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  1. Kalamunda

    World cup bid 2030

    The answer is to be found in the “movie” United Passions, scripted by FIFA with Tim Roth playing the hero Sepp Blatter whose aim throughout appears to be to thwart the racist, imperialist, arrogant and corrupt English FA. It will be an hour and a half you won’t get back but it will demonstrate clearly the psyche of the FIFA administration in recent years.
  2. Kalamunda


    No video in Aus
  3. Two one win to the Owls. Small interruption second half as a rabbit invades the pitch and has to be removed by stewards. 1863 my arse.
  4. Carlos will be in talks to manage it then.
  5. Kalamunda

    Gonna be a long old season

    We always start slow. Its The Wednesday way.
  6. It would be great if the team decided to give it a real go this season, though. Not saying footballers appreciate the romantic heroism of a SWFC long shot auto promotion phenomenon, but if they did... what a season it would be.
  7. Kalamunda

    Heres summat radical

    To be fair, they’re not as committed, so they won’t be paying as much attention. So it all balances out see. Simples.
  8. Kalamunda

    Fair play Nando

    Essent thread. Tozzin in fact.
  9. Kalamunda

    Peter Atherton

    Man-marked McManaman out of the game at Anfield once. Very confident performance that... but don’t remember much else from him
  10. When I finally invent that time machine Wednesday will have signed Kennet Andersson and the everything after 1995 will be a dream. You heard it here first.
  11. I was walking through Perth city centre wearing an Owls T shirt and a bloke walks up and shakes my hand. It was Joondalup. True story.
  12. Kalamunda

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Revolution citizens. Off with their heads. Owls 4 Royals 1. Glorious.
  13. Kalamunda

    So David Hirst regrets

    I think we loaned him to Gothenburg and he was still our player when Pleat took over, but he wouldn’t come back and play for us. When his contract with us expired he joined Coventry...so there was something personal. If memory serves.