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  1. Owlin' Wolf

    Roundabout youth homeless charity

    Will be an amazing journey for a great cause, look forward to seeing the car. Donated.
  2. Owlin' Wolf

    Big sam

    Every time this gets brought up my answer is even if we did want him he’s not going to come here. Why drop to this level? He won’t have much money to spend, his wages would be lower than many other places he could go. He’ll always get offers from lower Prem clubs and the other option is a big money move abroad or an international team. He was heavily linked with the USA job previously. He’s out of our league. Having said all that I wouldn’t want him here anyway personally, don’t like the bloke and Jos is showing great promise with no ego.
  3. First thing I thought of n’all!
  4. Owlin' Wolf

    Nedum Onuoha

    I’d guess he’s probably getting about 4x what Loovens is.
  5. Owlin' Wolf

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    Posted this a week or two back.....clearly a couple of the genuine autographs have been “replicated” by my uncle as a child!
  6. Owlin' Wolf


    I was one calling for Pudil to go last summer as thought he was too slow and getting caught out of position at LB but he’s been absolutely fantastic since moving into central defence. Looks very confident and dominant and he reads the game so well in this position.
  7. Owlin' Wolf

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    You seem presumptuous.
  8. Owlin' Wolf

    New Role for Hutchinson ?

    You don’t usually use defensive midfielders as “super subs”, could be brought on to see out a game if leading I suppose but would be better if he or his replacement just played a full game.
  9. Owlin' Wolf

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    Completely agree with the sentiment but how many players WANT to be here when they can get much more money elsewhere? And I’m not one of those people who says all players are mercenaries these days and none have any feeling towards the clubs they play for but the fact is you have to pay competitive money to get them or keep them here in the first place.
  10. Owlin' Wolf

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    It’s a really difficult one IMO. I think all us ‘regular’ folk would agree that we shouldn’t have to pay big wages to young, largely unproven kids who’ve shown a bit of promise but unfortunately the fact is if you want to keep them you have to these days or someone else will. If the club are comfortable with that and I presume they are then fine, I support that but it just seems a shame we could be losing two very bright prospects. Let’s face it we haven’t produced many in a long time. Also agree with one of the posts above re spending big wages on older players who’s best years might be behind them or have fitness issues, that does kind of make me lean towards paying the money that these kids’ agents want. Fair to say Hirst has already gone though.
  11. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-sean-clare-s-owls-future-is-in-doubt-as-contract-discussions-stall-1-9110170 hes going isn’t he?
  12. Owlin' Wolf

    So David Hirst regrets

    He’s not stopped banging on about it since
  13. Owlin' Wolf

    Reyt view of the Wednesday ground

    Got to admit there’s 3 minute videos I’ve enjoyed more
  14. I’ll have it please mate of still available? Would you want me to collect it from you and if so whereabouts are you?