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  1. Kalamunda

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Hull City FC. They only sing when they’re fishing. One nil to the Owls.
  2. You’re absolutely sure it’s not two goalkeepers standing next to each other?
  3. If you have a number 11 on your back you’re a left winger. Simples.
  4. Kalamunda

    Squad value

    What’s that you say Mr Valentine? Pork bellies are at a high? Sell Sell Sell! ...trading places 1983
  5. Kalamunda

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Who is in line to play in goal? Wildsmith would have got it, but Dawson is #2 now.
  6. Kalamunda

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Five nil to the Wednesday
  7. Will Wildsmith get a game? He’s in line for the cup games isn’t he?
  8. Kalamunda

    James Gregg on Westwood

    What is a “bad bloke?” I need a definition. Is he mean? No that can’t be right because mean means average. Is he Bad in the Michael Jackson uae of the term? Perhaps. Or is he baaad? Or bad as in “the lazy journalist used bad English to describe the good footballer?” I just don’t know.
  9. Kalamunda

    Bruce’s first signing...

    Usain Bolt is available apparently.
  10. Kalamunda

    Jos banned mushrooms

    This article makes him sound like Roger Irrelevant from Viz. Totally hatstand.
  11. Kalamunda

    Guess tomorows lineup

    Hutch on the bench works for me. It’s all about the message. Doesn’t need to play.
  12. Kalamunda

    Hutch back tomorrow please DC.

    88 minutes on the bench would be enough to signal the changes. This could be like having a few new signings just when we need them.
  13. Kalamunda

    Almen Abdi

    These four things you should never do: 1. cast pentagrams at the time of the waning moon 2. run ‘widdershins’ round a church during a full moon reciting the parrot sketch 3. eat yellow snow 4. tweet Simples.