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  1. I always think that when you sack a manager you should have put the feelers out for a replacement, unfortunately logic and forward planning are not in our chairman's armoury so we get situations like this, we'll probably get an announcement the day after the transfer window closes.
  2. Chansiri will probably read this and appoint Nerys Hughes,
  3. If you’re doing this you need the right people in place to carry it out, our track record and rapid decline tells you we’re far from having that.
  4. We’ve just bought a player (Andre Green) before we’ve got a manager, it’s a shambles in every department.
  5. The fans are turning against him through his own actions though, he just isn't learning that he cannot run a football club with zero knowledge of the game, the money he's had at his disposal spent wisely would have seen us in the Prem by now.
  6. The OP seems to be getting pelters for this, not sure why as DC will kill the club if he continues as he is and there's no sign of him learning any lessons.
  7. I never know why these ridiculous bookies odds get so much attention, you might as well pull a name out of a hat and discuss it.
  8. Whilst ever the snorters are in the running for being the worst side ever, ever, ever the season needs to keep going, we cannot let this humiliation cease!!!
  9. I've always been of the opinion that if a player (no matter how good) wants to leave then let them leave, Reach has been one of the better performers in recent weeks but if he wants to go that's that, the far bigger issue at SWFC is if he does go we won't have any adequate replacement lined up as has shown with previous departures.
  10. These evil things are the type of sausage that let down many establishments, mass produced catering sausages, bulked up with hardly any meat content, you can spot them straight away and it’s always a disappointment when they appear on your plate.
  11. I've never liked chip shops that call themselves "fisheries" sounds more like a place you'd go to get Koi carp.
  12. I want my memories of Nigel Pearson to be of him lifting the League Cup at Wembley with Asda on the front of his shirt not listening to a Zoom call from DC telling us how he wouldn't listen.
  13. Bookies don't want to lose money, managerial appointments can quite easily be leaked so anyone even with a sniff of a chance will suddenly go to ridiculously low odds. My point was you could get any name up there as favourite if you suddenly put a flurry of bets on, it doesn't mean there's any substance to it and this will be the case with Barton, it was just coincidence he got sacked on the day that news filtered that we were close to making a decision.
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