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  1. 1 Defeat in 9 Games For Jos

    He's got us looking fit, solid and organised in a short space of time with no fuss at all. The players seem to have a bit more aggression now than over the past couple of years, and the team spirit seems to have returned going by what the players are saying in the media, and their body language with each other during games. Just need to start turning some more of these draws into wins and we're good.
  2. Well Done Atdhe

    Held the ball up brilliantly. Looked very sharp, and he's probably the fittest we've ever seen him at the moment. Hope he can keep it up.
  3. Daniel Pudil

    Absolutely flippin superb today!
  4. Yes, we are clearly in a relegation fight. If we only have the players that were in the squad on Saturday for the rest of the season then we're quite likely to go down. If we get our key players back and firing again within the next month then we'll probably just about be okay.
  5. Almen Abdi

    Probably the worst signing in the history of our club.
  6. Joe Wildsmith

    It would be extremely harsh on him if he's dropped when Westwood returns from injury. His position to lose now.
  7. Nuhiu Tackle

    That's what she said.
  8. League Finishing Position

    Really surprised by the optimism in here, with most predicting top half. My gut feeling is we'll finish pretty much where we currently are now.
  9. I'd be disappointed if we didn't have their pants down for more than £6m in a January transfer window.
  10. Stream for today

    Thanks! The Acestream link is great quality.
  11. Time for Penney

    Penney is the best player that we've got in the U23s. I don't think he should necessarily be starting first team games simply because of that, but it would be nice if he could at least be considered for one of the 7 places on the bench. If not then you've really got to question why we even have an academy.
  12. We Have the best/worst fans

    Can't argue with that. I really am starting to feel like this isn't my club anymore. I'm so disillusioned with pretty much every aspect of the way we're being run. It's genuinely heartbreaking to sit and watch it all unfold, especially this of all years.