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  1. In the PL, managing smaller clubs getting an away draw is the particular skill to look at.
  2. Whoever it is on the first day of the season... I bet they’re sh!tting bricks at the prospect of facing a fully formed Steve Bruce team. HMS PTL
  3. I can’t even get worked up about Perth Glory. They have a small standing terrace where over 18s are allowed to stand and sing. The fans are (I assume) a set of ex-pats who really support Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal and other miscellaneous teams. The songs are quite good, but I just couldn’t ever ever in a million years join in. Wednesday til I reincarnate... then Wednesday again!
  4. We had the most unwieldy ownership structure until 2011. We could not get taken over until we had all the shares in one place. We took ages to “get with the program” or respond to the new world order. Since then we have been finding our way (and getting comparatively smaller all the time). The top flight was changing when we were in it. We were not structured to take advantage of it then and we are still way behind now. But we probably stand a better chance in it than some teams.
  5. Now I know you’re being sarcastic... Everyone knows Shergar is pants at steeplechase
  6. He was both winger and striker on that occasion
  7. Was Reach around this training session? Oo er.
  8. He likes to have a pop in games like this. I only hope he has a pop at goal as he did against Arsenal. Worth a punt because you can guarantee he’ll have at least one attempt
  9. Hull City FC. They only sing when they’re fishing. One nil to the Owls.
  10. You’re absolutely sure it’s not two goalkeepers standing next to each other?
  11. If you have a number 11 on your back you’re a left winger. Simples.
  12. What’s that you say Mr Valentine? Pork bellies are at a high? Sell Sell Sell! ...trading places 1983
  13. Who is in line to play in goal? Wildsmith would have got it, but Dawson is #2 now.
  14. Will Wildsmith get a game? He’s in line for the cup games isn’t he?
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