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  1. I have some of these and would love to convert them to DVD if I knew how.
  2. toppOwl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Brilliant goal, fantastic assist by Waddle to touches and in with a flip over to celebrate, it was also a cracking game - a full on blood and thunder local derby.
  3. toppOwl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    The atmosphere after that one went in was up there with the best ever seen at Hillsborough.
  4. toppOwl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Without too much research: Curran at bumhole Sheridan free kick at Luton Dink Waddle at Wemberlee Harkes v Shilton Tricky Trev v Ipswich ("Francis has got his goal) Steve Whitton v 'Boro Tudgay at bumhole Matias or Reach v Leeds Wilson volley v Chelsea Sterland running the length of the pitch v Arsenal (pity no footage exists)
  5. toppOwl

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    Good to see the homeless gentlemen enjoying celebrating Hamshaw's goal, good for him.
  6. I remember Kevin Inger's shop in Eckington in the early 80's, there was still one in Dinnington until a few years ago.
  7. toppOwl

    Premier league 2

    Every chance of that mate.
  8. toppOwl

    Premier league 2

    Can't we just get rid of Premier League 1?
  9. It is wishful thinking with some merit, they play a very high tempo game as the season wears on it becomes more difficult to maintain, I've a feeling Leeds will go the same way (hopefully). I won't lose any sleep about them finishing above us unless its considerable, a few placings in a tight Championship is neither here nor there.
  10. So has Mourinho. Wilder got the best out of his players for half a season hence the 10th place finish only time will tell if he can better that.
  11. Nonsense, they may have better players but the fitness levels are they same, they'll crash and burn don't worry. The Ferguson comment is perfectly viable, he was playing in the same league as teams with similar budgets the current Manchester United team were very expensively assembled and look at them. I also predict Leeds will not stay the distance.
  12. Wilder might have them firing but its a marathon not a sprint (as the oft used saying goes) second half of last season they ran out of steam. Alex Ferguson was the master of getting a team to perform and win over a full season.
  13. Ridiculous comment, wonder how Carlos managed to finish 6th and 4th whilst Wilder could only finish 10th. Colin obviously hasn't wound up Cardiff much this season.
  14. Can we not just accept that Leeds were the better side on the night and be thankful for the point, Bielsa’s teams have a reputation for running out of steam as the season progresses (as did Wilder’s pigs last season), we are around the position in the league that we deserve to be, 4 points from Villa and Leeds is an acceptable return.
  15. Being the old curmudgeon that I am I'm always sceptical about hailing emerging youth as the next big thing, I'm as excited by the prosepects of Penney as many others are but I've seen so many promising youngsters crash and burn over the years I'm a bit more reserved on the matter. Good to see our academy finally produce first team players though, very encouraging.