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  1. Anything and everything connected with VAR needs bulldozing into a big hole, covering with concrete and forgetting it ever existed.
  2. The pre-season friendly in Portugal v Reading a few years ago, everyone flocked to the bar to find they only had really small glasses that held about a quarter of a pint, everyone was buying three or four at time until we realised in was alcohol free
  3. I'm assuming DC is back in Thailand as he can only spend a certain part of the year in the UK as he's certainly keeping a very low profile if not.
  4. He's back temporarily as German football has a winter break.
  5. The way forward does look bleak - with DC it appears we are always going to be sailing close/breaching the EFL's rules, if by a miracle someone agrees to buy the club then they will be hamstrung by the same badly thought out restrictions,attaining Premier League status seems to be the only way out and at the moment that seems miles away unless we can successfully avoid a points deduction.
  6. I attended a Steering Group meeting where Mr Chansiri was prepared to reveal the salaries of some players, Katrien Mieire prevented him but he did mention a few, the list in the link pretty much matches what he said.
  7. Exactly this, they also haven't increased the amount a club can spend even though the cost of players has spiralled, the whole thing is a nonsense and will be another factor in ruining the game.
  8. Even if the EFL are on a loser here the longer they drag it out it will effect the mindset of the manager, the players and the fans, games seem flat and hollow at the moment and as long as this is hanging over us it won't change, that could be enough to negatively affect the season without the EFL's intervention.
  9. EFL 1 SWFC 1 - Extra Time Being Played.
  10. Owed huge amounts to HMRC for one. I can sort of see where the OP is coming from, even if we went on a glorious run and won every game between now and February it would still all feel a bit hollow and the future looks equally bleak.
  11. All well and good but football is littered with good coaches and assistants who never make the step up. The second half of the season he was in charge we a definite low point, we were awful.
  12. When DC first breezed into the club he stated that he knew nothing of football, he immediately appointed advisers which seemed a great idea for a man who admittedly had little knowledge of the game, why these advisers quickly departed is relatively unknown, what followed appears to be a bit of a Yosser Hughes "I can do that" type of attitude from the chairman, football is awash with money and there'll always be people queuing up to relieve you of it if your out of your depth. Had the advisers route been carried through I think we'd be in a much healthier position right now.
  13. If he was as good as you infer he's be in a management role now, he did well with limited resources playing a very defensive way and had a very poor January transfer window (Sergiu Bus).
  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again, SUFC were a shambles who got out a hole because they happened to find a United fan who's emerging to be the best British manager for years, they got lucky.
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