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  1. brazilowl

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Looks like we’re down to season ticket holders and away fans.
  2. brazilowl

    Where is Westwood going

    If Westwood goes to a premier league team it will be as a number two keeper I know I’ll get hammered for this but he’s not good enough for the premiership. As for going to the championship there are only a few teams who could match his wages.
  3. Well at least we haven’t had to listen to it on Radio Sheffield
  4. I got Wednesday wireless and membership for £600 in DCs eyes that’s a bargain
  5. brazilowl

    Mr Chansiri

    The trouble with D C is that when he came to the club he knew nothing about the game and the culture. Three years in and he’s no wiser, he still makes the same mistake. He’s unwilling to listen to people who know about the game and the culture.
  6. brazilowl

    Calendar News

    Why would a friendly be on local tv? Maybe it’s another stick they can hit us with.
  7. brazilowl

    I want our owl back

    I agree. The new owl at least looks like an owl
  8. brazilowl

    Forest Away

    Or concord park or graves park.
  9. There’s still time for him to get injured.
  10. I had one last Sunday and it just wasn’t right. Curry is for late night.
  11. brazilowl

    One For The Ladies

    No mobility scooters so it’s not mabelthorpe unless the players have hid them.
  12. brazilowl

    One For The Ladies

  13. If have turned down Clare i suppose he will come back with his tail between his legs and say he never wanted to leave Wednesday and sign a new contact.
  14. Bit late for the game but you still got on the photo
  15. brazilowl

    Anglo-Italian Cup 1969

    I take it that the Anglo Italian cup was not success