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  1. toppOwl


    Two consecutive seasons of record equalling clean sheets and only really had a lengthy injury in a season where nearly everyone else seemed to get one, average my backside.
  2. toppOwl


    Find it amazing that people keep putting Westwood on these lists, why would we get rid of the best keeper in the division - madness.
  3. Did a refurb on the Maple Leaf a few years ago, great bar.
  4. I'd almost given up on England after the last few dreadful tournament showings, what GS has done is picked players in form from sometimes less fashionable sides and moulded them into a team that grafts and works for each other (watch how they harry the opposition if we do lose the ball). I tipped Croatia as a potential dark horse during the group stage but they have not looked quite as impressive in the knock out games, it will be tough but i'm sure we have enough in the tank to get to the final (which would be unbelievable).
  5. toppOwl

    Lessons from our neighbours

    Our academy totally lacked funding whilst united were doing quite well at the time, I'm pretty sure the Naughton/Walker deal was nowhere near £30m (more like £7m), its ok nurturing these players and selling them at profit if it then benefits the selling club, this has not happened at SUFC.
  6. toppOwl

    Players at OITP

    Yes, signing autographs and playing mini football games with the kids. Not only were a good number of the players there they also looked happy to be there, hopefully a good sign for the season to come.
  7. Katrien and Mr C almost confirmed it would be stripes at the last steering group, just hope they're vertical
  8. Sorry mate it was Iphone, I've found it now and switched one of them off.
  9. I've inadvertantly ended up with two of these any idea how to delete one?
  10. toppOwl


    Why do we have comments like this every close season, most connected with football will be on their hols May/June has ALWAYS been a really quiet time with regards to anything happening yet still some have to ask stupid questions like this, beggars belief.
  11. International breaks were introduced to give players a rest before playing International games, it has had no positive effect on the England team whatsoever, Internationals were played before the break was introduced which negates your point.
  12. I know it isn't I was asking what good the current International breaks have done for the National team and the answer is zero.
  13. Totally ridiculous, the lid on footballs coffin will soon be nailed fully shut. Can anybody explain what good the International breaks have done for the England team, they've been absolutely awful in the last four or five tournaments and this was supposedly what these breaks prevented.
  14. toppOwl

    Mel Sterland in the Star

    Mel's a decent lad and is still Wednesday through and through, I don't think he's particularly flush in the cash department so will happily take a few bob for these articles, he's probably as good/badly informed as any fan, so its an opinion and nothing more.
  15. In all my years of attending I never had until the Norwich game (last match of last season) the ball flew into the South Stand from a clearance straight to me, coupled with the scoreline - a happy day. At Maine Rd once years ago a load of balls (ahem) were bouncing around in the crowd before the game, a mate of mine went to punch one and clocked me full on in the side of the face, incidentally the tannoy announcer had to ask for the balls back before the game kicked off.