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  1. On or around the Christmas holidays.
  2. Are we getting a new shirt? I haven't seen any threads about that on here............
  3. I'll have whatever you're drinking.
  4. Christ on a bike, if you won the lottery the ticket would be the wrong colour.
  5. SouthCoastOwl

    If you HAD to choose...

  6. SouthCoastOwl

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

  7. SouthCoastOwl


    I'm still struggling with the fact that he used the correct version of "there/their/they're" and then fell at the final fence(sic).
  8. SouthCoastOwl

    ffs Wednesday

    1991 Cambridge United FA Cup away
  9. SouthCoastOwl

    Atletico Wednesday Shirt

    Gash - almost literally
  10. SouthCoastOwl

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    .........maybe I should just update my user name to ensure geographical accuracy
  11. SouthCoastOwl

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    Could be, but I've never seen him in my local for any of our televised games.
  12. SouthCoastOwl

    #SWFC Fans living in other countries

    Paris Owl - I think I'm alone