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  1. We'll win this, nailed on. Classic Wednesday. Last minute winner from a corner, bouncing off the back of Nuhiu's head as he trips himself up.
  2. Bannan’s impact

    We need to tie Bannan down to a new long term contract asap. That would be my first business of the summer if I were Chansiri.
  3. Glenn Loovens

    It's genuinely unbelievable that he didn't get sent off for that, even by the refereeing standards of the Championship.
  4. Was the transfer fee rumoured to be around £3-4m? No doubt he will have rinsed us of that amount again in wages by the time he retires next summer.
  5. I really like Jos. Always presents himself in a calm and collected way. He doesn't make excuses, and always tells it how it is. So far he has been 100% professional, and more or less totally unflappable under extremely difficult circumstances. I expect that he won't be messing about in pre-season like the last manager did. There's no way that we'll be starting the season as the most unfit and unconditioned team in the division (and probably Football League) like we have in recent years.
  6. New Captain 2018-19

    All they've got to do is call heads or tails before kickoff.
  7. Well said. I agree 100% with that. He really seems to have bulked up a bit over the last 12 months too. It's noticeable how much stronger he is. He doesn't get knocked off the ball now like he used to. Developing into a proper athlete, and only going to get better over the next few years. Hope it's with us.
  8. Nuhiu's Second Goal

  9. IFollow

  10. Thornbridge stopped doing 500ml bottles last year across the whole range.
  11. Nuhiu is on

    Bet you felt like a reyt fool when you realised it was Dreamworks.
  12. Jon Paul McGovern

    He was ten times the player we brought in to replace him. Wade Small ffs
  13. The commentators on the Leeds iFollow stream were utterly devastated. Was beautiful.