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  1. It was a long wait from Neil Mellor to Atdhe Nuhiu and then a freak Jordan Rhodes one the other year but when did we last have 2 players with hattricks?
  2. Is it the same lad who did the scoreboard against Burton. That was all over the shop
  3. I was today years old when I found out he wasn't on loan too
  4. Welcome on board pal. Glad you found the confidence to get involved. Look forward to reading your thoughts
  5. Yeah i dont mind letting them have the white bits from theirs. No worries.
  6. we can blend our 2 kits. We keep the blue and white shirt and blades keep the black shorts. boom. Sounds like a plan
  7. 13 mins into this he's talking to a lad about football and says "My team is Sheffield Wednesday" https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p02j92mv/pole-to-pole-5-crossing-the-line
  8. He has on numerous occasions on his travel programmes said to people that his team is Sheffield Wednesday when football has come up in conversation with people. I saw one the other week in fact.
  9. slighlty off topic but kinda what i was expecting this post to be about was the light pollution you get from miles off from the lighting used on the grass...
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