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  1. Dark$ide


    Also a Zepplin mini as well. Which could be of interest !
  2. To be fair I''ve heard a tale that reda is seemingly fit and healthy
  3. Check out the quality of the crossing from the corner and free play in that video. Light years above what we have now !
  4. Dark$ide

    iPhone 5

    £15 a cable could get expensive. http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/iphone-5-lightning-cable-clones-will-be-awhile-coming-suppliers-say-1100382?src=rss&attr=all
  5. Didn't we have a Steel City cup pre-season "Friendly" with a trophy and everything in the 1990's ? I vaguely remember Dan Pretescru having a stormer at the lane just after signing.
  6. I don't remember a single poster advocating widescale changes. Your making things up. Signing Antonio, Batth, Tracey was on peoples lists. Probably an additional midfielder or two to strengthen the squad. I honestly don't remember a single poster advocating the entire dismantling the team from last season.
  7. I think that's whats annoyed people. Bywater, Buxton, Batth, Lliera Reda. JJ, lines , Semedo Antonio. Madine, Lowe/cog Would have easily given a better account of them selves over the past month, than Jones Starting 11. Yes, we would probably have lost, but the would and commitment from the players would have been much better.
  8. JJ has played at this level as has Liera and most of our squad to be honest. Jones just seems to be slating players whom he hasn't signed.
  9. Two banks of four holding shape reminds me worryingly of Alan Irvins coaching manuals. Constant chasing, pressing and closingn down the opposition is how Megson won matches.
  10. He did seem disappointed that Megsons players seemed able and capable of playing CCC early on, and almost relished making full scale changes after the narrow 1st defeat to palace,. Lots of rumours that the team spirit of last season between all the players has been completely fractured as well by having such a big squad. It seems that he singles out players that he hasn't signed personally for criticism wilst ignoring the failings of his own signings.
  11. Hmmm. If he is actually looking.... Jonesy is worried.
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