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  1. The posh Wortley Arms is mostly an eating place but it has a small bar area which had a virtual Wednesday shrine in one corner, not been in for a few years so I don't know if its still there.
  2. I saw a post yesterday saying they be promotion candidates if they play like they did yesterday totally ignoring the previous dreadful 35 games.
  3. The three I've quoted are definite, I'm sure there are more.
  4. Has anyone got a list of all the awful records the grunters have broken or equalled this season: The ones I know: Lowest points tally on boxing day Worst start in league history Oli Burke most starts without a goal Any more???
  5. I saw one poster on here state that he isn’t the worst chairman in the world - apart from Donny’s old owner trying to burn the ground down I don’t know how much more incompetence DC can show to be thought of as the worst. The spurious list of pluses that dowls typed would probably be seen as reasonable achievements for a skint club who were doing well despite their shortcomings, the fact that these are the only benefits he can find after hundreds of millions have been spent tells its own story. Fans, ex players, pundits, sports writers etc etc etc have all advised him w
  6. I'll watch no matter what league we are in, I just worry about what more damage the clown in charge can do.
  7. We knew we'd got a deduction though, we needed to react correctly to it, starting the season with the ailing Rhodes as the only recognised striker was another reason, perhaps we could start a list.
  8. The crazy thing is winning one more game would have saved us, the Pulis debacle was probably what killed us.
  9. Guaranteed, it was absolutely freezing last time we played them but at least it was a Saturday.
  10. Ipswich (A) is the one I'll be looking out for, hopefully a weekend game.
  11. I think its a pretty good letter and Howson is the local journo most trusted by DC, he clearly doesn't want to sell if there was any truth in the ludicrous asking price touted around yesterday, he has no option if he wants to reverse the downward trend than to making swingeing changes to the running of the club.
  12. Chansiri could end the apathy and win back the fans by holding his hands up, admitting that he's tried with the best intentions but failed and announce the next two employees to be a CEO and director of football, both names that are respected in the game - job done. Will he do anything like this - not in a million years.
  13. I think he's more than proved that he hasn't, if we're stuck with him he needs to bring in people that can.
  14. So for your £160m you get: A threadbare playing squad (some of whom are on too much money) A ground that you have to pay rent on that is in need of repairs and a new boiler A shop that doesn’t sell anything worth buying A poor website An inadequate training ground A disenfranchised fan base some of whom the club owes money to No sponsors Virtually no outside income L1 status The buyer may also need an actual structure and method of running a football club to make it work BARGAIN!!!!
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