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  1. I've always thought Ask Me by The Smiths could work (with a little work). Exchanging 'Ask me' to 'Atdhe' but the rest of the song is a bit difficult
  2. A mate and I had a similar one Nuhiu he looks nowt like buddy Holly, Oh oh and he's nearly 9 foot 4 I don't care what they say about him anyway I just love Big Dave
  3. With Uber surges and City taxis nowhere to be seen, try D-Taxis
  4. Agreed. God balls into the box, set up the goal and a good last ditch tackle in the area later on
  5. Thought fox was quality tonight. Plus he setup that goal too. Fletch went back to him to give him credit too
  6. I think we needed that injury for Lees to show that he isn't really all that anymore and hasnt for a couple of seasons. He's basically been given a starting place without merit. I mean my god he is no captain really is he. Not commanding in any way i ever see.
  7. Yey! He isn't a Scotland curse. Think the other 2 starts where 3-0 and 4-0 losses(?) So technically he's another win before he's out of the negative goal difference ;)
  8. The games we historically drop a lot of point against
  9. Saying that i've heard a few times on stuff about his "100% record" so far. I thought that meant 100% wins not "100% no losses"
  10. Harsh bans for players found faking an injury to try stamp it out. Include retrospective ones too so there's little hiding. Start giving 10 match bans for diving , holding head, legs etc when no contact is made. That will stop it quickly
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