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  1. Best keeper on the books according to jos... jesus...westwood saves both of them
  2. Knowing our luck the year we win the championship will be the year this euro super league gets announced, league records will be scrapped and we’ll end up in some wierd 2nd tier premierleague shambles
  3. Also had mkhitaryan, douglas costa and alex teixeira at that time
  4. Not likely unless Butland goes abroad. Which isn’t likely
  5. Given a straight choice if both are fit, Westwood gets it for me. The points this lad has earned us since he’s been here is phenomenal (people have short memories). However, Wildsmith is showing himself to be a very very good goalkeeper. To be fair both could improve their distribution.
  6. Lost cause. Remember to sterilise the needle pal
  7. Sorry to the OP but you are wrong mate. Much more obvious targets than Reach pal
  8. Nice guys finish last (or 14th in this case). Get rid, say thanks very much and try again
  9. Half Italian half Argie and people act surprised that he's a whinging little so and so at times and goes into a sulk whenever the wind changes direction. Great player once every 3 month. Should have been sold at start of last season when he refused to play and when the transfer fee would have been probably the biggest we would ever get for him.
  10. Hands up everyone that has never said a racist comment in their life? Not saying what he did was right but there's some right angels on here. Just putting this out there... if you got recorded saying everything you'd said would you be able to get a season ticket at the club? He's a muppet, no doubt, but I imagine there's a few comments put on here by folk who have said/ chanted just as bad
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