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  1. Yep.heard the boos as his name was called before he even kicked a ball.hes not the greatest I know but he isn't going to improve knowing some of his own fans are are writing his game off before he even starts the game
  2. You do have a point when you think of abdi,Jones and Rhodes etc
  3. And now you know why people don't post when they are new
  4. Loved him as a player and a great pro.could he be an option?
  5. Surprising what you can do with a piece of cloth.works well when shoved in people's mouths who talk crap
  6. After 3 years and we're pinning our hopes on big dave ffs.give your hed a sheck
  7. Abdi isn' the only wasted signing.came here with a price tag but quality cv as have many others.cc could be given Messi and he play him in goal and in his head back it up
  8. Our main problems not a chairman who may be naive or slow to pull the trigger and a 1.0 loss to wolves is not a revival or improvement.the football being played is well shitee.cant call cc management this last year anything other than confusing and negative.only one person to blame and it' the man who picks the formation.team and transfers.blame the money man when there hasn' been any offered
  9. We band names around but any half decent manager can get better out of these players than cc.i want to see a team of younger players with pace and power who actually want to get to the premiership with a young manager given the opprtunity.ive never seen players wasted as much as we do now.
  10. Sadly when our manager who reflects on our club looks a total *** in an interview
  11. And if we did do this we deserve everything we get.give a younger manager who wants to play quality football the chance he clearly deserves.we love commitment and passion at Hillsborough. It will go a long way
  12. Two bob underdog manager.!!!! Kin hell who you got on your proper manager list?
  13. Time to give somebody who understands the English game.plays great football.talks sense and understands what a derby means to fans I would give him 3 years to get it right
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