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  1. He may have been told he can't by the planet Chansiri until contract dispute is sorted.
  2. I really don't think we'll be paying those kind of sums in all honesty.
  3. Yes, funny how a few wins changes the outlook.
  4. Don't agree with some of the pricing but you have no idea how much Fletcher or any other players is on.
  5. Initially it was 15 season ticket holders who were asked to volunteer, then it was expanded to 30 people made up by non ST holders, some meetings an invitee has been able to bring someone of their choice along.
  6. Malcolms a good bloke and is 100% Wednesday, he attends the meetings and asks prior to them if any fans want to Tweet him any questions, he then asks these at the meeting - this is surely the correct thing to do, if he was then singled out for just being the messenger then thats poor form.
  7. These were put in place before they were stipulated by the EFL and fans were invited to nominate themselves to be on it. All above board.
  8. Ryan Giggs

    Yeah nobody ever wants crap ex-players as manager.
  9. Ryan Giggs

    I was thinking the same.
  10. Ryan Giggs

    Absolutely not, ludicrous suggestion.
  11. New manager

    I agree that this is the way footballs gone not so sure I agree its a good thing though, players have far too much power and if a manager upsets their pamapered lifestyle they'll soon have him out the door.
  12. Stuart Gray sacked

    Sources, saucers or sauces - no evidence of this whatsoever, pure speculation.
  13. Stuart Gray sacked

    Neither do die and dye - different meanings though.
  14. Stuart Gray sacked

    How do you know this?
  15. Stuart Gray sacked

    Grey is a colour, Gray was our ex manager.