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  1. Can't really put a time frame on it. But the most important thing is that he shows progression. If by Christmas we're languishing around the bottom 6 then he could well be a dead duck. But if we finish 10th but push for playoffs in a mould similar to Bristol City this season then that's certainly progress and should gain 19-20 off that. We can't expect him to take us right back to the playoffs if not above next year, but that's definitely a possibility depending on fitness and recruitment.
  2. Yellow cards from regular season carry over but none of our players have 14 yellow cards so it doesn't affect us.
  3. Fulham 4-3 with Fulham taking the home leg 3-1.
  4. If nothing else, having him playing gives others a better chance of scoring, Rhodes had 2 defenders on him for our first goal yesterday dragging the man who should have been covering the 6-yard box away from their position. If he is allowing others to score through movement and fear from defenders then that's as good as scoring in my eyes. We're aiming to get promoted, how many everyone scores doesn't matter if they play their role in making that happen.
  5. I'm more concerned about our delegation of marking if Reach is marking Bent instead of either Fletch or the 2 CBs if that's the case!
  6. I don't know how I remember this but I think it was this time last year when he did something similar and it was to do with a family birthday.
  7. I'm just so confused over what's negatively affected Hillsborough since the Play Off Semi Final where there were 34K in the stands. And then how come Villa were given the upper and lower lepp and then Newcastle had been refused for the same request. These things make so little sense to me while they the SAG is needed.
  8. If he improves his decision making like that duck vs Leeds then he's got more upsides than an aging Loovens due to a bit more pace and being more than willing to take the ball forward.
  9. Surprisingly expensive for Under 18's for it being a Friday night on Sky. not even we charge that much for under 17's.
  10. If you're to replicate the results we've had, I doubt we'll lose to Burton, draw against Brentford & Cardiff at home and lose to Ipswich away. There's 10 points you should expect to get so it's not completely unattainable but unlikely without more additions like McManaman.
  11. Looked good vs both Hull and Brighton. I'd feel so much more comfortable with him at LB than someone like Helan and Bennett can actually cross the ball. Nice to see that we're trying to keep consistency in defence from last season tot his year.
  12. Only if it's promotion or bust for a team without PP like Wolves due to FFP. I can see them doing it in a couple of years like M'boro did with Rhodes but not now. I can't see Wolves being that much of a threat this year saying the owner has just got in (DC had about 5 months before summer) and their new coach is new too (CC had about 4 weeks on him too) and Wolves need an entire overhaul of the squad a bit like we did last year.
  13. Second rate football is playing football in the Championship and the Premier League, I'd argue in English football it's a fair description. And the prices for the Arsenal game should be the general prices set as they represent similar category A prices to Brighton (A much richer area of the country) with category B going 24-26-28 for the games in the week and less attractive games like Burton Albion. Limited confusion, fair prices which doesn't price out the majority of people who are on low paid work.
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