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  1. There's a new novel out this month called 'Mix Tape' where one of the main characters Dan Lawrence is a Wednesday fan. There's a great scene at the Arsenal FA Cup game of 1979 at Hillsborough where the fans threw snowballs at Pat Jennings and Big Jack strode out to sort them out. Only to get pelted himself. Book's set partly in Sheffield in the late 70s and features the local music scene with Human League and Comsat Angels. Author Jane Sanderson's from Barnsley - but don't hold that against her. Made me wonder if Wednesday been featured in any other ways in books or on film?
  2. It's the real Garry - but not the first or last to make that error. You have to think his parents' couldn't spell because it just don't seem right?
  3. Brentford is a major contender for the Top 2. We've beaten Brentford, Leeds and Forest of late and should have grabbed a draw with WBA away. We've dropped points when you can't afford to but can hold a spot in the Top 6. Anything possible then, if you have your best side available.
  4. Best was best in 1968 and I saw Pele but Malcom Macdonald and Don Givens playing for Luton were leagues above us in 1970 in a 5-1 victory. Duncan Mackenzie a couple of years later was another who mesmorised us playing for Notts Forest before his move to Leeds.
  5. "We was roofless today" - No frills with Gazza. Really like his approach. Hard work gets results.
  6. I first saw Wednesday on a bleak snowy Saturday winter day in January 1967 when we lost 0-1 to Liverpool. My dad didn't feel any pain though as he was still recovering from concussion having knocked himself out the previous May rushing to tell the next door neighbour Wednesday had gone two up in the FA Cup Final against Everton. The neighbour was too worried to watch the match, so dad was kindly keeping him informed rushing back and forth from the TV room to yell updates as the bloke nervously pottered away in his potting shed. Dad jumped up in ecstasy to proclaim David Ford had slotted a sec
  7. Don Givens for Luton in a 1-5 win. Malcolm McDonald got a hattrick and Givens made all for him and scored the other two Duncan McKenzie for Forest same period in the early 70s - looked a cross between Pele and Best Brian McCLair for Man Utd - Game changer in two matches.
  8. Agreed outside the box. Still a deliberate foul and referee should have pulled back the play after the save for a free-kick on the edge of the box and booked the player.
  9. Made a mistake before the penalty too going to ground and not being able to recover when his attempt at a clearance ricocheted forward. Not looking to castigate though.
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