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    It seems like good marketing strategy from the club really.
    - Announce the new badge on a Sunday evening in January when not much is happening.
    - Allow all the fannys a few days to overreact and have a small meltdown.
    - Put the badge on all of the club's online media channels (OS, Twitter, YouTube etc.), along with using it on the screen at Hillsborough/away grounds.
    - Many of those said fannys calm down, admit it has grown on them and it was a good badge all along.
    - This trend continues until the summer, when everyone is so familiar with it that nobody will bat an eyelid as it is on the new shirt, and plastered around the stands at Hillsborough and in club shop etc.
    There will always be some that remain vehemently opposed to change, but by doing what they have been the club should see the transition come into effect with a minimum amount of fuss.
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    It needs more Johnson.
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