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  1. PS. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I went to Hillsborough this morning to get my Fulham tickets and I was back again tonight for the development team game against Huddersfield. PPS. I will ask Paul at Hirsty's bar on Wednesday and if he has any replies to your questions I will relay them to you if I'm allowed.
  2. I can assure you no one is telling me what to say. I just think that you are confrontational just for the sake of it. Whether it's Wednesdayite or the new supporters club you immediately jump down their throats without giving them a chance. There aren't many people offering their services to help those running Wednesdayite so leave them alone to get on with it. Until the membership decides on its way forward they will decide, not you, you're not a member.. You have the audacity to tell me to get my own material and yet you keep posting threads about Wednesdayite knowing full well you are only trying to goad Paul into answering when you know he isn't going to. I am reasonably new to Owlstalk and I don't know many contributors but of course I have managed to identify a couple on here. Obviously I recognise Paul and the only other one I can identify is Grandad, perhaps one of your better texters because he always tries to look at subjects objectively when giving his thoughts and opinions. I probably have met or seen most of the other contributors because if there is anything going on with Sheffield Wednesday I'm usually there. As far as I know I don't know who Woodhouse is,neither do I know you. Being in the media,you have to be throw out objectionable criticism to get the required feedback, it's no good for Owlstalk if you agree with everyone and everything. You never read of a T.V. critic writing anything wrong about programmes on BBC 3 or4 because nobody watches them,but he will criticize so called soaps and reality celebrity programmes to get the required response. Blue Goggles must have been heaven for Owlstalk, maximum response for little outlay and then to follow that we had a couple of months of the Rapist which kept us all enthralled but now that has died down you have to work a little harder to keep interesting topics. That's why we are now being flooded with threads from Owlstalk in the hope that some of them generate feedback. Of course if those fail you can always fall back on an old favourite, Wednesdayite, let's start another thread about them, that is usually good for a few days. Going back to your reply to your earlier comments I would be most grateful if you could let me know who you think is telling me what to write ,you are totally wrong,but I'd like to know. Now I suppose you are going to ban me now!!!!!!!!
  3. I think it's free but take it with you just in case. See you there.
  4. Too true, it may be his site but be has said many things far worse than Woodhouse. It's perhaps ironic that the three most recent threads on the Wednesdayite were started by Owlstalk. Maybe good for getting the required number of hits required!!!!!
  5. I regularly used to go to matches on Xmas day and it was normal for all the males in the family to go together. Games kicked off at 11am and then you would walk home for Xmas dinner. I know it's hard to imagine but you could smell the aroma of roast turkey and Yorkshire puddings all the way home. The last time we played on this day was in 1958 v Preston and we drew 4-4 and what was unique in those days was that you played the reverse fixtures the next day ( boxing day ) and Preston won 3-0. Christmas day wasn't a particularly good day for the Owls because we took some beatings on this day especially Manchester United and Nottingham Forest. I don't think it would be a good idea to bring them back mainly because of transport problems. Something else unique in those days to play the same opponents at Easter and a few weeks ago someone published a photo of the club mascot, a young blond haired lad whose name escapes me. I was only in my early teens then and sometimes I would travel with the mascots parents to away games. They lived in Wakefield and one Easter we were due to play Fulham on Good Friday with an 11am kick off. We had to catch the 3am mail train to get there. We lost 5-2 and Jimmy Hill scored 4 of them and after the game we had a full day in London because the train back wasn't till midnight. The following day if I remember,EFootballaster Saturday we were at home to Brighton and then on Easter Monday we played Fulham again at home. Oh happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Wonder if Babushka counts Chesterfield under 21' in a friendly but if he did ,he was right. Wednesday under 21s 4 Chesterfield 1
  7. I would be interested in one of the tickets but I don't know how to PM. Anybody help?
  8. I agree,never go back,but I went to a social night at Crookes W.M.C. a few years back with Hirsty, Carlton Palmer, Zico,and Shez and at the end of the night Shez made a promise that one day he would return to manage Wednesday. Make what you like of that.
  9. All my family are,or were, blades, parents, two brothers and two sisters and it was murder every weekend. My mother used to hate family gatherings and would warn me not to upset them but it never stopped me. My two brothers were the worst but they,along with my parents, are now dead so I only have my two sisters to bother about and they don't take much interest nowadays.
  10. Also went to the game and agree with above summary. Thought the young lad from U.S.A.did well and looked comfortable on the ball. It was also disappointing to see Lavery running across the defence waiting for a through ball which never comes and inevitably he gets caught offside. We don't seem to possess anyone, young or old, who can spot a chance to split a defensive wall. Yes I do know we have a Young playing full back. Just one complaint, how much would it cost to print a couple of team sheets to let the few supporters know who is playing.
  11. I'm not certain but I think the second one (cheapest) is the spare one in case anyone had to change their shirt during the match.
