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  1. The key to next year will be loan players ( if we are allowed to get them ). I think Bruce is quite good at this. There are lots of good loanees out there. The ones we already have. There’s that kid at Hull who has scored most of their goals, one at Wigan who played well against Leeds yesterday Tammy Abraham is another. They are out there and like I said earlier Bruce knows the market inside out.
  2. No delia promised he could see her buns.
  3. Norwich will go up but they will not buy Rhodes. He hardly gets a game in the championship so he’s no chance in the premiership.
  4. To say that he was not good enough according to jos just goes to prove what a tail the man was. God knows why we signed jos he was a total waste of time.
  5. Agree it’s a bad day when Boyd is before fessie but his days have gone get rid not done anything thing for 2 years
  6. I wonder if he will say the same thing if they draw with millwall.
  7. Don’t we have a St Pauli fan who posts on here ? Bet he’s not a very happy bunny today.
  8. He’s got to go. Too little too late.
  9. So good she said it twice
  10. It’s the teams around us are the teams we need to beat.
  11. When I saw new man at FA was an owl I thought it was either fishcake or sammy.
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