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  1. Animal Crossing genuinely couldn’t have released at a better time than it has.
  2. I reckon many will do the same. I can see the PS4 continuing to sell at a reasonably steady rate even after PS5 launches. The base model PS4 is still a good gaming machine even in 2020 as far as I’m concerned (if you’re still rocking a 1080p LCD like me lol)
  3. Nice one. It’s been a hell of a long wait since the previous season finished. Best show on tv.
  4. I’ve been keeping a close eye on prices for this since it launched. I think I’ll get it as soon as it drops to around the £20 mark. I can’t see that being more than a couple of months now. The game looks great. Really looking forward to starting it, but just bought Far Cry 5 and Spider Man so those will keep me busy for a while.
  5. Am I right in thinking that if I buy a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription followed by the 3-month Game Pass Ultimate £1 deal from Microsoft then it will convert the XBL sub into Game Pass Ultimate for 12 months?
  6. Bought my brother an Xbox One X (Star Wars Fallen Knight bundle) for Christmas. He's mentioned a few times lately that he is fancying an Xbox so thought I'd treat him to one. Really hope that Microsoft continue to support the Xbone for at least a couple of years after the SX is released, particularly on the Game Pass front. From a personal standpoint, I am 99% sure that I will be getting both the next gen consoles at launch next year, which will be a first for me. I like the direction that Microsoft are heading with some fairly decent studio aquisitions recently along with their Game Pass model.
  7. The name is a bit naff, which admittedly is par for the course as far as Xbox goes.
  8. Saw it on Friday. Awesome performance from Phoenix. Loved every minute of it!
  9. All sounding rather good! Looking forward to more details in the coming months. Nothing like the run-up to a new console generation!
  10. Been working away in Oxfordshire for the past 2 weeks with no WiFi so a game like DQXI would have been ideal for that on reflection. Going to be working in Southampton from mid-October through to Xmas so I might get stuck into that one on those dark evenings down there.
  11. Got a real hankering for a new Switch game. It’s a choice between Dragon Quest XI, Astral Chain, and Link’s Awakening. Someone decide for me. Going to buy Grid Autosport too as a must. Fiiiiiinally a proper car racing game for the Switch. It has long been a gaping hole in an otherwise outstanding library.
  12. They made Vanquish last gen too, which was another ridiculously fun, fast paced action game. Would love some kind of spiritual successor to that one day.
  13. It’s written and directed by Vince Gilligan. That’s all I need to know. I’m in!
  14. Played through this at the weekend in one sitting. It's a little gem of a game isn't it. I was completely immersed in the world and story and characters for the entire time. Great tight narrative which is perfectly paced. Also some neat and interesting 'gameplay sections' that I wasn't really expecting. Loved it! I don't really see 'walking simulator' as an insult to be honest. I always tend to enjoy slow paced exploration games like this. Finishing it promted me to buy Firewatch and Everybody's Gone To The Rapture last night. Both are games that I always liked the look of, and both were only 4 quid on sale so happy days.
  15. Sooooo..... 7.5/10?
  16. Exactly the same part that I was done with the game too for the same reason.
  17. Looks great to me. I was a big fan of the first one. I will definitely pick this up when it hits a sale.
  18. Watched this in full yesterday. Fantastic documentary.
  19. Absolutely bloody beautiful episode!
  20. Dammit, I’ve been busted.
  21. Just get one of these, then you and your baby can spend some quality bonding time together as you play it. Don't worry, there's not much violence in the game.
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