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  1. What can we salvage?

    Just hit 50 points. That's all that matters now. Better teams than us have sleepwalked into a relegation battle. Anyone thinking we're too good for that is kidding themselves.
  2. It's probably no coincidence that this statement was the final one in the series. I imagine that the lawyers will have been strongly involved to make sure it didn't open Chansiri up to legal action. What kind of things could a Hirst statement really say that contradicts what the club is saying here? If you boil down Chansiri's statement, it's basically saying that Hirst's party is demanding more money than we are prepared to pay, despite breaking our own wage structure with the deal we've offered. Wouldn't the Hirst statement just be that he isn't signing a new deal because the club isn't offering him as much money as he is prepared to accept? Both statements would in essence be exactly the same, no?
  3. I think that the ball did hit his arm after hitting his chest, and his arm was definitely outstretched. No idea if that makes it a penalty or not under the current rules? A handball in the box seems to be a real grey area in the rules of football. Each ref seems to apply their own interpretation to it. It reminds me a bit of that penalty Bullen conceded years ago, when he turned his back to block a shot and it hit him in the back of the ribcage, close to the armpit. I think his arm was outstretched in a similar way to Dawson's.
  4. You keep saying the same thing, and although I agree with you to an extent, do you really expect people to read that official statement and simply not bother commenting until they have seen a counter statement from the Hirst camp that may never even come? Seriously?
  5. Wouldn't that then be Kivo's side to the story?
  6. Very good and much needed statement that. Well done Mr Chansiri. Fully behind him on this one.
  7. Forestieri conspiracy

    Judging by all of his threads, jfr142 is either a blunt WUM, or simply just thick. Literally the only two possibilities.
  8. We have spent 17.5 of the last 20 years without a pot to piss in, managed admirably in many cases by British managers. Sturrock, Laws, Megson, Jones and Gray all did just about as well as could be expected given their financial restrictions. Turner was a naff manager, but at least had a decent eye for young players, which ultimately laid the ground work for Sturrock to come in and get us promoted. Irvine was a total disaster, I'll grant you that. But then we get a foreign fella in, called Chansiri, who massively invests in the wage bill and transfer budget, invests in way more support staff, improvements to the training ground and the Hillsborough pitch - and lo and behold we finish top 6 two seasons on the trot. Wow, I actually think that I may be on to something here thinking about it. Has anyone ever looked into a possible correlation between money spent and success achieved in football?
  9. He would be my first choice. He definitely deserves a crack at a bigger club with a bigger budget.
  10. If we were playing Villa or Bristol City away then I think I'd be inclined to recall Loovens (if fit). Since it's Bolton, who have only scored 4 goals in 11 league games so far then I think I would prefer Joost back there for his passing.
  11. Dem blavdes sell the highest number of student tickets in the country. Infant/junior school students that is.
  12. The ultimate dream scene

    They've got it in stock at the Beer Central shop in Moor Market.
  13. Framed Dream Scene Prints now on sale

    I'd say it's a very fair price given the size of it. I'll be ordering mine this week.
  14. Collinding v2

    For those that need to refresh their memory of the original:
  15. Van Aken

    So much potential, but for now he definitely needs a fair bit of work on the training ground to improve his defensive positioning. Loovens will hopefully come straight back into the starting lineup when fit to give the lad a break.