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  1. We have fashioned the remaining 74,000 playoff final t-shirts into PPE gowns for the NHS. Stalls being set up to distribute them. All NHS staff have to do is show their ID cards and they get 15% off RRP.
  2. The massacred become the massacrerers.
  3. Couldn't we just sign him on a £10k per week contract, in addition to a part-time role as a tuna consultant at John West for the other £30k per week?
  4. Who is their manager these days out of interest? It’s not something that ever really gets mentioned.
  5. No evidence, but around 3 months after hip surgery Carlos put him straight back into the starting lineup against Derby. He started 5 games in 3 and a half weeks and has pretty much been buggered since. He really shouldn't have played again that season. Carlos did the same thing with Hutchinson and Hooper (among others) too, bringing them straight back into the starting lineup after lengthy injuries.
  6. Yep. Still waiting for Carlos to allude to the fact he was *partly to blame for ending Kieran Lee's career. *entirely
  7. Swapping Winnall for Butterfield though... Take a bow Carlos!
  8. He definitely needs to lay off on the teeth whitening for a bit. There was a lens flare on the telly every time he smiled last night.
  9. Nielsen is only 19? Bloody hell, just imagine what he'll be like when he fills out!
  10. If we're not going to be playing Kirby regularly then we need to get him out on loan to League 1 this month. He looks a hell of a prospect.
  11. I reckon Winnall's market value is around £3m when fit. Although we do live in a world where Madine is worth £6m so who knows. Sadly there is no chance that he will have recovered from his ACL injury before the transfer window shuts at the start of August, so he won't be going anywhere. It will probably be around November at the earliest until he's back in full training. Best case scenario now will be to loan him out again in January, hope his knee holds up until the end of the season, then sell him next summer for as much as we can.
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