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  1. There were some dodgy shops in Woodseats back in the 1970s. Rounds newsagents contained nothing except the eponymous newsagent (who was quite a nice man, but looked like the butler from the Addams family) and some lucky dip bags. Also there was a cobbler near to Cobnar Road who was so traumatised that his shop window was just a load of dusty leather belts and shoes thrown in a heap. I loved Woodseats, but the Owls (although proud and loud) were always in the minority. It was quite good natured banter back in the 80s, but then again you usually had mates and family members who were Blades.
  2. Is he a better striker than Borner? You see where I’m going with this...?
  3. Me too. It was a matter of honour. Lars Bohinen was getting cheered by Wednesday supporters in that game (ironically, but even so).
  4. Yes, he was very good, so they’ve booked him for next time he’s suspended. Can’t wait, he’s a natural.
  5. The only reason you play that poorly is that you don’t like your gaffer. They’re not playing for Woodgate... or maybe Gibson.
  6. Shreeves was assistant to Pleat, but lived in Bradway so may have stayed local.
  7. Welcome back. While you were away we went back to the top of the Champ, which is where we will stay after today when we beat Millwall 0-3 with goals from Luongo, Bannan and Fletcher. Hurrah.
  8. After 1989 the police authority spent a lot of time recruiting from outside the local area. They were unhappy with the promotion of internal candidates as there was a kind of list of seniority. Most of the blokes on the list were local, either Wednesday (like Mole and Nesbit) or Blades (like Broomhead) and also (ahem) Masons. After 1990 more senior people came from outside Sheffield and this probably hasn’t ceased. So I doubt it’s Blades causing the problem, it’s non-Sheffield promotion chasers.
  9. Most intelligent Wednesday player for at least twenty years possibly more. Makes such a marked difference it’s not funny.
  10. Rhodes will score. Harris crossed it. Winnall will come on in the second half and get another Harris will have crossed it. Lee scores from inside the box and an overhead kick from Fletcher makes it four. Barnsley will get a penalty when we start playing goalie rush towards the end but no one will mind because Borner will save it.
  11. We were top of the premier league in August 1996. Notable from my perspective as I was in the ice cream queue at Cable Bay in Anglesey the afternoon we beat Villa 2-1 and I saw i large black panther in a field full of sheep. The rest of the ice cream queue also saw it. That’s the last time I remember seeing a kryptozoological animal and Wednesday at the top of the PL. True story.
  12. Wednesday...top of the league with ten men. Scaramanga, the Joker and Thanos next!
  13. Reminds me of a bloke down south somewhere who had ... I kid you not... PHYSCO tattooed on his forehead
  14. 2-2 draw. Fletcher and Lee score. A playful tabby cat runs on to the pitch and starts to play right midfield for Espanyol...around the 75th minute I reckon. ITK.
  15. If Man United came I for him now it would separate the men from the boys and no mistake
  16. In the PL, managing smaller clubs getting an away draw is the particular skill to look at.
  17. Whoever it is on the first day of the season... I bet they’re sh!tting bricks at the prospect of facing a fully formed Steve Bruce team. HMS PTL
  18. I can’t even get worked up about Perth Glory. They have a small standing terrace where over 18s are allowed to stand and sing. The fans are (I assume) a set of ex-pats who really support Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and other miscellaneous teams. The songs are quite good, but I just couldn’t ever ever in a million years join in. Wednesday til I reincarnate... then Wednesday again!
  19. We had the most unwieldy ownership structure until 2011. We could not get taken over until we had all the shares in one place. We took ages to “get with the program” or respond to the new world order. Since then we have been finding our way (and getting comparatively smaller all the time). The top flight was changing when we were in it. We were not structured to take advantage of it then and we are still way behind now. But we probably stand a better chance in it than some teams.
  20. Now I know you’re being sarcastic... Everyone knows Shergar is pants at steeplechase
  21. Was Reach around this training session? Oo er.
  22. He likes to have a pop in games like this. I only hope he has a pop at goal as he did against Arsenal. Worth a punt because you can guarantee he’ll have at least one attempt
  23. Hull City FC. They only sing when they’re fishing. One nil to the Owls.
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