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  1. Tudgay and the derbies

    It was hard not to like Tudgay when he was here. He was always a 100% player whether on the wing or up front. Had an awesome leap on him too to say he wasn't the tallest. It's a shame that his career pretty much fizzled out when he left us. Didn't we reject an offer for him from Burnley who were in the Prem at the time not long before he left?
  2. U23s v QPR

    The whole situation is so unfortunate. Such a shame that money and stubbornness (on both sides) is standing in the way of a promising 18 year old losing a full year of development. Sounds like all of the bridges have been well and truly burnt now.
  3. We are all set for Sheffield United

    We don't do 3 nils. If we win it will be by a single goal.
  4. Van aken

    That ball to Fletcher was absolutely perfect. Deserved an assist to his name for that.
  5. Score Predictions Owls v Blunts

    They were significantly better than us for a decade not so long ago, yet we managed our fair share of victories against them in that time. Quality and form go out of the window in Sheffield derbies. It's all about which team has the most fight on the day, and fight is a characteristic that they're seemingly not lacking under Wilder. It's hard to call which way it will go, but I'm glad the first round is at Hillsborough at least. Really looking forward to the game. Should be a cracking atmosphere.
  6. Nielsen - "Dammit, I've been smashing it in the Forest under-23's this season but they just won't give me a chance in the first team. Go out and find me a club that has a proven track record of providing good young players with a path to the first team." Agent - "Hold my beer."
  7. #19 for Brentford

    They play great football and have for a few years now. I'd like to see what Dean Smith could do at a bigger club with some cash to spend. Good up and coming manager.
  8. Full match replays on ifollow

    They really need to get all the games put on the 'full match replay' section of iFollow, like how it always used to be with Wednesday Player. I can't blame anyone for not knowing that you have to go to the results page and then follow the links from there.
  9. We know already, dont we?

    We're the best team in Sheffield. The only way that will change is if them lot are above us at 3pm on 6th May.
  10. Full match replays on ifollow

    So when you press 'Watch now' it plays the highlights instead of the full match replay?
  11. Full match replays on ifollow

    See my above post. Full match replays are all accessible by going to the results tab on the site.