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  1. This looks absolutely staggeringly good in my opinion. Everything about it. The gameplay, the graphics, the environments, the animation, the voice acting, the colours, how seamless and instant the transitions are between areas. Honestly, one of the most impressive looking games I’ve ever seen. Day 1. Can’t friggin wait!
  2. Yeah, they have really stepped up the quality recently. I’m going to subscribe again I think after a couple of years hiatus.
  3. Wath-owl


    It's up for pre-order for £32.99, which I think is an excellent price point to be fair for how it looks. Presumably it will be an 8-10 hour game at most for that price, but that's not a bad thing in my opinion.
  4. Wath-owl


    Man, this game just looks fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous! I was hoping it would be out in March, so a bit disappointed it’s now August. 100% day one purchase for me though.
  5. Wath-owl


    Why don’t they simply put it behind one of those CAPTCHA things at checkout, where you have to pick all the squares with a traffic light or motorbike etc? Isn’t the whole point of them to stop this sort of thing?
  6. You can’t really go wrong with either of these machines to be fair. They’re both great for the money they cost, and performance wise they are even. The majority will most likely stick with the platform they’re most familiar with.
  7. That is pretty fantastic to be fair. Runs straight past the goal scorer to celebrate in front of an empty stand. What a nutter!
  8. Chansiri is a f***ing idiot plain and simple. A completely narcissistic, naive lunatic who has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. He’s killed the club.
  9. Who in their right mind will come to manage us? We’re a complete shambles!
  10. Wath-owl


    I didn’t like the new God of War camera at first, but after a couple of hours I was used to it and never looked back. Man, I can’t wait for the sequel on PS5!
  11. Wath-owl


    25 seconds from powering on my PS5 to being in actual gameplay in Spider-Man just blows my mind! So so good!
  12. Wath-owl


    Currently playing through Spider-Man Ultimate Edition. I only put around 5 hours into the game on PS4, so intend to complete the base game on PS5 before moving on to Miles Morales. 60fps + ray tracing is outstanding. I seriously hope that it will be an option in all games going forward.
  13. There are more PS4 games on PS Now than Xbox One games on Gamepass. Plenty of recent titles too. I'm not arguing that Gamepass is better value due to getting EA Access thrown in, as well as first party games launching on there, but PS Now deserves more recognition than it gets. At £50rrp for 12 months it is also a ridiculously good value that most PlayStation gamers should be getting in on. Criminally underrated service in my opinion.
  14. Not sure about far more titles. I believe PS Now has around 800 compared to around 300 on Gamepass.
  15. PS Now is really good in my opinion. The value isn’t as good as Gamepass, but still not bad by any means. I was at my brother’s house last week and was browsing the Gamepass collection on his Xbox. I was quite surprised that many of the multi platform games were the same across both. Gamepass’ real selling point is the promise that all first party games will launch on the service day one when released, whereas this will never ever happen with Sony as their games sell so well at retail.
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