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  1. Conor O'Grady

    We should play a strong team hopefully ( and it’s not a given because it’s wednesday ) get two or three goals up and then bring the kids on for the last 15 / 20 mins. Blood them in gradually. Our problem is we never get that 2 / 3 goal lead to do this. Under Carlos we were either losing 1-0 or winning 1-0 and we could never risk bringing on a couple of kids. Fair dos to Jos he brought the young lad on at the Lane Carlos would never done that.
  2. A bad press.....?

    Mention the above and you don’t get on the front of the local rag. Mention some sexism and you do that’s what it’s all about. By the way these chants are disgusting and all of us on here don’t think they are nice and it’s about time some of our fans grew up.
  3. The Beer Bottle

    Geoffrey will be all over this like a rash.
  4. Transfers

    If we get anyone it will be loans from leagues Jos knows about.