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  1. brazilowl

    Pay As You Play Contracts

    For 20k week I would.
  2. brazilowl

    Reach to Wolves ?

    When the transfer window comes round in January we will know if we are going for promotion or not if are keep him if not cash in.
  3. Harry Worth was born In Hoyland lots of owls fans there maybe he was one of us. Though he was still crap.
  4. brazilowl

    What a goal

    Great goal but not his best this week.
  5. brazilowl

    You take one for the team

    J P should have taken him out. Just after João was through and their defender didn’t have any thoughts but to stop him any way he could, pulled him back and if he had been sent off he would have taken it but would have saved a goal.
  6. With a haircut like that Grealish could get a part in Peaky Blinders
  7. brazilowl

    Hayley - Update

    Sorry to hear this, terrible for someone so young, RIP Hayley
  8. Both players have to play, what’s the point of getting loan players who are not going to get in the team.
  9. brazilowl

    Who's the second toughest

    No one messed with Norman Curtis.
  10. brazilowl

    Feel good factor returning!!!

    You are a happy chappy.
  11. brazilowl

    50 Years AgoToday

    Yes I’m an old git too. I was on the kop that day an it was the best game I have ever seen. Man U had all their stars playing and we stuffed them. European Champions my arse.
  12. It’s great that some of the best threads on here come on by accident.
  13. Oh for the days I could walk up to the turnstile give him my money he would give me a ticket and I would go and enjoy the game.
  14. brazilowl

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    The same as he was always going to Man U. He used us both as stepping stones.
  15. brazilowl

    My prediction for today

    I was totally wrong on Wednesday so I’m making no predictions.