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  1. He’s been a total car crash from day one. A guy who had no idea about football or British culture. Someone who doesn’t appear to take good advice from anyone. Someone who thinks if you throw enough money at it you will be successful. Even now when everyone can see the problems he doesn’t appear to to see them. Even his elephants are facing the wrong way, Thai culture says the elephants should be facing the building to bring good luck. He can’t even get that right.
  2. Not go down unless there’s a points deduction. Not because we are good enough but because the teams near the bottom are pisss poor. Too many points to pick up in a few games.
  3. No waiting 15 minutes for someone to pull the pint and count on their fingers what your change is.
  4. I hope Hermes don’t deliver the result It will be seriously f!!!!! Up
  5. Final to be played on July 24 between PSG and St Etienne. Didn’t say anything about a crowd so maybe I imagined that bit.
  6. It was the french cup final the article was about. Sorry about the confusion.
  7. I saw an article saying the cup final was going to have fans. I think it said it would be limited to about 20,000 people In a 80,000 Seater stadium
  8. I dare bet that if we had been lucky enough to get to the cup final they would have played the extra month.
  9. It will be interesting to see where these superstars finish up.
  10. When was in form? Take away a couple of wonder goals and you aren’t left with much.
  11. About time people realised if that’s the way to score that’s the way to go. Fed up of this pitty patty football with no end result. It’s no use trying to be like Barcelona if you don’t have the players.
  12. I wonder if the poster would be so happy for Sam if he scored the goal that relegated us.
  13. I’ve just read the last few pages and with all the rumours going round I feel confident. About as confident as I do at Wednesday match when we are winning 2-0 after 80 minutes. You just know it’s going to go titts up.
  14. It’s nice on the south beach side just a pity about the hull people.
  15. Well if we have to wait so long this thread will get to 500 pages and we’ll be talking about Cleethorpes before we get the verdict.
  16. I don’t know and I’ve read most of the pages 😀😀😀😀😀
  17. No one said anything about administration until Wigan went under now people are saying we may go into admin. Who would send us into admin? definitely not DC what good is 10 pence in the pound to him. As you say the tax man seems happy.
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