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  1. Wath-owl

    Sam Winnall interview

    Swapping Winnall for Butterfield though... Take a bow Carlos!
  2. Wath-owl

    The Marco Matias Raffle

    He definitely needs to lay off on the teeth whitening for a bit. There was a lens flare on the telly every time he smiled last night.
  3. Wath-owl

    What a wonderful sight..!!!!!!

    Nielsen is only 19? Bloody hell, just imagine what he'll be like when he fills out!
  4. Wath-owl

    Kirby for pelepusey

    If we're not going to be playing Kirby regularly then we need to get him out on loan to League 1 this month. He looks a hell of a prospect.
  5. Wath-owl

    Surely bloody not!

    I reckon Winnall's market value is around £3m when fit. Although we do live in a world where Madine is worth £6m so who knows. Sadly there is no chance that he will have recovered from his ACL injury before the transfer window shuts at the start of August, so he won't be going anywhere. It will probably be around November at the earliest until he's back in full training. Best case scenario now will be to loan him out again in January, hope his knee holds up until the end of the season, then sell him next summer for as much as we can.
  6. Wath-owl

    Westwood Going

    It would make perfect sense. We'll probably get a transfer fee of around £1-2m, as well as a big saving on his wages that can be redistributed to other areas of the squad where it's better needed. I'm more than happy with either Dawson or Wildsmith being the number 1 next season. Both have proven themselves to be reliable under pressure.
  7. Wath-owl

    All this sunny weather

    Abdi would probably miss most of the season with sunburn.
  8. Hope we've begun negotiations with Bannan already over a new long term contract. We definitely don't need our best players getting into the final 12 months of their contracts, so the sooner that is sorted the better.
  9. Good. Hope he buggers off to manage abroad again now so we never have to see or hear from him again.
  10. Wath-owl

    Hooper, Fletcher and Lee

    Fletcher does contribute quite a bit in my opinion. 11 goals from 24 starts last season was useful, and those goals won us a lot of points. He's the best header of the ball out of our pool of strikers, and is roughly on par with Hooper in terms of holding it up and bringing the midfield into attacks. Still has a lot to offer us. I think our fans under-rate him a bit.
  11. Wath-owl

    PL U23s and Fringe Players

    Didn't we have Cohen Bramall on trial with our U23s last season? I seem to recall him playing a game for us and impressing, only for Arsenal to then immediately snap him up.
  12. Wath-owl

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    If he went to another club in this country then he'd probably be back at square one regarding the fans not understanding him, leading to abuse. At least here we're now all used to his strengths and weaknesses. The fans are way more patient with him now than they were a couple of years ago.
  13. I'd say that everything Pelupessy does, Lee does better. So it's a straight swap for me. I am a fan of Pelupessy too. He's done a good job since coming here, and clearly has an outstanding attitude, but Lee is a different gravy altogether.