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  1. Act of kindness

    Saw this on FB yesterday - excellent idea from a very talented man.
  2. Chris Waddle 57 today!!

    Ahhhhh the Waddle game. Unquestionably the most talented player to ever pull on our blue and white stripes.
  3. I think you'll find that unless you meet Mr Torres' criteria for being a supporter........................censored, this poster isn't entitled to an opinion because he doesn't attend 90% of the games
  4. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    Edited for accuracy.
  5. Black Shorts

    Unlikely, Wolves home and away kits both feature black shorts.
  6. Strange statistical fact.

    Quiet night shift?
  7. Carlos Inners!

    I'm still completely discombobulated about your use of "fancy words".
  8. Thing is "pal", this thread isn't about atmosphere and revenue streams it's about patience and emotion. Once again you've gone a wee bit off topic. ................and no you're right! The atmosphere I generate from my pub stool won't urge the team on to win. I think it's pretty obvious that the distance from my bar stool to Hillsborough is too great for me to have any impact on the team at all. In fact the only impact my nervous jitterings are likely to have is on the atmosphere in the pub, and the evening's takings, as other punters try to avoid the middle aged man Englishman at the bar who seems permanently on the edge of some sort of seizure.
  9. The thing is the majority of us aren't basing our opinions simply on "reports or highlights". Yet again we come back to the point that many of us can't get to matches because we're geographically challenged, having for whatever reason moved away from South Yorkshire and in some cases the UK. However, because of the times we live in, technology makes it possible for us to see every match and follow every kick of every ball. It's on this basis that we are able to form opinions about how "our" team has played. Indeed maybe because we've lost that sense of community and comradery that you get from watching footy live with a bipartisan crowd we're even able to form more rational opinions, not blinded by the emotion of the moment, who knows? Personally I watch every game either on Sky or a streaming service. For example, on Saturday I left Parc des Princes at half time with PSG one nil up, to make sure I was in front of a telly in my local to watch our abject display against Norwich. I'm not a PSG fan, even though I live in Paris and go to games. I get to see a lot of their matches with cheap tickets from work and enjoy going to watch them, I also have opinions about the team and the way they play but I'm not a fan so they're more observations than anything else. When (not if) PSG score I'm happy for them but it doesn't come close to the feeling of sheer explosive joy I get when Wednesday score, regardless of what medium I see it on. So anyway, regardless of your thoughts about my credentials, at 8.45 on Friday I'll be on my usual bar stool hoping and preying that we can turn Wolves over..................."Pinte de Brexit Bitter s'il vous plaît propriétaire"
  10. Remember this one?

    Loved the man (in a football sense). Always had the ability to disappoint though. One minute world beater the next complete total utter unadulterated bobbins.
  11. No, you're confusing two very different things (actually you appear confused about many things but let's just concentrate on this issue for now). I'd suggest that, the vast majority of us are Wednesday fans because we have a geographical or family connection with the north of Sheffield and that's what makes us supporters. We don't cease to be supporters or cease to have an opinion about our club just because we no longer live in South Yorkshire. We didn't choose to become Wednesday fans because we wanted an easy ride or to watch a team that would be challenging for trophies every year, we chose Wednesday because we love football and above all else it's part of what we are and where we're from. So to make a direct comparison between Wednesday fans, who have left home and therefore can't attend matches, and individuals who support top teams because they've chosen them on the basis of their success, and don't attend matches, is completely incongruous.
  12. Doesn't mean they weren't complete bobbins when they pulled on t'Wednesday shirt. Wim Jonk may have been the Dutch captain but he was spectacularly useless for us. Sinton played a few good games, but we were probably cheated of seeing his best by injury, and let's face it Gilles de Bilde just didn't want to be at Hillsborough and put in zero effort. To the list I'd also add Gerald Sibon - one week completely frustrating and easily the worst player to ever pull on the shirt, a total talentless donkey. The next week a complete world beater. It was always fun wondering before kick off which Sibon was going to turn up that day!
  13. This really about you then. The basis of your definition of a supporter means if you were geographically separated from Sheffield and the club, you would no longer class yourself as supporter. Fair enough, a bit weird but fair enough. However, seeing as you don't get to decide what defines a supporter I'll continue to count myself as one. So, like most exiled Owls I'll comment on games I've only seen on the TV or PC and I'll continue to believe (rightly or wrongly - no need to ask which side of that particular fence you'll come down on) that, maybe just maybe, other Owlstalk subscribers might consider my comments with an open mind without applying some strange personal criteria to my circumstances, just because I've left home.
  14. So by the same logic, if you were in my situation, living aboard and not able to get to games you wouldn't class yourself as a supporter.
  15. New Team Photo

    Big Dave, only lad in the back row not standing on a chair