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  1. Same with every player. Those who love him will say he’s easily championship standard, those who don’t will say league 2 at best. He is what he is. An average RB for a lower end champ/ top half Lg1 side who occasionally puts a decent cross in, defends ok, and is generally available. Plus he’s semi versatile (though I think this has possibly hurt his career). Like a really poor mans James Milner if you like. If he wasn’t a wednesday fan noone would really care what happened with him. He is though, so he’ll sign another deal and be distinctly average throughout then probably leave. I’m neither here nor there to be honest with him. Good luck to the lad if he gets another deal
  2. I get your point completely but you can just see it was pure luck. I just wish Moore would pick a formation and game plan and stick by it. Live by the sword and all that. But by not doing that it just screams of cluelessness
  3. That’s the way I feel after today. The result massively papers over the cracks. 3 league games in a row, 3 different systems, 3 different game plans (if you can actually identify a game plan), chopping and changing line-ups constantly. Moore has not got a clue, it’s almost like he’s drawing names out of a hat then putting them in some sort of formation and hoping it works. It worked today, just. Playing out from the back then just lumping it. Hutchinson and Bannan as a CM pair. My god it’s a tough watch. Honestly couldn’t really see what formation we were meant to be playing today. I accept it takes time to get it right with so many new signings but this is pergutory. We should have a settled system, game plan, and preferred 11 by now, but we don’t. I cant help thinking another manager would have sorted that by now. Can’t remember being so underwhelmed and indifferent after a win to be honest.
  4. If only there was a recent example of us signing a left winger then playing him out of position. Then jumping on his back when he isn’t very good in this other position…
  5. This is a guy who scored semi- regularly for Cardiff, and us in the championship, and also bagged half a dozen in the Prem. That despite starting out as a bit of a RB/ utility man earlier in his career. Yet some on here would have you believe he’s not good enough to play in League 1 Yes, he can be frustrating at times when the ball bounces off him, and yes he hardly ever dribbles past anyone without losing it. But if you actually watch him during a game he offers so much in addition to his goals (which always seem important goals btw). His harrying opponents, winning headers defensively and offensively, all out effort, and actually when he has time to get his head up he delivers a decent ball (assists v Roth and ball into Gregory other night.) Plus he’s a complete wind up merchant which I love. I’d say he’s just the sort of player you need in this league.
  6. Agree to disagree eh? He had players around him, who he brought into play, ran tirelessly to such an extent he forced the mistake for Paterson’s goal (as well as a nice cross), had one great effort (and one not so good one). Anyway, like I said, agree to disagree
  7. just quoted you in other thread. Watching different match I guess
  8. 3 moments to be fair. The long range volley, the flick and shot, the goal. As well as tireless work. Gregory was outstanding as well apart from the miss. Everything stuck, ran for everything, set up a goal.
  9. Really enjoyed watching that tbh. Two teams going at it, admittedly not much quality other than Paterson’s goal and one lovely through ball for their big chance. Gregory more involved with players around him. My MOM. Paterson doing a madness again, as well as a nice bit of shithousery Defence looked solid despite a lot of pressure. BPF back to basics, two great saves. Brown, Adeniran and Johnson ran themselves ragged. Still not sure about Hutchinson in CM, and thought Wing was hot and cold. Great result, credit to Wigan as well. GET IN
  10. Some of Paterson’s first time hits are quality
  11. I think that interview was from a while ago when he first went to Belgium, after Glen Johnson gave an interview on TalkSPORT basically digging him out for being an awkward little git. Ultimately, despite all the positivity surrounding our squad at the moment, this is the market we are operating in. Moore is taking chances on a lot of signings if were honest (Sow, Corbeanu, Kamberi spring to mind), and this is another. I for one hope it works out for the lad because that year at West Brom he was excellent, but the fame went to his head clearly. Time will tell.
  12. Fair enough. Wasn’t really watching any of the match to that level of forensic detail tbh. I rate him, you clearly don’t. Can’t all be the same can we
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