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  1. Yeah i dont mind letting them have the white bits from theirs. No worries.
  2. we can blend our 2 kits. We keep the blue and white shirt and blades keep the black shorts. boom. Sounds like a plan
  3. 13 mins into this he's talking to a lad about football and says "My team is Sheffield Wednesday" https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p02j92mv/pole-to-pole-5-crossing-the-line
  4. He has on numerous occasions on his travel programmes said to people that his team is Sheffield Wednesday when football has come up in conversation with people. I saw one the other week in fact.
  5. slighlty off topic but kinda what i was expecting this post to be about was the light pollution you get from miles off from the lighting used on the grass...
  6. i've always thought Nigel Worthington back in the 90s looked in his 50s/60s. He looks more like someone more likely to be a jobsworth health and safety inspector at a food producing factory. niche
  7. Cheers dude. I saw one and thought I can do better than that. 10 mins later and there you go. I'll take requests if you fancy a custom line up
  8. wonder how many people are sat reading this secretly thinking 'I'd have him back'
  9. has anyone seen Mark Crossley and Paddy McGuinness in the same room?
  10. We are the only team to wear their last season's away shirt away at Rochdale in cup in September in 2020
  11. I'm really clinging on to that. Hard but got the jist of it
  12. Nope. Lees is much more overrated and has NEVER been captain material. Especially the last couple of seasons. Same as those people clinging on to Loovens for 3 seasons after he was any good
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