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  1. The Premier League and Sky are slowly strangling the game to death, I don't subscribe to Sky and haven't watched a Prem game for as long as I can remember, both equally vile and guilty of taking the game away from its true followers.
  2. Wrong thread, this belongs in players who THOUGHT they were too good for us.
  3. Not read the whole thread but if Denis Irwin isn't in here there's summat wrong.
  4. Always great against the Blades but frustrating at other times, I remember Derby away (I think) and thought we'd finally found how to play him then he got dropped soon after
  5. The football in the 2nd half of the season under SG was absolutely dire we got some good away results early in the season which boosted our points tally, he's not a manager now for a reason.
  6. Its become my pre-match boozer in recent years, great choice of ales and a proper pub, hope it survives.
  7. Likeable bloke but if he was a great manager he'd be doing the job somewhere instead of being the bridesmaid.
  8. 1) What was the first Wednesday match you can remember ever going to? 3-3 draw with Luton early 80's. 2) Who was your Wednesday hero growing up? Terry Curran 3) Who's the greatest ever Wednesday player? John Sheridan 4) What's the best match you've ever been to? For the occasion the League Cup final v Manchester United 5) What's the best away day you've ever had? Play off final Cardiff 6) What's the best football ground you've ever been to? Estadio De Nora - Portugal 7) W
  9. I missed the Blackburn debacle thankfully so for me its Stoke away, Boxing Day is a great football tradition, we were in decent form against an under performing Potteries side, a win would have put us in a good league position - the performance was absolutely diabolical, we hardly had a kick but somehow managed to lead 2-1 with a couple of quite fortunate Tom Lees goals, we then reverted to a style of play that allowed Stoke to play like Pele's Brazil and put us under immense pressure for the last 15mins, a late Stoke goal made it 2-2 and I was thinking we'd got a point we didn't really deserv
  10. I'd have to disagree a little on that, we were losing money hand over fist under MM and really needed a buyer, wasn't it DC who brought in Roeder and Pearson? I don't get the impression they were there long enough to have that much influence.
  11. He breezed into the club and immediately righted some of the wrongs, opened dialogue with fans and seemed to be doing the right things, the close season after Wembley was a total disaster and its been largely downhill ever since, his last interview didn't give any indication that he thinks he's got it wrong or has any plans to change, he's a danger to very existence of the club.
  12. Its ok ripping up the squad but you have to have the footballing nous to put another one together, we've nothing of the sort.
  13. .........is to admit his approach has been all wrong, admit he's made mistakes and rebuild the club by putting a proper structure in place from top to bottom, if it takes a few seasons then so be it. .......is leave could be another answer.
  14. The sad thing is Wednesday night should be a fantastic evening of football with loads still to be decided, the "final" league table will be out just before 10pm but due to the clowns at the EFL we'll still have no clear idea who is to be relegated, what an absolute farce they are making of the competition.
  15. Unfortunately you will never rid the world of the knuckle draggers that will do this sort of vile thing, if anything BLM is creating more division than there's been for years.
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