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  1. The games we historically drop a lot of point against
  2. Saying that i've heard a few times on stuff about his "100% record" so far. I thought that meant 100% wins not "100% no losses"
  3. Harsh bans for players found faking an injury to try stamp it out. Include retrospective ones too so there's little hiding. Start giving 10 match bans for diving , holding head, legs etc when no contact is made. That will stop it quickly
  4. Think Iorfa probably could have done better to stick his foot out to block it too
  5. When we cropped in the semis against Brighton. Didn't they run out of subs too if I remember?
  6. I don't get why you can't show them the PDF ticket on your phone at the gate. I dont have a printer at home so if Ive decided last minute to get a ticket I'm buggered for that. One of the reasons I forked out for a membership so I can load the ticket to the card... Weirdly I couldnt even do that for the Everton game. No option but to print it off. We are still so far behind with stuff like this
  7. Been saying the same thing. Great reactions to get on the end of that
  8. What's Borner's English like? I've not seen any interviews or anything. Assume that would make a difference regarding being captain?
  9. Yeah looked solid considering he's not had a look in before this game
  10. We were very unbalanced for the majority of the game but I did thing the full backs looked composed and confident. We lost that width especially on the left in the first half. Rotherham were huge in stature compared to us so we did well. Rotherham weren't bad at all to be fair. They defo deserved to go to penalties.
  11. I don't really know how to explain this bit Borner feels like a 1990s Wednesday player to me
  12. live commentary doesn't work on digital platforms like Iplayer (bbc sounds) due to contractual reasons i believe
  13. yeah just listened to it, he comes across great in it. Maybe he's after a pundit job ;)
  14. why is that that virtually none of our signings or sales have a disclosed fee? Yes we are given a rough amount or it comes out in the wash but everyone else seems to publish the fees. Why is it always such a secret with us?
  15. In real terms what does this mean for our limits on spending? i.e. if we go and spend £10mil will they just put us back on a transfer embargo? Or it is re-assessed annually or what?
  16. What does this mean? "£5 discount off all home league match tickets, save Category G fixtures"
  17. Took one for the team and watched it all. You can literally skip to the last 2 mins for any SWFC talk. It is interesting though, talks about the drink driving incident in full which, flipping hell, was bloody stupid
  18. it looks like he has his trousers around his ankles in the pic
  19. Sign Richard Rufus from Charlton. He always did well in that season
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