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  1. They go up to 6xl ... ...though it may fit like a 5xl
  2. It does sound like something I would do to be fair, which is probably why I needed the XL in the first place
  3. Just bought the new home shirt. It’s great I might add, first shirt I’ve bought in years. Tried my size off the racks on the wall, then went to the till and got one which was pre-packed. Got home and the same size shirt isn’t the same size at all. I’d go as far as to say it’s at least a size smaller then the one I tried on. Looks like a trip back to the shop tomorrow now to sort. Just a friendly warning to anyone else, it may be worth trying on before you leave the shop.
  4. Best keeper on the books according to jos... jesus...westwood saves both of them
  5. Knowing our luck the year we win the championship will be the year this euro super league gets announced, league records will be scrapped and we’ll end up in some wierd 2nd tier premierleague shambles
  6. Also had mkhitaryan, douglas costa and alex teixeira at that time
  7. Not likely unless Butland goes abroad. Which isn’t likely
  8. Given a straight choice if both are fit, Westwood gets it for me. The points this lad has earned us since he’s been here is phenomenal (people have short memories). However, Wildsmith is showing himself to be a very very good goalkeeper. To be fair both could improve their distribution.
  9. Lost cause. Remember to sterilise the needle pal
  10. Sorry to the OP but you are wrong mate. Much more obvious targets than Reach pal
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