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  1. brazilowl

    Rotherham game

    One law for one and another for someone else. Barnsleyenomics.
  2. brazilowl

    The modern game

    Or lose the perks of a well paid job.
  3. brazilowl

    Forestieri Red Card

    Just seen the Instagram video and FF does nothing wrong for the life of me where the ref got it was a yellow card I don’t know. If anyone was over celebrating it was the rest of the players on the corner.
  4. brazilowl


    It’s About time we started with the new players let’s face it the ones that play every match are not doing the business.
  5. brazilowl

    Forestieri Red Card

    I’d prefer them to show the passion in the previous 99 minutes
  6. The players should always go out and try their best. These aren’t they are gutless and do just enough.
  7. Was it any worse than Chris Brunt’s celebrations?
  8. The ones to blame are the players. Three managers haven’t all been wrong.
  9. Every team in the league wants it more than us. Just a set of wasters thinking they only have to turn up and that includes the so called better players. Get shut of everyone get some one in who gives a fuuk.
  10. brazilowl

    Dawson for loan to Fulham?

    No point in sending him anywhere to be a number 2. May aswell be no 2 at. Hillsborough.
  11. brazilowl

    Rotherham Owls

    No the important matter is why are you such a priick?
  12. brazilowl

    Could have been...

    They would have missed.
  13. brazilowl

    Last day for 1867 tomorrow

    All the DC taxi drivers have joined up.
  14. brazilowl


    Including cheating.
  15. brazilowl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    If he’s a footballer he should score from there. Stop making excuses for him.