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  1. Always wanted to play Edith Finch. Quite happy with that.
  2. Will post my full thoughts on the episode later. Was definitely even darker than I thought it would be though, and I mean that in the literal sense of the picture being so dark that I could only actually see around 10% of what actually happened!
  3. Being a superhero film doesn't give carte blanche for lazy writing though. Endgame has the gapiest of gaping plotholes and the laziest of lazy writing ever. The humour was good to be fair.
  4. You raise a good point there. If 4 billion people suddenly appeared then there would be a huge issue with mass starvation across the planet, especially in developing nations. It would take a long time to rebuild the economy and infrastructure.
  5. I also hate Captain Marvel, and to a slightly lesser extent Brie Larson.
  6. Spoilers: They discovered that time travel is scientifically possible in that universe (without the need for any kind of magical maguffin such as an infinity stone etc.). Not only possible but actually pretty easy, straightforward, and reliable. Now that the time travel plot device (contrivance) has been established then they may as well use it in every film from now on to stop the respective villains once they show up. That was just the tip of the iceberg as far as lazy writing went in this film.
  7. I didn’t really like it. Structurally it’s a complete mess.
  8. It was kind of the producers to cast Thomas Turgoose in that scene too just to make Sheeran’s acting look better.
  9. Next week is going to be a bit good, I reckon.
  10. Which accent? He had a different one every season
  11. After the No Man's Sky VR announcement I'm seriously considering getting one soon. There are a lot of other VR games that I'd like to play, but No Man's Sky is absolutely made for it.
  12. You're right that the power thing will probably only be a marketing bullet point for whichever company has the edge in that regard. I don't really understand technical side of the whole teraflop thing, which seems to be the main yardstick for measuring a consoles power, but if one had 12 teraflops and the other had 12.5 teraflops I assume there would be no noticable difference in game performance between the two. But they'd definitely still go with 'MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN' route. The differentiating factor next gen is going to be about which ecosystem the consumer feels has the best value. PS+ vs Xbox Live, PS Now vs Xbox Game Pass etc. Hopefully it will be far closer between the two manufacturers next gen. A proper competition is only ever going to be a good thing for the consumers.
  13. I'm quite excited to see what their VR strategy is for PS5. It's impressive that they managed to get it working on PS4 hardware, so with all of the extra horsepower in the PS5 it should make for a significant improvement in the experience. Hopefully PS5 has a dedicated port for PSVR2, so it's as simple as one cable from the console to the headset, and one for a camera/sensor under the tv. A new sophisticated control system is required too. Time to retire the PS Move.
  14. Can't believe Sony just drop a megaton like this totally out of the blue with no kind of buildup All sounds very good. Very pleased to hear that it has native PS4 BC.
  15. The second and third series' of The Grand Tour have been fantastic. Arguably the most consistent level of quality that they've ever had together. Glad the specials are continuing.
  16. Charles Dance was probably the best on the show I'd say. Every scene with him and Dinklage together was pure gold.
  17. Does anyone on here use PS Now? I always thought it was simply a streaming service for PS3 games, so had no interest in that. I didn’t realise that it had PS4 games too, and that the PS4 games can be downloaded to the console. Seems pretty similar to the Xbox Game Pass. Might give the 7 day trial a go. Looks way better value than PS+.
  18. I loved The Witness when it came out. Some of the puzzles were just too hard in some areas though so I never quite finished the game.
  19. The massacred become the massacrerers.
  20. Probably not close to the best ever made, but definitely my favourite by a mile. Oh what I would give for a brand new current gen KOTOR game.
  21. Couldn't we just sign him on a £10k per week contract, in addition to a part-time role as a tuna consultant at John West for the other £30k per week?
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