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  1. A good article obviously not from The Star
  2. brazilowl

    Empathy for Penguin...

    I was going to write something but it just went out of my mind it’s an age thing.
  3. brazilowl

    Empathy for Penguin...

    That’s where lots of owlstalkers go for holidays
  4. brazilowl

    Empathy for Penguin...

    And there was me thinking it was a thread about Gotham.
  5. brazilowl

    Just moved up to Edinburgh

    That’s too clever for a lot off people on here.
  6. brazilowl

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    It’s out of their hands now.
  7. brazilowl

    Anyone disagreeing?

    He didn’t do a thing wrong all season
  8. Bus drivers in Malta are barmy.
  9. I remember going to Middlesbrough when they had won the league thinking we were going to pee on their parade and we lost 8-0.
  10. I liked the first sentence under the picture. A mountain of humanity. I wasn’t there but with most of the ground standing I would say 50,000 was a conservative estimate.
  11. brazilowl


    You would have to throw this type the soft ones would tear when lobbed
  12. Good let’s start a bidding war between Leeds And Southampton.
  13. brazilowl

    #SWFC - new Injury Update

    Harry Houdini couldn’t have unlocked Rhodes.