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  1. Owlin' Wolf

    Chelsea Allocation

    Who do people have to excuse themselves to and why?
  2. Bang on and quite obvious. Why do so many people expect this not to have been the case? It was quite obvious from the forum that Chansiri wasn’t “backing” Jos as many have said, just said it would depend if we could get anyone better and he was hardly going to say “I’ll sack him if Bruce agrees to take the job”.
  3. Owlin' Wolf


    To be fair the main “news” people are discussing the the moment is coming from credible sources and more than one of them. (Presume you’re referring to the player meetings, etc).
  4. Owlin' Wolf

    Chansiri consulting players

    To be honest I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Chansiri is getting slated whatever he does these days and believe me I disagree or criticise him on quite a few things but he just can’t win (like the team at present!). Some of the things he does such as regular fan forums and now consulting with players (his employees) are the type of thing many of us usually call for more of in football. I get where many people are coming from saying it shows a lack of leadership or weakness and that may be the case but not necessarily. I also like the fact we haven’t got a completely trigger-happy chairman who wants to change manager every 3 weeks, don’t get me wrong though I think we all agree that Jos needs to go urgently now.
  5. Owlin' Wolf

    If you thought the football was bad...

    This is fantastic! Genuinely cheered me up
  6. Owlin' Wolf

    Poundshop Klopp?

    If Wagner became available he’d get a much better job than the Wednesday one is currently. Even if sacked he’d move up the ladder not down.
  7. Owlin' Wolf


    Only just come back from injury.
  8. Owlin' Wolf

    Fake crowd sounds on sky

    I thought the exact same thing, was strange.
  9. Owlin' Wolf

    Jones and Boyd

    Funny how all these universally slated players are suddenly the answer. Jones and Boyd would have made zero difference yesterday. Have hardly seen one positive comment from anyone about either of them previously but now they’re not getting picked some folk want them back?
  10. Not really, I listen to several podcasts every day and hardly any of them are under an hour, quite a few are 2, 3 hours + the beauty of podcasts is it’s pretty much the only place you can hear long form interviews, conversations these days. There’s not much demand for TV chat shows anymore and the ones that are still running are rarely in depth and usually just a place to plug the guests latest venture. As for the point about swearing, I don’t really give a f**k.
  11. Owlin' Wolf

    Squad Value

    Not many of them can be considered “top quality” yet though. I think you’ve way overvalued mos of the young players.
  12. Owlin' Wolf

    Song for Lucas Joao

    To Crowded House ‘Don’t dream it’s over’ “Hey Joao, Hey Joao don’t scream it over” apologies in advance.
  13. Owlin' Wolf

    You don't mess with Gerry

    Never knew that TBH
  14. Owlin' Wolf

    You don't mess with Gerry

    Bring back stripes!
  15. Owlin' Wolf

    The Abdinator!

    More like ‘The Abdicator’