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  1. Same stripe pattern in the background too
  2. What does this mean? "£5 discount off all home league match tickets, save Category G fixtures"
  3. Took one for the team and watched it all. You can literally skip to the last 2 mins for any SWFC talk. It is interesting though, talks about the drink driving incident in full which, flipping hell, was bloody stupid
  4. it looks like he has his trousers around his ankles in the pic
  5. Sign Richard Rufus from Charlton. He always did well in that season
  6. Defo suggests he might be moving locally, Barnsley or Rotherham maybe?
  7. Heard from a reliable source that Boyd is on about 40k
  8. Went Fletcher but kinda forgot about Hector who defo should be there or there abouts
  9. Minimum of 5 mins remember. I thought the ref was pretty decent today. Plus we each got some benefits out of him.
  10. Dont know much about him but wiki states he's likened to Mesut Ozil in style
  11. James who does the various podcasts travels there every few months... no he's not happy :)
  12. Yeah sorry it just sounded a bit off as the only reason you would never watch Scotland is 'Because you are English'... just sounded a bit.. well... Xenophobic. Maybe took it the wrong way.
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