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  1. His "true colours" being wanting to manage a premier league club? I dare say that's the "true colours" of all managers in the championship? Get over it. I hope he stays, and if he does i wont blame him for having his head turned
  2. Fair enough, i also fear that if he chooses to stay (though I think the signs are he is off to NUFC) certain fans will trat him as a Judas, when in reality a prem club comes in and any managers head is turned. Doesn't mean he can't still do the job and deserve support if he then stays. I think you comparison with the FF situation at Norwich is a bit off, however. Bruce has done nothing that is unprofessional, FF deserves to be derided for trying to force a move through childish petulance. I lost a lot of respect for FF after that. I don't blame Bruce for considering a premier league job. Sucks for us though
  3. What damage? If he turns Newcastle down to stay with Wednesday then what's the problem?
  4. I didn't know our Brucie was an author! Just been discussing it on 'Have I got News for You'
  5. Remember that clearly - I had a tenner on us to win at ten to one. Fuming
  6. It just seems counter intuitive to suggest that 'Wednesday aren't evolving' when we are averaging 3k - 5k more under DC than at any point since 2000, and also that's not stagnent. It shows people are willing to pay to watch us have a crack at the top (even with the cr@p over the last two years), and by the looks of it ST sales for next year seem strong, although i admit this remains to be seen. Two points; I) when we do reduce prices for the odd game to £20 it never seriously improves the gate II) our city neighbours, for example, have only just out averaged us this season despite the obviously lower cost of tickets for years. Our fans inhabit much the same economic space as SUFC so i dont see why lowering the cost would have thousands more streaming in. The reason their attendences have risen is performance on the pitch
  7. Prices are indeed too high for the championship. But the 'weird stat', as the OP calls it, shows there are no 'missing thousands' as another thread says. Attendences are almost as high as when we were premier league, on average over last three or four years
  8. Pretty sure 2004 was our lowest ever finish? 16th in thr third tier, not long after being relegated from the Prem and with the piggies doing well - it was a terrible time
  9. Always try to buy one for a local or national team on holiday - got the Thai home shirt (i think it's home) this summer, AEK Athens last year etc. Other than that I went through a phase of buying old football shirts on ebay if i liked the style - even got a Man Utd one Nowadays, only wear Rangers other than Wednesday (buy Owls shirts most years)
  10. BTW - i've just paid a fiver to watch it over here, not sure why it would be different in Norway
  11. I'm in Thailand - says i can watch it on live video Unless i've misunderstood, which is likely I'll let you know at 9pm my time
  12. Mick kept a poor Ipswich side up countless times and even had them in the playoffs. In the same time we spent more than them on one player - Rhodes, who didnt work out He is a magician in this league and if hoof ball sees us safe then bring it on
  13. £5 for me in Thailand :) that was a nice surprise
  14. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/august/club-statement/ **Only just seen this in another thread - whomever has the power may you please delete this post
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