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  1. Should have left his line & run to the linesman, before they could take free kick. Surely the ref would have waited & not let Cardiff take the kick into an open goal........oh hang on, he was a total w*nker.
  2. Tomlim the fat b*stard should have not even been on the pitch. Should have seen red, for punching Borner in the face
  3. Tomlim the fat b*stard should have not even been on the pitch. Should have seen red, for punching Borner in the face
  4. https://youtu.be/PhqaF3p02Vs This would be Geoff Eltringham if I had my way
  5. Yeah, totally agree. Fletcher needs a strike partner, to knock it down to. I'd play Fletcher along side Winnall, until Forestieri's suspension is up. Then go Fletcher with Forestieri.
  6. Not sure where he was for their goal, but their winger was in acres of space. I thought he was playing left-back, but he was completely out of position
  7. Cowley sounds more bothered about job title - Manager instead of Coach. Massive Bel-end
  8. I have had a season ticket for the past few years. I was always gonna renew this year, and was full of optimism with Bruce at the helm. Then we all know what happened. We have 2 weeks until the next match, and DC must know we are going nowhere with Bullen in charge. He MUST bring in a manager during the international break, or our season will fade to nothing (as it has for the last 2 seasons). DC has limited his options, by saying he will not approach a manager who is currently in work. It didn't stop Newcastle, and I think he needs to stop being Mr Nice Guy. By changing his approach he may not make many friends within the game, but hopefully can appoint a manager capable of gaining us promotion. Please DC just do what you have to do, to get a top manager. Start being more ruthless for the good of the club & don't worry about who you upset, as long as you get your man.
  9. https://giphy.com/gifs/tinyhorse-reto-reto4elementos-reto4-fo2oyS1c5UVuPIGSHC Training Session
  10. We don't get penalties. Never seen 2 more blatant penalties not given than yesterday
  11. No chance. He can manage Utd when they're bottom & Wilder gets sack.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me one bit, if Steve Judas cabbage head tried to steal him off us. He has said he was always a big admirer & is trying to get el-Mohammadi from Villa.
  13. Yeah, ban him for a full season, the argie barstuard. Oops....Racist. Lifetime ban from all football grounds.
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