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  1. Sheffwed94

    On The Right

    on the right, on the right, Lewis Buxton on the right he will run past you on the right, on the right, Lewis Buxton lewis Buxton is the white Cafu.
  2. Sheffwed94

    Player rating from today

    Reach 8 Dawson 7 Reach 8 Venancio 7 Lees 8 Thorniley 7 Pudil 7 Reach 8 Pelupessy7 Bannan 9 Reach 8 Forestieri 7 Nuhiu 7 Joao 7 ya missed one pal
  3. Sheffwed94

    Prepare Yourselves

    For me, if we are to make a go at automatics next year those 5 have to be made the spine of the team, and build around them. Id like to see the back of quite a few players to be fair, whether that be selling, loaning or even paying the contract up. Abdi Rhodes matias fox fletcher jones would all head my list to get rid no matter what, id like to see loovens move on but into a coaching role I’d keep hutch, even with his injury record, it would be worth having him even if it’s for 20 games. Westwood, this is a hard one for me, great record at the club, best keeper in the league, but we have 2 very capable youngsters coming through. It would hurt but not as much as the main 5 for me.
  4. Sheffwed94

    This photo though....

    No it wasn’t. It was about 2 minutes after the final whistle blew.
  5. Sheffwed94

    Oh Forestieri

    Honestly, part of me hopes he doesn’t play. I can’t say I’d be disappointed if he did, but I’d rather not play him until he’s 100%. Give him this week on the bench and let him tear it up for the rest of the season and next.
  6. I got my first season ticket the first year we dropped into league 1 for my 15th birthday and i had to miss the first 3 games as it’s not until late August. I had to beg my mum to buy me that and I’ve had one ever since. I go to 10-15 away games a season ( would go to them all if it wasn’t for work ). I do this because I want to support the team in what little way i Can. I’m not going to say people shouldn’t get refunds as everyone has their opinions but in my opinion for everyone thinking about getting a refund you should think a bit more about what you would be doing before actually getting the refund.