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  1. Aye, my missus on the occasions I take her along. Ipswich fans are my in laws.
  2. So just the other 5200 people to sort getting home then
  3. adamnich

    Club 1867 Launch

    I'm sure if they had gone down a regular crowd funding model where they offer multi-tier options from a tenner upwards (with options for whatever this is for a higher rate) they would make more money. Going to the football is still relatively working class and people just done have £500+ to gamble on something like this. Although, if they had options for stuff like a stadium tour, signed merch, meet your fave player etc at realistic rates then im sure they would rake it in
  4. adamnich

    All Wednesday

    Just finished it. Brilliant. However I heard there was a bit in it about that guy at Birmingham in the box when hooper scored two goals late on. Did I miss something?
  5. adamnich

    Fernando in trouble again?

  6. adamnich

    Fernando in trouble again?

    it's a link to the star
  7. adamnich

    Attendance today

    Was reasonably busy. Rememer it was only North and South open, no kop. Luton support was terrific, agreed, and they were a very vocal/noisy bunch
  8. Westwood 6 - He wasnt really tested. Nice return of a more commanding keeper, something we have been missing Fox 5 - I'm not a Fox boo-boy or anything but he's just not any good is he. Was the only person who was noticeably poor for me Hector 7.5 - Really impressed with how composed he is. His height is a massive plus too. Looks composed and never seems to flap at anything. First time i've felt confident in a centre half for a while Lees 5.5 - He is starting to look a bit like Loovens. Slow and a bit dodgy. Not a terrible game but not great. Not as confident with him as I was a year or so ago. Palmer 8 - Massive improvement in multiple areas. Looked hungry, quick, good going forward. Hutch 8 - Solid, classic Hutch Bannan 8 - Usual Bannan, all over the place, gets stuck in too Reach 7 - Some good chances that weren't taken. Decent game but not as noticeable as some of the others Matias 7.5 - Looks really fit. So much leaner than he has been in previous years. Think we are starting to see a good player now that we are getting more game time out of him. Fitting in a lot better. Boyd 8.5 - Was all lover the pitch, looked quick and getting in behind the defence a lot. Stayed on his feet more than he usually does too! Fletcher 8 - Worked very hard. Looked strong, hungry and again quite fit. Great goal too
  9. adamnich

    Kicking the back of your seat

    If they are really little, suck it up mate. Depends on how old the kid is i suppose. Took my 3 yr old daughter to her first game yesterday and she's well behaved and follows instructions but i imagine she probably gave the seat in front a few kicks without realising. Doesnt make you a bad parent (as some have suggested) unfortunately it's probably not on purpose. If the kid is older and can control themselves then maybe it is and maybe a few turning stares is about as far as i'd go
  10. It's like a game that website just to try and click the right buttons without it tricking you into clicking an advert. Awful
  11. adamnich

    The club is listening and acting

    The Student union do cheap tickets but SWFC's marketing dept are so poor that they very rarely manage to get the tickets from them (so it's a bit of a gamble if the student union has any - you basically have to chance it). IF they have any, they don't ask for any student ID so you can buy them no problem BUT you may get ID on the turnstyles. There is a loophole to get a proper student card even if you arent a student but i'll leave you to find that out by googling it
  12. adamnich

    The club is listening and acting

    If you do go to their union you can get cheap tickets on the rare occasion SEFC marketing actually sort their poo out. The SU are very uncomplimentary when i ask in there. They say that they are awful to deal with. All you need then is an NUS extra card on the door which if you google are dead easy to get yourself if you arent a student
  13. adamnich

    Jordan Rhodes

    Before that... Neil Mellor (depressing i know)
  14. adamnich

    Villa on Tour Vid

    would like to see this.
  15. adamnich

    Marco Matias

    8th in Power rankings today