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  1. Uncharted Lost Legacy is a great game. I’d highly recommend giving that a go if you haven’t already played it.
  2. I’ll be buying a match pass for tonight. Working up in Whitley Bay, otherwise I’d definitely be going.
  3. Son of a bitch, I'm in! Seriously, that's ridiculous value when you compare it with the Switch.
  4. It looks great. What kind of price will it be?
  5. I don’t really give a crap about method acting. All I know is that There Will Be Blood is my favourite film of all time, and that Daniel Day-Lewis put on an absolute acting masterclass in that role.
  6. I honestly don’t think I will now. It’s 100% a Gamepass machine for me.
  7. Bought this on day 1, but only just had the chance to start it today. Good lord, these are probably the cleanest and most crisp visuals that I’ve ever seen in any game, ever. Absolutely gorgeous! It’s definitely the first game I’ve played that feels a true generational leap forwards in every aspect. I’m playing in performance + ray tracing mode at 120fps and it’s glorious!
  8. You purchase 3 years worth of Xbox Live Gold. 12 month membership is available at CD Keys for £40, so I bought 3 of those and redeemed the codes on the Xbox Store. Total cost £120 https://www.cdkeys.com/xbox-live/memberships/12-month-xbox-live-gold-membership-xbox-one-360-eu-cd-key Then you follow the following link and convert your Xbox Live membership into Gamepass Ultimate for £1. https://www.xbox.com/en-GB/live/gold/upgrade That’s all there is to it. 3 years of Gamepass Ultimate for £121.
  9. Will do. I played Ori and the Blind Forest on Switch and really enjoyed it. First 2 games I’ve downloaded are Octopath Traveller and Forza Horizon 4.
  10. Just done this now. Bought 3 years of Xbox Live Gold for £120 from CD Keys, and converted it to Gamepass Ultimate for £1. 3 years of exclusive games, day 1, in addition to the rest of the back catalogue… for the price of 2 retail games. It beggars belief how they can afford to do this, but I ain’t complaining. Just a shame that you can only stack 3 years because I would happily have stacked 10 if I could.
  11. Wath-owl


    Housemarque and also Bluepoint. Two very good acquisitions for Sony, and makes sense since they’ve been working together exclusively for years. I really want to play Returnal, but put off by the £70 price. I’ll wait for a sale or it to hit PS+ or PS Now.
  12. Have you got the Series X mate? Mine has just been dispatched now from Amazon. Wasn’t expecting it for another 10 days.
  13. Ok, so now I’ve managed to bag myself one of these bad boys, what are the best deals on Gamepass right now? Are there any loopholes where you can end up stacking 20 years of Gamepass for £3.50 or owt like that?
  14. Just ordered a Series X for myself on Amazon. Not being delivered until 9th June though. I have both a PS5 and Switch that get almost zero use because I don’t have any free time to play them, so this is a completely pointless purchase for me But bugger it. All three consoles for the win!
  15. It’s a great game to watch on YouTube from people who know what they’re doing. Especially on their ridiculous PC rigs with max settings. Not sure it’s ever something that I would ‘play’ myself. But great to watch and I certainly appreciate that it’s a technical marvel.
  16. It’s about what I was expecting to be honest. This genre of game generally seems to have a limit of around 90 as far as Metacritic goes, unless it’s a new mainline 3D Mario game which is the exception. Still, 89 from 97 (currently) reviews is outstanding for any game. I have watched a few reviews and the Digital Foundry tech analysis, and I’m completely sold that it’s going to be an awesome game, and a real showcase for the PS5.
  17. This looks absolutely staggeringly good in my opinion. Everything about it. The gameplay, the graphics, the environments, the animation, the voice acting, the colours, how seamless and instant the transitions are between areas. Honestly, one of the most impressive looking games I’ve ever seen. Day 1. Can’t friggin wait!
  18. Yeah, they have really stepped up the quality recently. I’m going to subscribe again I think after a couple of years hiatus.
  19. Wath-owl


    It's up for pre-order for £32.99, which I think is an excellent price point to be fair for how it looks. Presumably it will be an 8-10 hour game at most for that price, but that's not a bad thing in my opinion.
  20. Wath-owl


    Man, this game just looks fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous! I was hoping it would be out in March, so a bit disappointed it’s now August. 100% day one purchase for me though.
  21. Wath-owl


    Why don’t they simply put it behind one of those CAPTCHA things at checkout, where you have to pick all the squares with a traffic light or motorbike etc? Isn’t the whole point of them to stop this sort of thing?
  22. You can’t really go wrong with either of these machines to be fair. They’re both great for the money they cost, and performance wise they are even. The majority will most likely stick with the platform they’re most familiar with.
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