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  1. I am still here. Just to reiterate my source a previous employee of SWFC still wishes to remain anonymous.
  2. I will speak with @mkowl i understand fully im not a trustworthy poster as being new and the claims im making are hugely important to your clubs future. Hopefully when i discuss with @mkowl you may believe him a little more. Thanks
  3. please re read my previous statement. it will be leaked today, Milan will make official tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday.
  4. Yes as i said if i gave all true facts away my source could have been easily recognised by the team facilitating the deal.
  5. Morning all, as I said the deal has been agreed. I had to lie a Little about the facts to keep my source unknown. Milan will still own 50% of the club however he will not control operations in the foreseeable future. The family taking over will be the qutari royal family. They will be getting representatives to run/control Sheffield Wednesday as they will be investing heavilly.. The deal will be in the region of 30 million (qutari royal family will now be passed on the debts) Milan will officially announce this Monday morning, however the news should be leaking on sky sports news anytime today. If the admin could private message me I have some useful information for him. Thanks again steve martin
  6. Hi guys. I can reveal a fair amount tomorrow. Also keep your eyes peeled on sky sports news over the next 48 hours. The deal has been agreed between mm and JH. Confirmation when I wake up tomorrow morning. Thanks.
  7. I would have put my usual username of stevemartin91 but was told not to include my name. fair enough "mysteryman" is horrific but it was the best i could come up with at the time.
  8. I dont really want to waste my time looking. Thankfully a member has passed his details on.
  9. Unfortunately i have been told not to let any documents that i have be passed on to the public...yet. This is the reason i would preferably need an admin, i will happily share the info i have with him. I need it not to be leaked however, This is a genuine thread - just need someone to confirm the facts i have stated previously. Steve martin
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