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  1. I don't particularly take heed of "reports" they are usually full of "a source said", "my understanding is" etc, club statements are where its at and the latest would suggest there hasn't been a satisfactory resolution on the part of SWFC.
  2. Reported yes, doesn't mean there's a shred of truth in it, I've seem figures from £1m to £7m mentioned with zero substance.
  3. What if "the compo" hasn't even been offered, I'm fully behind DC in this, go for the barstewards.
  4. Blimey I'm agreeing with you, I need a lie down
  5. They should get points docked, they won't but they certainly should.
  6. Why is it everyone sneers at newspaper stories "it must be true its in the (insert name of paper)" said sarcastically but as soon as its about football its 100% to be trusted, I must admit Nixon must be good at what he does with the amount on here he's reeled in. It reminds of those clairvoyants that tell people what they want to here and make a fortune out of it, clever but no more believable than Nixon.
  7. They maybe don't but its better for him if he does.
  8. I thought his job was to sell papers and get clicks on social media, the stuff he types makes that happen, doesn't mean its true.
  9. It wasn't aimed at you mate just a general question.
  10. Fair enough, your obviously a very gullible person.
  11. Do you really think if this was going legal (all signs are that it is) people involved would be spouting to journalists, especially ones that are known for spreading gossip.
  12. He predicts that much (its virtually endless) some is going to stick, its his job so he will have some inside knowledge (as you will in your chosen profession) but the way some hang on his every word like lapdogs (I'm guessing you included) is bizarre, he's wrong far more than he's right but no one remembers those.
  13. You need to look on Twitter a bit closer, theres a few of them.
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