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  1. How can employing the manager who’s had the most promotions from the league we’re in be seen as being unambitious?
  2. I started following the club in the days of Big Jack - so while I wasn't around for his appointment I loved the man. Wilko I didn't know enough about but he did a cracking job. The first real biggy (in more ways than one) was Mr Atkinson, we were a fairly unfashionable club, playing a pretty direct style whilst he was Mr Bojangles from the mighty Manchester United, an interviewers dream always there with a ready quip, the fact he came to us was a total bolt from the blue and he changed the football philosophy completely and was the catalyst of the good times to come. From Pleat onwards we were employing men to plug the holes in a sinking ship, managers who'd come off the back of decent achievements elsewhere but never reached the heights again. I was happy with Sturrock after thinking he'd been treat a bit harshly by Southampton. No one really caught the eye after as Carlos was a total unknown (but he did wel)l until cabbage head turned up, great record of promotions from this league and gave us all hope until an obese owner of tacky sports shops stuck his oar in.
  3. A source close to the club has told me he understands that it could be Monk. Or the Cowleys or Bullen or Pulis or Holloway or a left field foreign manager, he’s not usually wrong.
  4. If it Carlos or Jos it'll go wilder (can I use that word on here)
  5. After a week of bad news we just need Pulis announced to deliver the coup de grace.
  6. What exactly do you want them to say: “The club can confirm that we want Danny Cowley and his brother to manage the club” “PS – Don’t say owt to Lincoln”
  7. Giving managers money doesn't always guarantee success either, look at Warnock (ok not literally) works far better on a shoestring than when he's got dosh to waste on Gary Madine.
  8. Still no league experience though.
  9. In that case we might end up with one of the brothers
  10. Every manager that's linked with us get a chorus of disapproval (some obviously more than others) Swansea appointed manager Steve Cooper in the summer, he's a young guy (39) had no previous experience above youth level and hardly even had a playing career to talk about, they currently sit top of the table without a loss and look (at this early stage) contenders, can you imagine the furore if a manager like Cooper had been linked to us.
  11. Laws did ok in an horrendous financial situation that none of us at the time knew the depths of.
  12. Thats a fantastic letter Andrew and has far more sense in a few lines than the likes of Mothersole have in their entire being, it'll be met by the usual wall of silence that the totally incompetent hide behind these days.
  13. He didn't need to deny it, he never said it.
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