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  1. “It’s been a long, tough journey and it’s nice that all the hard work that I put in has paid off and got me the start against Blackburn. You take playing for granted as a footballer and when you’re not playing, whether that’s through injury or through not being selected, it’s tough for any footballer. So for me, to get back out on the pitch and playing in front of those Wednesday fans was really special. It’s something I will never take for granted again. It’s a great time to be back with the team firing on all cylinders. We’re on such a good run of form and we’ve got so much confidence in the squad. The more minutes I get, the sharper I will get, and I am confident the goals will flow as soon as I am back up to my best.”
  2. The forcing yourself not to celebrate because it's a nothing game thing. Ok, it does mean nothing. And fair enough don't celebrate. But there's a couple in here where you can see people are wanting to wheel away like Tardelli and having to hold it in. Don't hold it in boys. No such thing as too cool for school.
  3. Watching Darren Potter attempt a third corner certainly brought on a similar affect
  4. And for the good in my opinion! Hargreaves is indeed serving 5. I expect he'll be out in 2 the state this country is in. However when he does come out he'll face further online charges of crimes against Emojis. That comes with a top end sentence of becoming man servant to Lady S.
  5. The footballing landscape is a different country than it was in those days. I suspect out days of not just playing, but often outplaying the Big-guns may never return in my lifetime. But I do know what you both mean, in terms of having a manager we have all taken to. A man who seems at ease with himself and of course, one who knows how to build a side!
  6. I suspect we'd consider offers for any of them.
  7. It's actually a far better looking trophy than the Premier League trophy IMO. We don't make the play offs this year then I'm sure Bruce will have his eye on it for next.
  8. "I just automatically agreed to the change when I saw the squiggly red line under the word and now I'm a figure of ridicule!"
  9. He's the biggest authority on Sheffield Wednesday in the world.
  10. We need some sort of expert salesman in charge of our outgoing transfers. Someone who could actually rake in fees.
  11. A fraction of what we're paying some of our stars, according to Owlstalks resident ITK financial experts!
  12. And this is why we need to pull every stunt in the book. I'm thinking a honey trap. It's that or outright kidnap.
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