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  1. Early Favourites

    39 games still to play and a transfer window also. A lot of things can change with all of that.
  2. Midfielders

    Yes McGugan has quality there is no denying that. We've all seen what he can do but I don't think that was ever a question. When we signed him permanently for 500k I think everybody though "how the heck have we got him for that" as he'd been our star player while he'd been on loan adding flair and quality to a pretty boring side tbh. That signing for me was made for the fans as everyone wanted that deal done so DC pushed through with it. A few more astute signings later and we kick off the season with a fairly slow start tbh, then come our biggest signing in so many years ,FF, and the squad clicks with football being played so slick and pacey that every pundit is praising CC for doing a magnificent job. With this McGugan has been frozen out of the squad and everyone started wondering why he never featured but I believe that while he does have quality in CC's eyes he hasn't got enough to replace anyone in our midfield and was a final away from the prem and proving this. With Abdi, Jones , Mcmanaman and Reach all coming in to the equation now all of which CC signed and will want them to do better than a signing from people above him ,that last season he didn't see a position in the team for. I personally think that if someone came in willing to pay his wages which a probably 10k+ he'd have gone last summer
  3. For all we know he could've signed yesterday and the potential of getting Conor in a double swoop is stopping the announcement. The announcement has nothing to do with playing in the next game it's all about the paperwork being sent off on time
  4. Leeds VS Derby

    As much as it pains me to say would like weeds to win as I reckon Derby will get more points over the rest of the season than weeds