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  1. Marvin Plattenhardt. LB, played under Jos at Hertha . 6 caps for Germany
  2. paint in some blood and it'll look like an attack by Edward scissorhands Still better than current one
  3. Purportrate? Mod, can we have a section just for made up words, a new dictionary section?
  4. Pounced for his 2nd, after some lovely collinding at the back from Norwich.
  5. It's from the US army special Now That's What I Call Torture 2004, Guantánamo Gold double LP
  6. You've hit the nail on the head, largely agree especially on the conspiracies. The likelihood of that is very low given how many players and agents you'd need to keep quiet let alone potential anonymous whistleblowers at the club.
  7. Actually if that's the tactic: DAWSON Hunt Venancio Nielsen Lees Thorniley Pudil Hutchinson Reach Nuhiu Joao
  8. Dawson Hunt Venancio Lees Pudil Pelupessy Hutchinson Clare Reach Nuhiu Joao Tactics, basically just bypass the middle, boot it up to the front two and hope for the best. Long ball, up and under, 80s-style.
  9. Lizzie Birdsworth is a better prospect than Butterfield for the Bolton game, even though she died about 15 years ago.
  10. Jos had a dream.. that he was anywhere but at Wednesday
  11. This is what I mean. A polite but muted clap for CC, then loud vocal support for Jos immediately after so CC gets the message.
  12. Polite applause like a cricket match. Then a massive 'one Jos Luhukay' straight after to shatter his sociopath ego immediately.
  13. I've been kitting one out in Mauritius for the last 15 years. Take scarves and clocks out every few years
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