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  1. Before that... Neil Mellor (depressing i know)
  2. Really doesnt work that. I thought getting Bannan to fit was a little laboured but Super John McGinn is much worse... Foooking beautiful goal that though
  3. I work with one of the Long Blondes, she just pointed it out to me earlier. Shame i was at the bar during half time and before the match. Didnt hear any
  4. Last seen watching the telly around 9am
  5. I'll leave this here for you who do like good beer, the world cup and also maybe listen to James on the Wednesday Week podcast... http://sheffieldhopcast.co.uk/episode-6-beer-world-cup/
  6. I have been to a game when i was standing. I was young, i complained about my legs aching. ha
  7. what is it people are struggling so much with regards to seating, I really dont understand.
  8. hasnt Pressman just left Millwall recently too?
  9. Do you might need someone to eat if you get desperate
  10. Wrong bird too. This is before they tweaked it. Eyes are an easy fix
  11. Is this GDPR compliant? Had Chris opted in to this? :D
  12. Scribble it out roughly on paper and i'll do it for you
  13. Thought he looked calm and collected. Made some great tackles. Let's forget that first (attempt at a) touch that he completely missed
  14. RIP Julie. A friend of mine and fellow owl died a few weeks ago (only 35), had the wake at the ground on Monday in one of the function rooms. I'll be thinking of them both on Sunday. RIP James and Julie
  15. had an autograph book from early 90s... Trevor Francis, John Harkes, David Hirst, Carlton Palmer, Paul Williams, Chris Bart Williams, Peter Shirtliff, Nigel Pearson/Worthington, Phil King to name a few. Think i ended up spoiling it by writing under each name of who it was as it was never that clear.
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