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  1. Nixon

    For gods sake I can't believe Nixons name is still cropping up in these things, the man posts absolute nonsense, don't give the oxygen of publicity that he craves by repeating his rubbish.
  2. God I Miss This Team

    I was the sh**** away end, Hirst's was a proper full blooded lunge and he'd have defo gone in todays namby pamby game. As a spectacle I would say this was the best derby game of the last few decades both side going at it full pelt, you didn't want it to end. A friend of mine couldn't make the game so stuck £800 on the Owls to win, he's still gutted by the Warhurst "goal" to this day.
  3. They really, really don't, its incredible but very funny.
  4. Westwood in demand?

    Westwood had a right go at someone who said he was injury prone on Twitter and pointed out the number of games he had played - be careful.
  5. Wilson and McBurnie

    I have to agree, the old falling to the ground clutching your face routine, should get a 10 match ban.
  6. Katrien was there, whats to moan about
  7. Was last night really that bad?!

    I thought making four changes was a bit odd, the start was horrendous QPR looked like scoring everytime they went forward, the Owls were probably the better side for the rest of the game, the penalty flattered the scoreline for the Hoops and had we got it back to 4-3 (we should have done) a 4-4 wouldn't have been a shock. If it was an experimental line up with nothing to play for than JL would have not got as much stick if he's admitted so.
  8. I think he's shown what he can do in the U23's already, they wanted him to go out on loan (a good idea) he allegedly turned this down, who would you have dropped to play him in the two seasons when we were going for promotion?
  9. If he was demanding money that the club were not prepared to pay, what could they have done?
  10. With the bad blood between the two parties I think we'd be the last club he'd want to come to on loan.
  11. Any chance you could think of a worse scenario?
  12. Pubs for QPR ?

    The area around Loftus Rd is not the nicest by any stretch of the imagination.
  13. Almen Abdi

    This does sound plausible actually.