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  1. Don Givens for Luton in a 1-5 win. Malcolm McDonald got a hattrick and Givens made all for him and scored the other two Duncan McKenzie for Forest same period in the early 70s - looked a cross between Pele and Best Brian McCLair for Man Utd - Game changer in two matches.
  2. Agreed outside the box. Still a deliberate foul and referee should have pulled back the play after the save for a free-kick on the edge of the box and booked the player.
  3. Made a mistake before the penalty too going to ground and not being able to recover when his attempt at a clearance ricocheted forward. Not looking to castigate though.
  4. Wise woman as it turned out - suffered a lot less footballing agonies than me in 20 years.
  5. First game I took my wife to and I paid good money to get her in the Southern Stand - She left Hillsborough a Chelsea fan. Weirdly, we're still married.
  6. What strikes me is that the top six have hardly missed a beat and chances are there will be no slip ups in the final 15 games...and...that Brighton result is going to be massive at end of season.
  7. A player has a bad game and he's hopeless and another has a good 20 minutes and he's undroppable. Reach is not a left back and should remain third choice. He has little defensive instinct for the role. He moves and recovers quickly but is regularly out of position.
  8. Watched the replay and FF played much better than most think. Set up Winnall twice with glorious chances. Reach us not a left winger either only looked good Friday cutting through the centre with decent pace compared to tiring players. FF has to start when fit he's different class .
  9. Splash the cash for a guaranteeed win every time we play Round 23 and might as well stay in bed for Round 16.
  10. Promotion asap. Big pond - bigger potential rewards. It can all fall apart in a hurry and there are no guarantees we would be a contender next season in another strong Championship. Even one year in the Premiership would fund a very strong side for the Championship if we were relegated.
  11. Think we'll line up: Westwood Palmer Loovens Sasso Fox Wallace Hutch Abdi Reach Rhodes Winnall Subs Wildsmith Hunt Jones Bannan McManaman Fletcher Forestieri
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