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  1. Mick kept a poor Ipswich side up countless times and even had them in the playoffs. In the same time we spent more than them on one player - Rhodes, who didnt work out He is a magician in this league and if hoof ball sees us safe then bring it on
  2. EveryWednesday

    Brentford £10 on ifollow

    £5 for me in Thailand :) that was a nice surprise
  3. EveryWednesday

    Embargo Lifted

    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/august/club-statement/ **Only just seen this in another thread - whomever has the power may you please delete this post
  4. At the risk of sounding like a youngster (born '88) - or making you lot feel old What actually went off?
  5. It's odd you guys arent seeing wednesday shirts being worn in Sheffield considering I see loads of em down here in Suffolk
  6. EveryWednesday

    Preston tho...

    " P.N.E P.N.E P.N.E" ad infinitum
  7. I was actually thinking last night how much i like it. It's no stripes i'll give you that, but better than the pin stripe effort
  8. EveryWednesday

    Spion Kop or East Bank?

    Been going for 20 years and always been the Kop to me. And i'm not a republican either
  9. Had to be done. You dont pay double the original price. You cant be held to ransom like that - its the manufacturer that suddenly demanded double that have screwed the kids over not the Club
  10. I think this is great. I like to imagine the meeting when they push a bit of paper over the desk and say "this is our price now, take it or leave it". Thinking 'these guys have nowhere to go' Our Chansiri pushes the paper back and says "shove it up your arse" gets up and leaves Love to see the look on their faces
  11. EveryWednesday

    The Chansiri image nw corner

    Thats true. Other fans groups cant possibly create a flag showing appreciatio to the chairman because this hasnt been approved by Owlstalk :P
  12. EveryWednesday

    The Chansiri image nw corner

    I saw the flag with the chairmans face on it with a fan i know on fb two weeks ago. Chansiri didnt make it
  13. 3 of the 4 players you say he's been unlucky to be without he didnt sign. Despite spending 20m on the squad how much has he improved it? Ok FF and Hooper and some more but how many of our players has he improved since being here? How many have dropped off a cliff? - Rhodes, McGugan, Emmanuelson, McGeady, Macca etc
  14. As with most threads over the past week this has just become Carlos outers vs the dwindling supply of his defenders. However, even those of you still in support of Carlos must admit that he's showing the strain now in these press conferences. Saying that fans are turning their backs on the club when they turn their backs on the manager is clearly ludicrous. Fans can decide to give up believing in the manager but it doesn't mean they're bad supporters
  15. Also interesting that he says he turned down offers from other championship clubs in the summer. I always thought he'd go back to the continent regardless when he leaves but who do you reckon? I think maybe Leeds after Monk left. Could have swapped!