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  1. I saw a young lad 12 ish running away from a bloke on a mobility scooter in Parson Cross kid was in full pelt person on scooter had a clown mask on
  2. I thought that Birmingham were so negative it was untrue. Scared to death or patient? They got lucky for me two bad mistakes by Westwood and three players who failed to stop the ball for Birmingham 2nd goal coming in.
  3. I was a referee for 6 years and played in North East Counties. I get irritated by the small things. Little pushes being missed lead to more serious fouls. Yesterday the ref was poor, he turned the other way when the ball was kicked away when a Wednesday player was fouled in front of South Stand. I challenge you guys to go and get a referee qualification and try it. I really enjoyed grassroots football. Give it a try it, more difficult than you may think, but none the less good fun. I was managing a High Green team one Sunday morning and ref was awful, so I tried my hardest to be nice. I signed up for the referee course day after. I learned loads of stuff, I thought I knew.
  4. Simon Stainrod went from Sufc to Oldham on to QPR then Wednesday -Aston Villa
  5. I said exactly that. Not finished article but has raw pace.
  6. I request that you look back at this incedent. I suggest you will see that the Villa player pushes Hutchison before Hutchison grabs Villa players shirt. My conclusion, a foul for Wednesday. The first offence against Wednesday player. Am I slightly bias ? Make your own mind up.
  7. The build up is painfully slow just like Christmas Come on Wednesday
  8. Sheffield Wednesday are about to become a club that other clubs respect. The sleeping Giant is waking up. I like at least 40,000 other Wednesdayites went to Wembley and tasted the atmosphere that can drive Wednesday on to bigger and greater achievements. Yes On Our Way will I believe believe be the heart sung anthem that will inspire new and old players. Very exciting to be part of this period of Sheffield Wednesday FC history. Come on dream high.

  9. I agree the ability to adapt is vital to our progression. Playoff final showed that we have to have greater variation, Hull filled centre of pitch and we couldn't play through them. Fletcher provides the possibility to go more direct. The passing is getting better and faster. The ability to switch the ball is clear to see. The players are hunting in groups when closing down the opposition, thus forcing the oponents to cough up the ball. The quality of players and understanding of the systems we play is very exciting. Questions I am asking myself is how can we be better? Who will be our targets. The chance to provide a hard working style with technically good players is certainly the most excited I have been for decades.
  10. Under statement very fast and composed best young player.
  11. Only danger for Mr Pudil is us finding a younger better player.
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