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    I thought the Spider Man gameplay demo looked outstanding. My only question mark over that game will be the length of it.
  2. Wath-owl


    £450 disc version. Bloody lovely. Will be pre-ordering from Amazon as soon as possible.
  3. I think that the Xbox Series X is definitely the better looking console between that and PS5, without being particularly special itself. Looks very much like a budget desktop PC. PS5 is a bit too big and gaudy for my taste. Would look much better if it was all black rather than the white/black scheme they went with.
  4. PS5 disc version + Xbox Series S for gamepass is an enticing combo for me. Not too fussed about the Series X.
  5. I’m taking a month off work in December as I’ve still got all my 2020 holiday days left, what with the lockdown. I will be doing some serious gaming in that time, and this game will be getting hammered!
  6. Did you see the recent gameplay demo of Halo Infinite? It looked hilariously bad for a supposed next gen game. It would have looked average at best if you told me it was running on the base Xbox One model. Delaying it it by a year, and presumably hiring some competent developers at 343 is the best decision they could take.
  7. It has been review bombed by a load of homophobic, loser, man-children basically, along with the usual rival console fanboys that can’t stand to see games getting praise on systems they don’t own. Metacritic user scores, very much like Amazon game reviews are utterly irrelevant most of the time. Anyway, I didn’t get chance to start the game today, but got it all installed and ready to go hopefully for tomorrow evening. I did briefly load the game up and idle at the menu screen for a short while, and my (base model) PS4 fan was spinning at 100% for that! So I guess that doesn’t bode too well. Although, I will be wearing headphones so not too bothered by the PS4 jet engine noise.
  8. I think my top 4 (because I can’t leave one of these out) in no particular order is Persona 4; Golden, Portal 2, God of War (2018), and The Last of Us.
  9. Mines arriving with Amazon tomorrow. Looking forward to playing it after work. I’ve managed to avoid all spoilers and pretty much all promotional material more or less since the announcement a few years ago. The first game is in my top 3 favourites of all time so very excited. At 25 hours (at least) for the story it’s going to take me a few weeks to finish it I think. Can only commit a couple of hours gaming in a day at the moment, and still need to squeeze in my Animal Crossing fix too lol.
  10. Wath-owl


    Thought that was a pretty decent games showcase. Lot’s of good exclusives to look forward to. Way more than we usually get in a consoles first year. Not sure what my thoughts are on the design of the box. I don’t love it but don’t hate it either. Would prefer all black, but ultimately the look of the console is pretty irrelevant in general to me. I’ll be pre-ordering the disc based version as soon as I can. Don’t really care what the price is.
  11. Not long until the review embargo lifts now. From the snippets I’ve seen from reviewers, it sounds pretty much nailed on to be the game of the generation. Can’t wait. Gutted I couldn’t get the collectors edition though.
  12. Watched that earlier and was absolutely stunned by how good the demo looked. PS5 is going to be a beast of a console. Wish they’d hurry up and let me pre-order the bloody thing.
  13. Yes, very excited about this news. I have so much nostalgia for the first three Tony Hawks games on PS1 and PS2. Looks like they’ve done a great job with the remake.
  14. Made an absolute killing in the stalk market on Animal Crossing today. Bought £3.5m worth of turnips on Sunday at 90 bells each, and just sold them all for 443 bells each. Got over 20m in the bank now. Passed the 100 hours played mark today too. Only another 5 hours to go and this will become my most played Switch game ever, surpassing Wargroove. Loving it. My island is still only about 20% of how I want it to be too, so I will be playing for a long time to come.
  15. We have fashioned the remaining 74,000 playoff final t-shirts into PPE gowns for the NHS. Stalls being set up to distribute them. All NHS staff have to do is show their ID cards and they get 15% off RRP.
  16. Great if you like a chilled out gaming experience, and are willing to put a fair amount of time into it. I’m thoroughly addicted to it at the moment.
  17. They’re clear, as they are on the PS Vita, which is a look that I always really liked.
  18. I’m not totally sold on the black/white look yet, but overall it looks like a beautifully designed controller. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.
  19. Absolutely awesome game that! Fun as hell and extremely polished in every aspect. I can't wait to see what Insomniac can do with Ratchet & Clank on PS5 hardware. By the way, if you ever want to go back and play any of the other games in the series after this, start with A Crack In Time. It's the best R&C game in my opinion.
  20. Hope they are doing Galaxy 2 as well. I had had sold my Wii by the time that came out. Always regretted not being able to play that. Galaxy is one of my favourite games of all time.
  21. I work for a refractory engineering company, mostly working on oil refineries, power stations, lime kilns, household waste incinerators, petrochemical sites etc. Just spent the past two months at Fawley Refinery in Southampton. The next major shutdown I was meant to be working on was ConocoPhillips Refinery in May doing a full re-line of the cracker there, but that has been postponed until September now. I probably won't get back to work until July now I would imagine, which will be at Drax. That is confirmed to definitely still be going ahead as it's too important to the country's infrastrucure not to. More than happy to sit at home and get £2500p/m playing videogames in the meantime
  22. It’s available to download on PS Now too. Think I’ll add this to my list of games to play whilst furloughed. Just need to drag myself away from Animal Crossing.
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