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    Blokes doing something right his record over past 2 and a bit seasons is excellent to be fair. Thought he came across well in that transfer deadline day doc they did as well. Having said that hope he has a mare on sunday with his team selection!
  2. Celebrity Mastermind

    Is that Michael's dad?
  3. Nixon

    The only thing Alan Nixon proves is that literally anyone can be a journalist
  4. Michael Morrison and Mark Reynolds. Same year. Dear god.
  5. Only one of those will happen. And both sheffield clubs will be in championship year after.
  6. Fernando Forestieri/ Lionel Messi

    Even I'm regretting this thread now. Sorry lads.
  7. Fernando Forestieri/ Lionel Messi

    Still read it though eh? Can tell seasons not started
  8. Fernando Forestieri/ Lionel Messi

    What sort of crack? Like the one in the corner of my ceiling?
  9. Don't worry im not on crack like Ali G but just wanted to point out I wouldnt swap them for the world edit: definitely would
  10. Could be a good foil for Chris O Grady to be honest.
  11. Harry Kane/Jordan Rhodes

    Are we really comparing Harry Kane and Jordan Rhodes?!?!? Jesus wept. Kane is quicker (if not rapid), scores goals from every angle, in and out of the box... In fact, I don't even know why I'm doing this, theres no comparison other than they are both strikers.
  12. John Terry

    Anyone saying hes crap or wouldnt want him is absolutely clueless. Absolute class CB at this level guarantee it. And if that sounds daft ask yourself this... Terry or Loovens?
  13. ipswich

    Lets not be like liverpool
  14. Fulham

    Imagine us v fulham, winner takes all, nailed on for tv coverage. On recent showings wed never be able to show our faces in the local again
  15. Poor Carlos

    Id say weve got away with it more than anything alse, definitely.