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  1. I'd be interested in one of these, would you be selling them on eBay or on here?
  2. Mine has arrived this morning. This they tweeted final batch was being sent out today
  3. See my post from earlier today (should be top of this section as just posted in it) someone has an adult and child ticket for sale
  4. Hi mate thanks for the offer but someone else on owlstalk got back to me about an hour and now managed to get an adult and a child ticket.......although I'm now after two adult tickets for another mate! But I've seen plenty of others asking for similar so I'm sure you'll have plenty offering to take them off your hands.
  5. Please help if you can. Friend is a season ticket holder but wanted to take his 6 year old son to Wembley so let someone else use his ID while he waited for general sale. Unfortunately he got stuck in the online queue and missed out on tickets. If anyone has two spare tickets (even if it means paying for two adult tickets) please let me know. many thanks
  6. Lookin for an adult and child ticket together. Tickets are not for me as I've already sorted mine but are for a friend who could have bought his ticket on Friday but wanted to take his 6 year old son so waited for general sale but unfortunately missed out.nany help much appreciated
  7. We've booked there as well, nice to know we won't be only Owls in there!
  8. Saw three different people changing tyres after the match just off fox hill road across from the pheasant
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