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  1. You can copy and paste a list like this to suit any agenda you like, you're own views would be better.
  2. I think you're totally missing the point, people can be against racism but the not the other aims of the movement, are you ok with their antisemitic stance?
  3. That's not whats happening, there appears to be some odd belief that if you don't support BLM you're instantly a far right racist, this couldn't be further from the truth, do you really think we have these sort of people attending Hillsborough? A very high percentage of our fans are not racist in the slightest it doesn't mean they support the baggage that seems to come hand in hand with BLM, I'm guessing you didn't see the antisemitic statement they put out which has led to some organisations distancing themselves from it.
  4. Further to this one of the people who signed this statement was advocating that fans who don't agree with the movement they are endorsing should be banned from the ground, is this something the club are going to be happy with when most people want a good day out with friends/family without accusations and threats levelled at them.
  5. I find this a bit unsavoury, I’ve very rarely if ever heard anything racist at Hillsborough and everyone is welcome. It seems this is finding a problem that doesn’t exist, making it political (far Right is mentioned early on) and using the situation to push the authors leftist agenda. I find it insulting to a vast number of our fans who don’t agree with BLM but who don’t have an abusive bone in their body that this group tars you as a racist. I think football has enough issues without bringing divisive politics into it.
  6. To be fair mate outside matters have been intruding for a while, the EFL and FA are making a total shambles of the whole thing, I agree the season should have been voided.
  7. Nailed it mate, me neither, the media has jumped on a few very, very isolated incidents and blown them out of all proportion, funkwits like Ware will jump on any lefty bandwagon to get likes.
  8. It didn’t increase 50%, why do you spoil what would be decent points with lies?
  9. Martyn Ware says people who won't take the knee should be banned, if that happens there'll be about 300 in.
  10. I was referring more to the replies on here.
  11. Played very well but injured far too much and too old to rely on.
  12. There was a saying when I was a kid - sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. We've become a nation of fannys.
  13. I want the lot gone so lets hope this is only the start, good news.
  14. On here maybe but not in the real world. I remember (albeit vaguely) one strong takeover rumour by a guy with previous links to Everton, it gathered pace and Allen announced a press conference (we were in Amsterdam at the time on a pre-season tour) the presser was on the Friday afternoon and Allen came out and made the big announcement that the rumours were false, which totally knocked everyone in the 'Dam for six.
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