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  1. Its staggering, you could sit a chimp in front of a word processor for long enough and it would get the same hit rate as Nixon, a total fraud.
  2. I've got to the stage where he hasn't influenced a game/the team for that long he might as well not be here, get rid.
  3. If your that committed get one on a low interest loan, pay off over 5 years and then get 10 years free footy. Or you could commit a crime and 15 years of another sort.
  4. He's never going to be a 20 goals a season man I'm afraid.
  5. I'd guess it was the conditions they worked in rather than the hours they out in. I doubt the lad is going to be subjected to dust, noise and fumes (unless we play the grunters away).
  6. He's been reasonably effective coming on for the last 20mins I'll grant you that but when he starts games more often than not he's been awful (the recent game away at Stoke was a good example).
  7. A glowing tribute but unfortunately it glosses over the fact that he can be absolutely awful in too many games.
  8. Our fans: "Why don't any of our U23 players get in the side, we need young hungry players." Also our fans: "Get that young lad out of the side and get Palmer back in".
  9. We once made some very odd signings in the January transfer window, three (I think) players who then hardly featured, it was during Manderic's era and one of the signings was Michael Morrison, who were the other/s?
  10. Yes he did spring to mind but I remember him more as at first looking like a useless lump then growing into the game and improving, then being the star player in an admittedly poor side.
  11. Whats equally strange is that sometimes his footwork is awful then occasionally he'll dance past defenders with the ball stuck to his boot like they're not there, never known a player like him for extremes.
  12. He's been a breath of fresh air so far, lets hope he can continue in this vein, its a crying shame that our academy can't produce a player like this but AFC Wimbledons can.
  13. Sounds like a bit of a wind up post this but what I will say is that Nuihu is a total enigma, at once absolutely dire then laying on an assist as good as the one for Murphy yesterday or scoring a goal like the one v Norwich, a bizarre player.
  14. I do remember Dean you couldn't forget the ginger mop but what this thread has bought back is how utterly awful we were back then, Turner talked a good job but definitely couldn't deliver despite some decent signings.
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