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    Seems like the PS5 multiplats are outperforming their Xbox Series X counterparts pretty much across the board so far, in terms of stable frame rates. 

    Would have expected it to be the other way around to be honest, but looks like Mark Cerny has designed an absolute belter of a console (other than how it looks aesthetically). 


    I’ve never been interested in any of the Souls games before now, but for some reason I really like the look of Demon’s Souls. The more footage that I see the more I want to play it. 

    I think that will be my first PS5 game when I get one. 


    6 hours ago, DeeJayOne said:


    God of War took me some getting into but once it clicked it was great! 


    I was the same. First couple of hours I was a bit unsure of the new direction, having been a huge fan of the original series. 


    Didn’t take long after that to realise it was one of the most fun and visually impressive games I’d ever played. 


    Absolutely fantastic game. 



  1. 6 hours ago, Paul.. said:

    Be interesting what'll happen with future ES titles now Microsoft owns the studio, perhaps we'll actually see professional QA and animations that don't look like a first year college project, we shall see!



    Judging by the quality of Halo Infinite in that regard, I wouldn’t hold my breath. 




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    9 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


    Is there a list of what apps it comes with?

    Does it have the Youtubes, Netflix, Prime and Apple TV on it?


    Have you managed to order a PS5 yet? 


    Could well be a few months until they’re back in stock and I expect they’ll sell back out within hours then too. 


    32 minutes ago, DeeJayOne said:






    Just watched that. 


    Man, the end part when you see all the PS4 games running at a solid 60fps compared to barely 30fps on PS4pro has me moist. It’s the main reason that I’m holding off on Ghost of Tsushima right now. It will be glorious on PS5. 


    Really does seem like an incredibly well engineered piece of tech, and the same goes for the controller. 


    For what it’s worth, I’m still rocking the original PS4 that I got day one last generation, it has a 500GB HDD with 408.5GB of usable space. 


    I’ve never once felt inconvenienced by that. I’ve usually got around 10 games installed at once, but it’s rare that I’m playing more than 2 at the same time. 


    Complete non-issue as far as I’m concerned. 


    5 hours ago, Paul.. said:

    My biggest bugbear with the PS4 is apps that can't be deleted, I created a folder called "shit" and they all go in there!



    iPhone is the same for that. 


    5 hours ago, lee81 said:

    Series S is hands down the best looking machine. It also has the added bonus of actually fitting in my TV cabinet. 


    It's the best looking by default really, but I wouldn't say it looks nice.


    Looks a bit like a budget smart radio that you'd have in your kitchen.


    I do actually think the PS5 digital edition is a nice looking console. If they could have somehow made the disc version in the same form factor as that with the disc drive in the centre of the machine then it would have looked 10x better in my opinion.


    1 hour ago, darklord said:

    I think it looks fantastic. Like a high rise from dubai. Compare that to the Xbox which looks like an industrial unit in basingstoke


    The Xbox Series X is fugly too, no doubts about that, especially when it’s horizontal. 


    It's absolutely mahoooosive, and pretty ugly really. 


    Not much wasted space inside of it though. They've gone in hard with the cooling solutions and it looks like a very well built piece of kit.


    The look of it doesn't bother me too much. I can easily put it out of the way in my setup.


    I wish they’d send an email out to let us know they’ve got more PS5 stock to pre-order. 


    Still can’t believe how quick they sold out. 


    2 hours ago, Chris_B_SWFC said:

    Didn’t you manage to pre order one mate?


    Not yet. I’m sure I’ll get one though. 


    Would be disappointed if I don’t have it for December when I’m off. 


    2 hours ago, latemodelchild said:


    I had 15 seconds of smug knowing I've got a physical receipt from Game for my pre order followed by blind panic that I'd no idea where it was. Found it now and made sure its safe 😂 😂 


    Where are you storing it to keep it safe? 

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