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  1. Owlin' Wolf

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Is that correct? Just going to buy the “silver” one for me and daughter but will probably make the Preston game and you’ve got me doubting myself!
  2. Owlin' Wolf

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Credit for listening, I’ll be buying now.
  3. Owlin' Wolf

    Heres summat radical

    I don’t think we can even get 30k in with the SAG regulations and stuff can we? Just for clarification, there seems to be a misconception that the people who aren’t happy with very high prices are people that don’t go which is shown by your “excuses” comment. The majority of people who think (know) prices are too high are the ones paying them so it’s not just about incentives to get more people through the gate by maybe thats a separate issue.
  4. Owlin' Wolf

    Heres summat radical

    And that applies to everyone does it? The “Everyone should just get a ST” comment is just well, ridiculous. Your other post about people wanting something for nothing is also daft. It’s about people wanting a FAIR price not a freebie. Not everyone has the same social or financial circumstances as you. Where I sort of agree with is that when we do have cheaper games the attendance isn’t always massively different but these are usually one-off games, I don’t think you’d see much difference unless it was in a long term, consistent basis. And the point about Wembley is not relevant either, as I’ve posted previously that is a huge event, potentially once in a life time, a day out, a weekend away, you’re not paying for the same “product” as a run of the mill league game at Hillsborough are you?
  5. Owlin' Wolf

    Heres summat radical

    Great post regarding getting behind the club, no negativity, etc. Just what’s needed and how it should be (with some exceptions when needed!). Cant really agree on the £20 ticket scenario though as ST holders have paid a lot of money to then be undercut afterwards (Im not a ST holder btw). Maybe if members/ST holders were given a future discount as has been suggested that might work though. Thats the problem with simple, logical ideas they’re usually more complicated when it comes to implementing them!
  6. I think £50 was pushing it but as I said it worked for me. The thing is with a membership it needs to pay off for the fan who can get to a decent amount of games but far less than would warrant a ST so it needs to be priced quite specifically, any more then £50 and it starts to become a bit pointless. If I’m honest I actually think I could just about break even on the £90 IF I managed to get to all the games with the EXTRA (more than £5) saving but there’s also a strong chance I’d lose money so there’s not much point. I was alll ready to buy again at £50 and as you say I would probably have begrudgingly paid £60. The other thing is I might even have bought a ST at the early bird price of I’d had known the memberships were going to be £90. Im one of those who seems to get to an awkward amount of games - 13 last season, 16 the season before, etc so I’m sort of in between a ST and membership but membership has been ideal for me and my daughter......until now.
  7. I’ve been a member to save money (which has been the case) and get some sort of priority on high demand/away games. Simple as that. At £90 though it doesn’t make any sense to get one.
  8. Owlin' Wolf

    Transfer embargo (sort of) confirmed

    Just a thought on the criticism of the timing of this announcement and previous ones - maybe the journalists actually find out some of this info when they’re talking to someone ITK at the ground in the build up to the match? Not saying thats correct but it’s just as likely as them tweeting stuff out close to KO just to pee us off.
  9. Yes I’d presume the replay was the audio only but could be wrong?
  10. If there was nothing to say on the subject the simple answer to the question would be “no”.
  11. You know what, I still think we’ve got a pretty strong squad that at best could even have a crack at making the playoffs IF all are major players can stay fit. Obviously we really could do with some new signings and to offload another couple but if this (give or take a couple) is going to be the squad Jos has to work with it’s not too shabby. There are clearly areas where we severely lack quality like in both full back positions but this has been the case for quite a while now even when we had the money to spend but we still have some very good players.
  12. Its not a conspiracy, it’s not people making up stories (not on this particular subject anyway!). The rumours of an embargo started, the club hasn’t told anyone and even now they know it’s becoming public knowledge they seem to be just telling the manger he’s not allowed to answer owt about it. The handling of it deserves a bit of criticsm IMO.
  13. Worst part of this for me is the fact the club know that fans and journalists have been asking questions and that he would be asked tonight yet they seem to have basically just hung him out to dry. Why didn’t they let him just say yes? We all know that’s the case now anyway. Complicating things again for no reason.
  14. Owlin' Wolf

    Mr Chansiri

    Agreed but it’s not supporters who should be balancing the books for chairman’s bad decisions whether they were made for the right reasons or not. Mostly agree but if he knew he was inexperienced and basically didn’t know much on the football side then splashing £8-10m on one player wasn’t a very good idea but again who knows who’s idea it was. And Indo agree that at least he was willing to spend to try and get us up so can’t complain at the sentiment. The part about prices I do disagree with though, yes people will always moan regardless but that doesn’t excuse the frankly insulting prices we are being asked or made to pay now which is supposedly down to the chairman’s mistakes. To be honest I still think we’d be getting ripped off regardless of FFP. If we’re challenging for promotion it’s “this is what it takes to get us there, fans have to do their bit”, if we’re struggling and skint it’s “fans have to do their bit and pay more”. What was the daft survey about? We were supposed to go along with the high prices so that we can continue investing heavily in the team weren’t we? Clearly we can’t do that at the moment so why still the ridiculous increases?