  12. Was at this game,absolutely fabulous to watch. No segregation in those days, I was on the Lepping's lane end with some of the Spurs fans. No problems at all. Does anyone know the teams from that day,all my history books are packed away. Cheers
  13. Oh dear, it's a bit quiet on hear, let's start another thread about Wednesdayite.
  14. I don't know if it applies to Hillsborough but most clubs agree on how many tickets are available on a sale or return basis but if the away club want a further allocation they must be sure they are going to sell them because they cannot return them.
  15. Here we go again, the piegate scandal has run its course and coming to an end so let's start another thread about Wednesdayite so all the usual suspects can join in.
  16. Every one in this thread does not agree that you are right and you still have not put forward any viable alternatives to stand up bingo and raffles as an alternative to raise money.
  17. What do you propose to take over from stand up bingo and the raffle. They are quick and easy to run and raise much needed money for the academy. Wherever you go these activities are still used and enjoyed by many and we don't live in corporate land as you call it. If there is a better way to raise money I'm sure many committees of charity's all over would love to hear from you. Perhaps you think the best way to raise money is to put a begging quote on the end of every posting, " Please donate to Owlstalk " I personally wouldn't walk across the road to play bingo but the way Hirsty does it is unique and creates FUN, something I believe you have advocated many times. I'm not someone who blindly follows Wednesdayite in whatever they do , in fact I attended the initial new supporters club in their initial and only meeting and you did your best to derail that with your unwarranted comments and never gave it a chance. If they had followed it through I would have joined,not to resign from Wednesdayite but to hope somewhere along the way a combined effort by the two groups would be of benefit to Sheffield Wednesday which should be all our aims. I am not one of those supporters who sit behind a typewriter all day writing witty and sometimes vulgar replies to fellow supporters. I often wonder how many of the critics on here actually attend matches and I'm not talking about people who genuinely can't afford it or through work or distance problems. I am now in my 71st year and attend every game home and away and without Wednesdayite it would be difficult to do because I now have to have oxygen for 15 hours a day and I never fail to receive help if I need it to carry my oxygen bottle. They also allow me to sit in the front seat on the coach to give me more room with the bottle. I will admit that you are far cleverer than me and you will no doubt come back with your usual repartee but one thing you will never be is as bigger supporter as me. PAUL, don't rise to the remarks by some, you are a lot better than that. You know that you are doing a good job ,I know you are doing a good job and the majority of the members know you're doing a good job so keep up the good work whilst ever you feel you can. I don't necessarily agree with what has been going on over the last few years but I'm confident you will sort it out.
  18. Many thanks to everyone connected with the latest Hirsty's bar. A really smashing night with David on top form as usual and interesting guests, Loovens,Lees and Newsome. Also very nice to see John Pearson back getting involved again as M.C. Reasonable turn out despite the uncalled for opposition to this event but those that did attend asked some interesting questions all replied to in Hirsty's unique way. Look forward to the next event in December. By the way everyone who wanted a pie had a pie, everyone who didn't didn't.
  19. ExcuseI me but both Hodge and Turner were at the club at the same time as Kevin, in fact he was dropped after the quarter final in the league cup and replaced by Turner. Francis then bought Woods and played him leaving Kevin in the reserves for a couple of seasons. I then think Pleat (not sure )bought Pavel somethingorother and he replaced Pressman for a while. I think Pressman was dropped five times in his Wednesday career which doesn't happen to top class keepers. I am not having a go at the Kevin because I believe he was a top class keeper and saved us on many occasions especially against the pigs but the question was Springett or Westwood and Pressman came into the discussion and I gave my opinion.
  20. I don't know exactly how many managers Pressman played under but quite a few dropped him and brought other keepers in, Turner, Woods, Hodge etc. Suggests he was too inconsistent for them. Still a good keeper though and it's still hard to believe he never warranted a testimonial for all his services to Wednesday. Springett was by far the best we've had but Westwood will run him close if he stays long enough. If he hadn't had the one bad game he had against France i don't believe Gordan Banks would have got anywhere near as many caps as he did.
  21. Got all five prints already so I've donated a tenner instead. All the best and I hope you reach way past your target.
  22. On top of this business with Madine two other incidents in the last two days have worried me. Firstly last night in the under-21 cup match and Wednesday were awarded a penalty. Then Betra and the lad up front with the long name beginning with D start to try to wrestle the ball from each other to take the penalty. Eventually Bullen shouted for D to take it and Betra slammed the ball down and stormed off in a huff. Again tonight Wednesday were awarded a free kick in added time and Maguire and Drenthe were arguing as to who was taking it and after a while someone decided that Drenthe would take it and Maguire then was upset. As it happened we missed the penalty and the free -kick came to nothing but the point I am making is that these decisions should be made by the manager before the game or the captain on the field. There is nothing worse than seeing two of your own team disagreeing on the pitch Good point tonight and I'm not particularly who plays between Madine, Nuhiu or May, they all have different qualities but they will never score enough goals for us until we get wingers who can actually play on the wing an get some decent crosses in.
  23. The Wise Old Owls have been informed that the price for their monthly lunch is to be raised from 12 to 15 pounds by the same caterers.
  24. According to the programme Martock was on 3 bookings so he's now on 4
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