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  1. Football wasn't a big thing in our family, there were a lot of Leeds fans at junior school but I didn't really take that much interest until the '78 World Cup, I followed the sport more after that, the Star gave away a team poster to celebrate the 1980 promotion campaign and I was hooked from there, 42 years of suffering later........................
  2. I've seen a few comments elsewhere that we may be heading for financial issues again but not sure where it's originated from, anyone seen anything?
  3. We'll end up with the next Harry Potter.
  4. He hasn't no, far from it but he has shown signs that he's learning at last, it will take a lot to undo the damage but I've enjoyed the second half of this season more than any for a few years, long way to go but a step in the right direction.
  5. The fact that DC has hardly been mentioned (particularly in the latter half of the season) proves this, we seemed be discussing the chairman more than the manager/team not so long ago.
  6. We won't want to get rid and he won't want to leave, hail King Barry.
  7. If Luongo had been fit for more of the campaign we might not have needed the play offs.
  8. Carlos had the personnel though, Moore has had to make do with scraps.
  9. I've seen this guy Andrew post on FB pages and forums, he's a bit odd and his football related "poems" make William McGonagall look good.
  10. Excitement with trepidation (I know that wasn't one of the options but still ) an early goal could make or break the tie (and atmosphere) depending on which team gets it.
  11. Depends on the nature of the loss, a manager can't compensate for a mistake like Hutch made tonight, were still in the tie.
  12. I might be old fashioned but in games like this (and derbies) I want to see a full, heaving all singing all dancing away end with the home fans in full blooded riposte, not the current paltry allocation.
  13. We're still very much in a game with the most difficult part of it out of the way, no complaints here.
  14. It was a very frustrating performance, we never got going, gave the ball away cheaply, lumped hopeful balls up the field that were easily cut out, we got better in the last 15 when the Mackems tired themselves out but despite this we are still very much in the game, ask Real Madrid. roll on Monday.
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