault.
  7. You always know itsBS when the poster starts a thread and then disappears.
  8. Don’t worry Joey will come on to bulk it up
  9. If he goes in our u 23 side that’s his career down the spout.
  10. Not his first own goal while he’s been at the club.
  11. Is the top photo jack with the flying pig as he called Mel Sterland. ( this was before the blunts were called pigs)
  12. Just reported Big Jack has passed away. True legend
  13. I wonder if Nick will be rooting for us tomorrow. After 3 weeks in our employ we should be his best clients
  14. Losing to them would be the ultimate humiliation
  15. Play 442 and hope to get a point. Every point is precious to us as we are now.
  16. Yes like last Friday and the Friday before that.
  17. He’s been a total car crash from day one. A guy who had no idea about football or British culture. Someone who doesn’t appear to take good advice from anyone. Someone who thinks if you throw enough money at it you will be successful. Even now when everyone can see the problems he doesn’t appear to to see them. Even his elephants are facing the wrong way, Thai culture says the elephants should be facing the building to bring good luck. He can’t even get that right.
  18. Not go down unless there’s a points deduction. Not because we are good enough but because the teams near the bottom are pisss poor. Too many points to pick up in a few games.
  19. No waiting 15 minutes for someone to pull the pint and count on their fingers what your change is.
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