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  1. Agree, total gash (the shirt not your opinion)
  2. Me too, but I couldn't eat a whole one.
  3. I may just have found a new podcast to ease the boredom of my daily commute. As for Leon, sounds like he wasted his talent by just by simply being a complete and utter cockwomble. His views on women's football are just plain wrong, if I could spell misogynist that's the word I'd use to describe him.
  4. Best - of course the 1993-95 shirt would have been much better shown off if it had been paired with black shorts and black or blue socks IMO Worst
  5. I only support Wednesday. However, to get my footy fix I go regularly to watch Red Star (hasn't been a great season they've been relegated to the third tier of the French league).
  6. I reckon we can assume that Steve Bruce knows a little about what makes a good CB, so let's all sit back and relax eh?
  7. I'll see your "wankspangle" and raise you "Hoofwankingbumblec*nt"
  8. That's a Nike hook up, trying to sell more overpriced PSG tat to the yoof of Paris.
  9. This - previous posters banging on about the yellow kit not clashing while completely ignoring the fact that the sleeves are black.
  10. Blame Dawson Blame Pudil Blame Fox Blame Jos Blame Carlos Blame Chansiri Blame Hillsborough for being too quiet Blame Hillsborough for being too intimidating for younger players Blame lack of stripes on the back of the shirt Blame the club badge Blame the super tram Blame the superstore ............
  11. Couldn't keep my eyes open to get to the end of the original post, did anything actually happen?
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