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  1. I am pretty sure clough ain't going anywhere and if he does it won't be Forrest. If warnock can turn Forrest down they must be in the poo.
  2. How right so you are saying there would have been mass outrage and demonstrations had the rumour been true? Give over you lot would have been doing cartwheels and quite rightly so.
  3. Seems a little funny how when rumours of your own Arab takeover was muted a couple of weeks ago (was it Jordanian royal family) nobody came on here and mentioned human rights. And unless I am mistaken the convicted rapist is still in prison and unemployed.
  4. Wow so many replies and not enough time. Belfast I have a bit if time for your postings but you have pulled the old chestnut "making a fool of myself". So having an opinion that differs from yourself is now making a fool of myself? I asked to prove sheffield united deliberately tried go get a result overturned I have read lots of theories on articulate mates and "it's obvious" but no actually facts. It was clearly not obvious to the fa who didn't find any wrong doing regarding ex sheffield wednesday player Gary megsons wild accusations. The fourth official must have been a bit mutton. Like I said previously I am not getting into mudslinging ala kivo my point was any fan came come up with a list of unsavoury incidents in a club's history and the fans of that club will always deny or argue against those comments.
  5. Did your articulate mate stand up in front of the fa to give evidence? So I am not articulate? Have i been rude or abusive?
  6. Mmmmmm of course they did. Of course Wednesday fans never mention united at all ever.
  7. And you ban keep the classic it you don't effing bounce or hey ho sliver lining you pinched from wolves. After that I'm struggling.
  8. Because we will fight for it never to happen again is my interpretation.
  9. We will fight forever more BECAUSE of boxing day. And why the hostility are you threatened by my presence Mr big guns.
  10. Dodge difficult question bloody he'll it isn't mastermind is it. To be honest I ain't going through that list of bile and untruths but to stop Belfast getting his knickers in a twist I will pluck one of them. Can someone find some proof of where sheffield united tried to get a result wiped out? As far as I am aware Warnock was totally exonerated from the wild accusations Mr megson touted. There was a fourth official who rebuffed the accusations the same fourth official who was actually nearer to Warnock than megson. I could spend an evening writing a list that would not show Wednesday in a great light such thing like having players done for match fixing or delaying payment to sch or not paying full debts to coop. Mudslinging is easy and both sets of supporters have got enough ammo.
  11. It was a great achievement and I don't think other clubs fans put it down more like some Wednesday fans talk like you won it yesterday not 20 odd years ago. To be fair it was a lot more prestigious when you lot won it but football was a bit more even then as opposed to now where the top teams are light years ahead. I know someone mentions that we will never do it, maybe we won't football is now for the elite unfortunately.
  12. Mmmmmmmm yes you don't see blades in Hillsborough I suppose, Hillsborough is in sheffield isn't it?
  13. Yes kivo owl did make it all up glad you agree we'll done for speaking out.
  14. Why should we stop singing it was started in a city centre pub before the game. Sheffield city centre.
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