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  1. 33 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


    For anyone suggesting this is watchable

    Go back to episode one

    Watch the chase with the girl in the woods




  2. He's like a combination between Ross Wallace and Daniel Pudil from our first season under Carlos, only with a touch more pace.


    He's everything that I hoped Reach would be to be honest.


    Great business on a free transfer.

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  3. Closing Evolution and Studio Liverpool were too monumental blunders for Sony in the grand scheme of things. 

    Two extremely talented (British) studios that made consistently fun and polished games, and they simply threw them away. Such a shame. 

  4. Gone with Storey. He’s completely transformed our central defence in the short time he’s been here. Completely dominates every battle he’s involved in, and calmness personified on the ball. 

    We really just don’t look like conceding at the moment and he’s a huge factor in that. 

    Had He been selected for the Oxford game there is not a chance that we would have lost it. 

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Owls2k said:

    That surely must rival the 2 Leeds players decking it a few years ago?



    The Leeds players ‘collinding’ thread was the greatest thread in Owlstalk history for me. 

    Some of the Ched Evans photoshop, and mind the gap movie poster stuff was up there too as the very best. 

    Someone needs to make a gif of the Charlton player falling over. 

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Wing Back said:

    Great film really enjoyed seeing Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina reprising their respective roles.



    Dafoe is brilliant as always. Get the impression that he absolutely loves this role. 

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  7. I went to see this tonight and thought it was fantastic! 

    Definitely one of the best superhero films I’ve seen in a while. Loads of heart. The supporting actors were all brilliant. The action set pieces were obviously amazing. 

    They did a good job of giving all of the villains a chance to shine, and there is some great banter between them all.


    I really like how the series is poised now after the ending. So many different ways they could go. 

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  8. Sow, Berahino, Wing, Byers and Brown should all be surplus to requirements, and moved on as soon as possible. 

    Two centre backs are the absolute priority for January. They don’t even need to be all that good, as long as they know how to defend a set piece and generally stick their nut on any ball that comes near them. 

    Basically just Rob Jones and Miguel Llera again. Anyone in that ‘tried and tested L1 cart-horse’ mould would be ideal for us right now. 

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    I really don’t game much at all these days, but fired the PS5 up yesterday and the Xbox up just now and they both need controller updates.


    What’s all that about? Why do they keep needing to update the controllers? It’s a controller ffs! 

  9. I’d have him in a heartbeat. He would be a cut above any of the other 17 wingers we’ve got by quite a distance in terms of end product and overall quality.


    I doubt that we could afford him, and doubt that he’d be willing to drop to L1, but it would be an amazing signing without question. 

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