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  1. SAPOL detectives investigating a car-jacking at Addiscombe Place @ Unley Park @theTiser More to come

  2. @ToryShepherd @ThomasDougherty @theTiser Sorry for the break in transmission...Malfunction.

  3. @Dani_Abbra4 Go to bed and sleep tight Ms A - Bernie's not got the vibe tonight!

  4. RT @ToryShepherd: Oh. https://t.co/RumPqdK7lb

  5. RT @ToryShepherd: Oh. https://t.co/RumPqdK7lb

  6. @SteveRice @conlin how do you get Icelandic citizenship? Probably have to marry one of those blonde girls. Might be worth the sacrifice??

  7. #AFLSaintsCats Saints arn't going to lie down tonight. Most open Premiership season for 20 years.

  8. RT @theTiser: Decorated WWII flying ace dies in Adelaide, aged 93 @craigcook3 https://t.co/1n3Z5wExj7 https://t.co/R12u2THxBz

  9. @PAFC "In the Purple Pain" - Season cactus #AFLFreoPower

  10. If @Adelaide_FC beat North after the bye they are a genuine shot at top two. Only play one Top 6 team after that. #HardestAFLdraw #Believe

  11. Learn To Grow campaign by SA teaching unions and community groups to fight for education funding @theTiser #auspol https://t.co/Rf5qqARyWc

  12. Sounds plausible - despite the source - and would be a terrific signing. Rated the best player in the A League this year by the Australian coach and $2 million bid from the Middle East already turned down. Could do a lot worst.
  13. I sit next to a Celtic fan at work who says we won't get him for less than $10 million and we aren't in the picture without Premiership football. There will be a 100 stories like this if we do get promoted.
  14. Not sure if this is a justifiable excuse but I live 12,000 miles away, have no holidays left from work and it would cost me a minimum of 3000 quid even if I did. However, I will be up at 2am to watch every minute of the final and don't anticipate going to bed until the exhiliration of the thrilling victory settles down around - June.
  15. We've had a lot of dodgy send offs this year - but that one was certainly deserved.
  16. That's a worse than average record given Carlos would probably have been expecting Melo, Lopez and Mattias to be in his best 11 at the start of the season. Add in Hutch, Lees and Westwood out for significant numbers and it's clear our squad depth has got us through. Who would have though McGugan would hardly get a game in this squad and midfield is not even our strongest area?
  17. No buts. Great season regardless compared to most in the past 20 years.
  18. Stood on the Kop and seemed to have a memory it persisted down all night. I was 15 and had been going all season and as much as I loved many of the players in that team - including Prendo - we were truly sheet.
  19. That's alot of nil-nil draws you're predicting?
  20. You're claiming those of us who believe a clear injustice should be corrected are only doing it because it involves a SWFC player. That's testicles. (Note: What kind of santitised website are you running where Boll*cks been changed to Testes?)
  21. Total liability and one of the most selfish players we've had at the club in my time 50 years supporting the Owls. Flashy and at times brilliant but scored once every 9 games and had even less assists. Should have been sacked after the Derby debacle. Proved consistent for the first time in his career moving to the US league after he left us by getting a red card in his second game. Contract was not renewed. We were never moving on holding on to a player like JJ.
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