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  1. I can absolutely guarantee 100% you wouldn't wind me up for more than a few seconds, you might make me despair at what the social media ogre has created with giving the likes of you the oxygen of getting your pathetic views aired you and your equally dull counterpart should have to be means tested before being allowed online. If you are in fact a fan of a local rival club (which is a safe bet) I'd seriously take a step back and re-evaluate my worth in life.
  2. Yourself and that Rooms bloke cannot possibly be fans of SWFC just a couple of oddballs that the age of the internet/social media has thrown up (literally) the type of people who get a kick out of anonymously posting nonsense to get a bite out of others, I'd suggest you both leave your w*** pits for a day and see the real world, it'll do you both good.
  3. Great post, I've tried to explain the sponsorship issue to this idiot in the past, he seems to think there's a queue of blue chip companies queuing to lavish sponsor money on us, a total clown.
  4. Gerraway, its not dull when I go
  5. Can I just reiterate yet again, it has always been the case that clubs offer lesser terms with the intial contract offer and the players always reject it another offer is then tabled, this has always gone on but with the days of social media and charlatans like Alan Nixon chasing clicks its now blown out of all proportion. I'm fairly confident Westwood will be our no 1 keeper choice come August 3rd.
  6. Thats what I heard, early warm weather training begin of July but no games being played.
  7. Westwood has played very well since he's been here and shown his worth this season, he's got at least another 4-5 years at this level, a replacement of similar stature would cost a lot of money, he should stay and I think he will.
  8. Are they hell, you only remember the ones you want to or its when the deal is more or less signed, he's a total and utter chancer who needs click to survive. Most players, managers, chairman will currently be on holiday hence why very few deals are done in this period, manna from heaven for clowns like him to speculate.
  9. DH still attends games and will always be welcome at Hillsborough in my opinion, his son has gone from being one of the most promising youngsters outside the top flight to virtual obscurity with this bizarre attempt by Leicester to get a "good" youngster on the cheap, he probably attended this game as he'll know most of the players, I don't think for one minute we'd have him back currently.
  10. Back in the days before internet hysteria it was aways a "thing" that first contract offers were turned down, unfortunately this now give fuel to desperate click bait merchants like Nixon, Westwood will be between the sticks for SWFC when the 2019/20 season starts.
  11. I need to say only two words on this nonsense - Alan Nixon.
  12. I disagree, I think he will be.
  13. If there's any truth in this (I wouldn't trust the website its from if they told me it went dark at night) it makes a mockery of the whole FFP/parachute payments fiasco - you cannot have them both. He's been on numerous loans, probably played the best football of his career with us, clearly enjoys it and now some bunch of Prem league failures can take him off our hands, it stinks to high heaven.
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