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  1. 1 hour ago, Stevebrucebarmyarmy said:

    I was 700 other day now 740 still thought I would be higher though only missed Cambridge and Pompey away last season


    they’ve removed points from 19/20 I can only assume they were carried over following the covid season and have now been expired. 

  2. 17 minutes ago, alanharper said:


    Under "tickets" it's got all the 2022/23 home games in.   But in the "ticket priority points" tab mine doesn't have my 22/23 ST listed either.


    Sure they'll sort it eventually, under TPP I still have some games from the second half of the 19/20 showing, this new ticketing system is just a mess.


    just spoke to ticket office. They’re in the process of adding/removing points


    should all be sorted out in the next few days 




  3. 2 hours ago, alanharper said:

    This coming season's games are on, if you look in the "tickets" tab, but nothing for last season. But I'm 90 points short of what I should be on, so I don't think it's as clear as saying that a missing year's ST (230 points) is making the difference.


    As long as it's sorted by the first time we need to used them for MK Dons away...


    nowhere on my tpp list does it say 22/23 st. 

    i have 21/22 on there 


    plus all away and cup games. 

  4. Mines gone down from 860 to 630 



    im left with 21/22 st points (230 ) plus the away games and cup matches which was 40 games. (400)


    this seasons are not on there for some reason ?? 


    if you look on your profile at ticket points it shows you where you gained the points. 


    I think 









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