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  1. Salary cap should be a % of turnover. The better ran, more lucrative clubs should be able to pay more, that’s their reward for generating the turnovers they receive
  2. Nah, he wants more peaked caps and more centre halves in the club shop
  3. Better off than we are now, definitely. Was the bright spark in an otherwise dark time we’ve had recently
  4. You too pal. I mean that btw. Never wanna fall out with a fellow fan
  5. A couple of good decisions amongst dozens of bad ones? Yeah, right
  6. That’s what a few vodka’s gets you I suppose
  7. I don’t I would, gladly No chance, not when he’s willing to pay JVA 20k plus a week
  8. actually that’s a bit snidey as hindsight is a wonderful thing. Im just tearing my hair out with them at the moment
  9. The bloke has stumbled from one unmitigated disaster to the next. He’s made me completely indifferent to watching us and our results. He has no idea how to operate a football club. He does not learn from his mistakes. But yeah, he sends a lovely email to be fair
  10. That has ruined it slightly if I’m honest
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