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  1. Heard on the radio that they had sold in excess of 27k. Would 3k not turn up? Seems a lot not to bother
  2. Whilst we are on this, how many games are Leeds gonna get on TV this season. Was this their 9th?
  3. You could download something like Tunein radio app. Sure you can search for BBC Sheffield on that
  4. Are we sitting on each other's knees? Capacity is 12,021
  5. A mate of mine is now part of the New York Owls (he's living over there nowadays) and regularly meets up with a small group of wednesdayites for matches they can get on TV over there.
  6. Well done Paul, not bad at all. Pretty catchy. You would need a simplified version with repeated sections to get it working on the terraces. Few too many lyrics to remember.
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