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  1. Would live to see both him and Dawson our on loan. Lower end championship or promotion league one. Sign a keeper in on loan or a one year deal using the wages that we get off the books with the loan. Balanced for ffp and getting game time for two very good young keepers
  2. The only bad memory I have of him is “that” game Other that that, an all action player never shied away from a tackle, played across the entire back 4 for us and apart from his injuries that final season (sounds familiar) would have gotten an extension for sure
  3. Never had the pleasure of watching Nilsson unfortunately, so Buxton for me
  4. Top priority has to be Westwood and Hector, top professionals and compliment Lees its a win win Give Palmer a new deal as I think he’s proven himself even when playing left back. Rest of the out of contracts can go to get rid of wages. Tempted to take Lee back but that would be if he’d accept a 1 year pay as you play type deal, think that would be worth the risk. Hopper has clear class but his wages will be ridiculous and given his injury record for us don’t think it’s a risk worth paying for. Moving forward, I’d like to see us switch to a 4-3-3 or the type, think it would allow bannan more time and space to create and still allow us to be direct when needed. Sign a pacey, Aarons type winger permanent or loan doesn’t matter. Same for left back Lazaar looked good when he was in and wouldn’t be disappointed if we got him next year. With ffp being an issue, and if nobody comes in to sign our players, it could be an issue but I think we could do something next year with that. The form we’ve been on under Bruce has pretty much shown that it would be possible and wouldn’t break the bank. Side note, I’d like to see us sign a back up keeper, somebody good enough to deputise for Westwood if he gets injured but not expensive, just to see Dawson and wild smith go out on loan and get experience, so get their wages off for a season and use it on a back up. Wouldn’t impact ffp at all if it was like that and we’d get our 2 youngsters getting match experience win/win. Forestieri - Fletcher - new winger bannan - Hutchinson - reach/Lee new left back - hector - Lees - Iorfa/Palmer westwood Bench- Nuhiu, winnall, joao, reach/lee , Palmer/Iorfa, thorniley, new back up keeper
  5. I reckon we tweet this to the Rotherham players and see if they turn up for the match
  6. This, always puts 110% in and is more often than not our shining light, if we lose him in January/on a free there wouldn’t be a player in the world who could replace the man at a lower cost than getting him a new contract.
  7. As a generic statement, better communication. I’d love to be able to have our club be open and fully transparent about all the daily ongoing, it’s never going to happen but that’s business. However, I do feel that there can still be some improvements in our communication. Take the embargo for an example, nobody ‘officially’ knew about it until a couple of weeks before we got out of it. I’m sure if there was a club statement at the start the reaction wouldn’t have been half as bad, it wouldn’t have been good but atleast then we all knew where we stood for the summer. Even if the communication going out isn’t great for the club, it shouldn’t stop them from letting it out. As I’m sure that being honest and open about a bad situation would get people backing the club, instead of waiting 3/4 weeks and getting a large amount of backlash. It would also be nice to have the club release updates about players ever few games so that we wasn’t having half the pre match pressers just talking about injuries.
  8. on the right, on the right, Lewis Buxton on the right he will run past you on the right, on the right, Lewis Buxton lewis Buxton is the white Cafu.
  9. Reach 8 Dawson 7 Reach 8 Venancio 7 Lees 8 Thorniley 7 Pudil 7 Reach 8 Pelupessy7 Bannan 9 Reach 8 Forestieri 7 Nuhiu 7 Joao 7 ya missed one pal
  10. For me, if we are to make a go at automatics next year those 5 have to be made the spine of the team, and build around them. Id like to see the back of quite a few players to be fair, whether that be selling, loaning or even paying the contract up. Abdi Rhodes matias fox fletcher jones would all head my list to get rid no matter what, id like to see loovens move on but into a coaching role I’d keep hutch, even with his injury record, it would be worth having him even if it’s for 20 games. Westwood, this is a hard one for me, great record at the club, best keeper in the league, but we have 2 very capable youngsters coming through. It would hurt but not as much as the main 5 for me.
  11. No it wasn’t. It was about 2 minutes after the final whistle blew.
  12. Honestly, part of me hopes he doesn’t play. I can’t say I’d be disappointed if he did, but I’d rather not play him until he’s 100%. Give him this week on the bench and let him tear it up for the rest of the season and next.
  13. I got my first season ticket the first year we dropped into league 1 for my 15th birthday and i had to miss the first 3 games as it’s not until late August. I had to beg my mum to buy me that and I’ve had one ever since. I go to 10-15 away games a season ( would go to them all if it wasn’t for work ). I do this because I want to support the team in what little way i Can. I’m not going to say people shouldn’t get refunds as everyone has their opinions but in my opinion for everyone thinking about getting a refund you should think a bit more about what you would be doing before actually getting the refund.
  14. 39 games still to play and a transfer window also. A lot of things can change with all of that.
  15. Yes McGugan has quality there is no denying that. We've all seen what he can do but I don't think that was ever a question. When we signed him permanently for 500k I think everybody though "how the heck have we got him for that" as he'd been our star player while he'd been on loan adding flair and quality to a pretty boring side tbh. That signing for me was made for the fans as everyone wanted that deal done so DC pushed through with it. A few more astute signings later and we kick off the season with a fairly slow start tbh, then come our biggest signing in so many years ,FF, and the squad clicks with football being played so slick and pacey that every pundit is praising CC for doing a magnificent job. With this McGugan has been frozen out of the squad and everyone started wondering why he never featured but I believe that while he does have quality in CC's eyes he hasn't got enough to replace anyone in our midfield and was a final away from the prem and proving this. With Abdi, Jones , Mcmanaman and Reach all coming in to the equation now all of which CC signed and will want them to do better than a signing from people above him ,that last season he didn't see a position in the team for. I personally think that if someone came in willing to pay his wages which a probably 10k+ he'd have gone last summer
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