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  1. It's like a game that website just to try and click the right buttons without it tricking you into clicking an advert. Awful
  2. adamnich

    The club is listening and acting

    The Student union do cheap tickets but SWFC's marketing dept are so poor that they very rarely manage to get the tickets from them (so it's a bit of a gamble if the student union has any - you basically have to chance it). IF they have any, they don't ask for any student ID so you can buy them no problem BUT you may get ID on the turnstyles. There is a loophole to get a proper student card even if you arent a student but i'll leave you to find that out by googling it
  3. adamnich

    The club is listening and acting

    If you do go to their union you can get cheap tickets on the rare occasion SEFC marketing actually sort their poo out. The SU are very uncomplimentary when i ask in there. They say that they are awful to deal with. All you need then is an NUS extra card on the door which if you google are dead easy to get yourself if you arent a student
  4. adamnich

    Jordan Rhodes

    Before that... Neil Mellor (depressing i know)
  5. adamnich

    Villa on Tour Vid

    would like to see this.
  6. adamnich

    Marco Matias

    8th in Power rankings today
  7. adamnich

    Villa on Tour Vid

    Really doesnt work that. I thought getting Bannan to fit was a little laboured but Super John McGinn is much worse... Foooking beautiful goal that though
  8. adamnich

    Midweek game pass?

    Probably New Barrack Tavern
  9. adamnich

    Sheffield Wednesday Playlist

    I work with one of the Long Blondes, she just pointed it out to me earlier. Shame i was at the bar during half time and before the match. Didnt hear any
  10. adamnich

    Fernando watch

    Last seen watching the telly around 9am
  11. adamnich

    Pitchside beer

    I'll leave this here for you who do like good beer, the world cup and also maybe listen to James on the Wednesday Week podcast... http://sheffieldhopcast.co.uk/episode-6-beer-world-cup/
  12. nice start to the season though
  13. adamnich

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    I have been to a game when i was standing. I was young, i complained about my legs aching. ha
  14. adamnich

    Safe Standing at Hillsborough

    what is it people are struggling so much with regards to seating, I really dont understand.