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  1. Changed my seat last year. Go online, and find the seat you want. Call the Ticket Office. They will send you out a new card (and charge you £10 for the pleasure).
  2. The 'cashless' tills are an utter joke. Went for a drink on the Kop at half time (intending to pay by card). A queue of about 20 in front of me. 10 minutes later, about 15 in queue in front of me. The 'cashless tills idea obviously not working, as slower than cash tills.
  3. We should have kept them in until midnight
  4. I had a tenner on at Paddy Power yesterday at 200/1. I know it's a long shot, but I think those odds are generous.
  5. Yeah, and we've had 2 foreign managers & both have been 100% failures. We need a british manager, who can speak english.
  6. Not to worry. They will never get promoted to prem. 1 win in 5 - like last year fading away. If they hadn't started so well last year, they would have been relegated. Also, they are incapable of winning playoff, as they bottle it every time. Sad bunch of tail tugging tuggers UTO FTB
  7. We would much rather spunk £4m on Van Aken, the useless tvvat
  8. No need to sell.......We are gonna get promoted, like Chansiri said was a must.
  9. If only Jos would take his head from up his arse, and play Westwood. I agree he would make a great captain, and sort the nonexistent defense out.
  10. Sell up, and take your list of w@nk managers with you. You know nothing about football, and have brought the club to it's knee's.
  11. Chants of 'One Keiren Westwood' as each norwich goal goes in
  12. Hooper out for at least 8 weeks & Lee might need another op. If they were horses, they'd have been shot along time ago.
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