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  1. I've read about 20 comments saying he's at Hillsborough tomorrow but not a one that actually says in what capacity???
  2. To be fair second half against Wigan was good and the two occasions you mention but thats it, we really are clutching at straws for positives.
  3. I fully backed Moore and thought he had enough as a manager to make us real contenders, I was prepared to accept that the team would take time to gel with so many new additions, what I did expect to see though was gradual improvements week on week, I'm not seeing that at all, if anything were getting worse, we've just made a team that have lost their last four at home look like peak Brazil, not good enough.
  4. One of the few players that have emerged with any credit from the last few games which is a sure sign he'll be benched for the next one.
  5. Alan Irvine, his tactics were the oppositions greatest advantage.
  6. I will never, ever give him a pass for screwing up our best chance of winning a major trophy in my lifetime.
  7. Exactly mate you've summed it up perfectly, they'll take woke soundbites over actually winning things all day long.
  8. That match shouldn't have even gone to penalties and he should have been sacked for the choice of penalty takers alone, appalling game management.
  9. Need to get rid of Southgate, we have a great crop of players who he's going to waste if we're not careful.
  10. Please don't remind me of that, I'd filed it right to the back of my memory banks.
  11. We should start a sweepstake for the week in the season that "play the youngsters" first gets mentioned
  12. I was actually dreading this season, with the embargo I expected us fielding a team of U23’s and Bannan, the signings and the fact that it appeared to be the manager that was actually making them definitely changed my mind and I was looking forward to it, the opening few games we picked up points without really playing that well which I thought was a good sign as we would go onto improve performance wise and have a good season, unfortunately we seem to have gone backwards, have no identity and no settled starting 11, ten league games in and I’m already struggling for enthusiasm to watch this team (a similar pattern to the last few seasons), it definitely reminds of the L1 season with Chris Turner at the (John) helm.
  13. If we're wanting a bloke back that's given the grunters something that they'll be dining out on for years then the bar has really been set low.
  14. I never want to see or hear the words "everything has to go through Bannan" again............ever.
  15. Pretty much this, Palmer was awful despite getting in some great crossing positions.
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