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  1. Variety – The Stripes of Life!

    Option 2 or 5 for me, option 4 is just plain wrong.
  2. Stadium location?

    Ground share with PSG would suit me
  3. Apologies to anyone who's bought one but.......that is one dog of a shirt.
  4. Is the same thing holding Jos back?

    Unfortunately I am, it still hurts.
  5. Rate jos so far?

    It's too early to call, ask the same question this time next season and we'll all have a better idea. Cue cries of......"This time year! This time next year! If we don't change the manager now we'll be playing in the Tipsy Bobbins pub league North, sold the ground to Sainbury's for an overflow car park and we still won't be wearing stripes!!!!"
  6. That brings back memories. My parents had the estate version. A two door estate car FFS! I can remember my dad covering up the 2300 badge on the front so that we'd get charged less on French toll roads, apparently back in the day they used to charge by engine size.
  7. Our only aim this season is...

    Sole aim this year should be to stay up. If the cup goes well so be it, but the main aim this season is survival.
  8. Do Insurance Companies Cover Wages?

    It would have to be arranged through specialist insurers. Your usual house names (L&G, AVIVA, LV etc) won't touch a professional sportsman with a barge pole for disability cover.
  9. It was my dad's fault.
  10. Where's everyone watching the derby?

    The Bowler - Paris
  11. clubs you have a 'soft spot' for

    Brighton - lived there most of my adult life.
  12. Club shop is fantastic

    Wrong badge, wrong kit! Are we sure this isn't some knock off merch from a greek holiday island?
  13. Trivial Things You Don't Like

    It's exactly the same.........apart from the fact that Kazenga Lualua's second name is Lualua.
  14. Trivial Things You Don't Like

    I've noticed this. However, in Bannan's cases, I'm convinced the problem originates with telly commentators who are incapable of saying "Bannan" without prefacing it with "Barry". It's like they enjoy the sound of the alliteration, it can't be because they're confused by the vast number of Bannans on the pitch.
  15. Trivial Things You Don't Like

    Smelly people on the bus.