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  1. He needs to take some lessons from Hutchinson on how to be aggressive and ballsy. He had a good game up until that moment.
  2. Can only lead to a positive thing. I personally expected this to happen, this is going to be very interesting. Hopefully Mr Chansiri brings someone in capable of doing the job perfectly. UTO WAWAW
  3. Hmmm maybe because except the Rotherham game he brings on a defender for a striker with nearly a full half left...
  4. Yawn, such a boring manager, far too defensive and don't even get me started about his substitutions. Also no doubt when our nest defeat comes you all will want him out... I still say gray out!
  5. couldn't agree more. I'd much rather be 9th in table and not scoring than being in bottum 6 and not scoring, the goals will come ours strikers just need to find their confidence. UTO FTB WAWAW
  6. must have been watching a different game he was rubbish, did nowt but gave ball away
  7. we should steer clear of this one not good enough!
  8. i agree he dint score or play that good for them ,
  9. why would you want a miserable man at s6? cant stand the man
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