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  1. Steve Adams - A Paul Sturrock signing who he bigged up and (I think) was captain, never saw him have one good game. Clinton Morrison - Sure to bang goals in at L1 level with his track record, ok maybe not. Jay Bothroyd - Fantastic scoring record prior to us but his attitude stank the place out, awful signing. Andy Sinton - Tricky Trev's number one transfer target finally arrived after a great spell at QPR, a brace in a league game was about the best we got.
  2. Its was gallant but youngsters should only be getting in the team if they are better than the other players at your disposal, only Thorniley looks like cutting it.
  3. Not too happy a hunting ground in recent years (where Mamady Sidibe when you need him) 6 points from the next two are an absolute must to keep the slender play off hopes alive, the lack of options up front could prove costly. 0-0 probaly.
  4. Not a fan of Nuihu (who is) but he did ok on Saturday, good close control to keep the ball and lay it off, Winnall also got stuck in, don't know if he's ready for the full 90 yet though.
  5. They're absolutely buzzing with the extra ticket allocation and think we've given them the extra tickets because we can't sell themselves, the fact that its the AWAY end is totally lost on them.
  6. If Lazaar had been playing I would have been fairly confident for the game, his injury was a real blow.
  7. Just follow him on Twitter, you'll find thousands. He's a sports journalist he'll have a little more insight than the average Joe but some balloon heads seem to hold him up as some kind of oracle of all things football, he isn't.
  8. No, just like to check how many are still taken in by his nonsense, quite a few by the looks.
  9. He got a real b0llocking from Bullen leaving the field at half time, I think the frustration at being subbed was that he was forced off with a knock.
  10. I'm intrigued by how much idiots take heed of what he says so read the threads for that reason only, I read what Nixon actually writes as much as I read the newspaper he works for, zero.
  11. If you get off on that kind of stuff fine, I prefer something with a little more meat on the bones, he's a charlatan.
  12. He's full o rounduns, just a pity more can't see it.
  13. "shakes head even more" Go and look at what he's got wrong and the list will be twice as big, I contested him when he said Forestieiri was going to Hull a couple of seasons ago, he predictably blocked me as he does with everyone who can potentially explode the myth, if you want to wet yourself over spurious tittle tattle feel free.
  14. He doesn't in no way whatsoever, he posts endless stuff and the gullible only remember the ones he does get right, your obviously one of them.
  15. Nixon is like a modern day pied piper but he attracts gullible idiots who hang on his every utterance rather than rats, you could sit a monkey in front of a keyboard with an open copy of the Rothmans football year book to glance at and it would have a similar hit rate to this clown.
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