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  1. Such a shame, I’d definitely watch some with time on my hands.
  2. Our first away trip to Anfield (would have been 92/93 season I assume), we got into the ground a little early having not been before, took our seats on the away end and were just saying amongst ourselves what good seats they were, lovely view of the pitch, a mate of mine (Pete) then remarked “I bet some big (rhymes with) shirt front comes and sits in front of me” just has he finished the sentence one of the biggest blokes I’ve ever seen was slowly walking down the gangway to our right with his ticket in front of him looking for his seat, he ten walked along the row and plonked himself straight in front of Pete, he was a bout 6’5” and 5’ wide.
  3. Marc Degryse, good player with a return of goals from midfield that we’d kill for now, I was disappointed when he moved on.
  4. I’m glad someone else recalls it and that’s a perfect description, it still makes me laugh when I think about it now.
  5. I've also enjoyed this, its a pity there are not more full games available to watch anywhere online, the only ones I have are on VHS
  6. A very funny one but you probably had to be there was a Christmas game (late 80's/early 90's) we were on the Kop when at half time a brass band was brought out near the dug out to play Christmas Carols, this was then relayed to the Kop via the speakers hanging from above, due to gremlins all you could actually hear (the band may have been very competent) was the odd parp of an instrument and it sounded absolutely awful, people around me were saying "these are (word that rhymes with Frank), when they'd finished the whole band had to leave the ground via the front of the Kop and were roundly and very loudly booed, I laughed for days afterwards.
  7. We went out on a 0-5 loss after a string of poor results, I think I needed this break.
  8. You can't mention David Graham and player in the same thread, sorry
  9. I remember Notts County doing this in the 80's as well. Speaking of which, after the Hillsborough disaster there seemed to be a spate of 1 minute silences for various and evermore spurious reasons, there was one before our game away at Meadow Lane and a guy in the Owls crowd carried on talking through it, there was then a very OTT angry voice from another part of the crowd telling him to shut up in no uncertain terms, there was a silent pause then the original talker said loudly - f*** me, Rambo's in.
  10. Football survived for over a hundred years without the Premier League and would get by for another hundred without it.
  11. If the Premier League were to go bust it would be one positive to this whole tragic crisis.
  12. if the current restrictions are not lifted none of this can happen.
  13. Don't want to sound too pessimistic but I'm convinced this season is over and I think we may even struggle to see any football until summer 2021. Sorry I've actually sounded incredibly pessimistic.
  14. I've heard nothing from these interviews that makes me think the current (well pre-virus) downward spiral can be halted.
  15. The season he won player of the year was the best individual season I've ever seen from an Owls player, immense. His performance against West Ham, he semi final goal (and performance) against pigs and many other great moments, I always remember him in a Sheffield derby at Hillsborough not long after Wembley and United kicked lumps out of him, he got subbed by Francis and as he left the field he gave a thumbs to the Owls fans and 2-1 signal with his fingers to the pigs, pure class
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