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  1. I'll see your "wankspangle" and raise you "Hoofwankingbumblec*nt"
  2. That's a Nike hook up, trying to sell more overpriced PSG tat to the yoof of Paris.
  3. This - previous posters banging on about the yellow kit not clashing while completely ignoring the fact that the sleeves are black.
  4. Blame Dawson Blame Pudil Blame Fox Blame Jos Blame Carlos Blame Chansiri Blame Hillsborough for being too quiet Blame Hillsborough for being too intimidating for younger players Blame lack of stripes on the back of the shirt Blame the club badge Blame the super tram Blame the superstore ............
  5. Couldn't keep my eyes open to get to the end of the original post, did anything actually happen?
  6. Anyone know what the significance of the handcuff logo is and why the fur trim at the bottom is pink? ............oh and what's with the shoulder pom poms on the away kit? (Nice shade of lime green though)
  7. Are we getting a new shirt? I haven't seen any threads about that on here............
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