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  1. Another very poor display. Not as good as Dawson, not sure why he was in the team today after recent performances.
  2. Murphy is the only loan player we should be looking at re-signing next season, as long as we are in the Championship. Best player in the squad by a distance.
  3. For me Dawson is the better keeper, Wildsmith has been poor and similar to his last stint is beaten too easily. Unfortunately with Westwood hanging around they are forever in his shadow and people will always look for ways to criticise whoever is in net instead. Will be best for both if they move on and get some confidence elsewhere, which is a shame as I think Dawson has the potential to be a decent no. 1 here.
  4. Eccy Owl

    Pokemon Go

    Shows how much I know! Added you. Mine is 7412 3109 5283 if anyone else wants to add
  5. Eccy Owl

    Pokemon Go

    Anyone still playing this? Could do with some new friends if so, handle is JackGilp
  6. London Bridge is probably the best place to drink as the ground is only around 5-10 mins away on the train from there and there are loads of pubs around. We've been in the Market Porter the past few games but there's a lot of choice.
  7. Personally think we need a left back and another centre mid. Another pacy winger would be nice but not a necessity.
  8. Had an average game with a few glimpses of the class we know he has. Will definitely get better with games, will hopefully only take 5 or 6 before we can see him getting back towards his past form.
  9. A player I've always liked when I've seen him play, looks like it will be an interesting summer.
  10. 1 year for a 34 year old with injury issues sounds about right to me
  11. If they offered half that I’d snap their hands off
  12. Haven’t seen much of him this season but if he can get anywhere near the level he was prior to his injury he’ll be a steal on a free. Reading the comments on Brentford’s release tweet pretty much all are unhappy that he’s been released which can’t be a bad sign.
  13. Thinking of getting one of these, mainly for Mario Kart but also think the missus would appreciate this console more than any other...can probably get her one of the Pokemons or something! I've never been massively in to the Zeldas or anything like that but I'm guessing there are enough decent games to make it worth the purchase. Do we think there are any price drops due soon or anyone aware of any sales coming up that I might be able to grab one a bit cheaper?
  14. To be fair we should have been more aware tactically, they were looking for that ball all first half, with their no. 10 peeling off to Palmer looking for the knockdown to Adams from a diagonal long ball. The first time they attempted it in the second half it worked.
  15. This. I don't think many keepers would have saved the second based on the proximity and shot power.
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