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  1. Stadium location?

    The Owl Pit ? WTF
  2. Match Day Pies

    3 pages before it descends into utter filth. Ops wrong again it was 3 posts.
  3. At last someone I can see eye to eye with.
  4. First match in 1959 Ron Springett Nillson Swan Pearson. Capt Don Megson Waddle Eustace Sherriden DiCanio Layne Hirst Subs Hodge Worthington Carbone Tommy Craig Fanthom
  5. I think Huddersfield will struggle they have gone to a rough patch at the wrong time of the season and they have a hard run in.
  6. Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.
  7. Orta is asking Jordan to pass a message to his dad Andy. I’ll let you lot say what the message is.
  8. Stadium location?

    No one will stump up the money,it will come off the magic tree.
  9. Stadium location?

    Pride Park cost £28 mill in 1997 so what are we looking at paying in today’s prices £50 mill ? and all we would get for that is a bog standard ground not Arsenals Work out the interest on that and it comes to a few bob
  10. Stadium location?

    I like the fan bar idea. I’d also have the ticket office and the shop across the road. Then build restaurants where the ticket office is now, the top floor making a concourse for the north stand
  11. Stadium location?

    If by forms of finance you mean loans the interest we would have to pay would outweigh any increased revenue.
  12. Stadium location?

    I asked that on page 1. I’m still waiting for the answer.
  13. Stadium location?

    I’ve a couple of questions 1: how much would a new stadium cost 2: who would pay for it
  14. Owlstalk Praise Or Grumble

    That’s the Rotherham Brian