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  1. Eccy Owl


    100% should be getting him in the building tomorrow, give him a few training sessions to get as prepared as we can hope for and play for the draw.
  2. Eccy Owl

    QPR Pubs?

    Think we'll be heading to the Sindercombe, did Brewdog last season which was OK
  3. Eccy Owl


    People are forgetting some of the absolute shockers Wildsmith had last season, he made the second most errors leading to a goal for the entire of last season and barely played half the games. He isn’t the answer!
  4. Eccy Owl

    Morgan Fox

    It is this season. We’re clearly stuck with what we have so instead of getting on players backs and making them even less motivated to play for us, how about we don’t? It it was clear from minute 1 fans were waiting to get on his back, as soon as he made 1 tiny mistake you could hear the abuse.
  5. Eccy Owl

    Player Ratings (non OPTA)

    Dawson 6 Baker 7 Pudil 6 Hutch 7 Lees 6 Fox 4 Pelupessy 5 Bannan 6 Reach 6 Forestieri 8 Fletcher 5 Thorniley 7 Matias 6
  6. Eccy Owl

    Morgan Fox

    Player plays 1 game this season, has a bad game, gets ridiculously abused and ironically cheered when subbed. Yep, sounds about right at Wednesday.
  7. Eccy Owl

    Morgan Fox

    He was poor today but some of the abuse he’s getting is shocking. He was injured before “that” pass which may just have contributed. I agree he’s not great and shouldn’t be a first choice but he’s not bad as back up, unfortunately another case of being the latest scapegoat.
  8. Eccy Owl

    This keeper situation

    Dawson hasn’t set a foot wrong since the end of last season when he was number 1. Find it baffling how many people are baying for blood because Westwood has been left out, he’s past his best and on a high wage it would be best for all if he moved on, we’ve got 2 talented young keepers to get behind now.
  9. Eccy Owl

    3-5-2 And 3-4-3

    I think you’re pretty bob on with those 2 teams. If it were me I wouldn’t play Hutchinson and Pelupessy together provided we had a competent midfield replacement (Hunt perhaps if we’re promoting youth), I’d drop Hutchinson in the defence at RCB and move the other 2 along at the expense of Pudil. edit: forgot about Reach who could fill in at CM although still think he would be better at LWB.
  10. Eccy Owl

    Millwall pubs

    We’re going in The George at London Bridge, as above easy to get a quick train to the ground from there
  11. Strange he was always so stuck in his 4-4-2 ways but is already playing 3-5-2 at Swansea...
  12. Walkabout usually plays Wednesday matches on the big screen.
  13. Just read this regarding Norwich... City have failed to win at Carrow Road in seven Championship home games, ahead of Sheffield Wednesday’s visit on Saturday evening Sounds about right that we should be playing them now then.
  14. Not sure what Fletcher did in his atrocious cameo on Wednesday to convince CC he deserved a start...
  15. Apparently had 2 crosses already...that's 2 more than at Preston so we're on to a winner.