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    Come on Wednesday !! Big season this!!

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  1. Tomorrow

    Some mega posts in this thread already. Top stories, connections and sentiment. Great read. nowhere as good but.. Can't remember 1st game. Do remember being on my old man's shoulders on the kop as young un. Away at maybe Blackburn 80's?? Big celebration anyhow cos we were on the pitch and Dad took a divot of turf. Away at Leeds bit naughty from their lot and Dad didnt take me for a bit. Losing at Villa park. Sitting on the North. Sheridan at Wembley and celebrating with mi pal who was a ball boy the other side of the fence. Spending time with the old man shouting the lads on celebrating a win. Up The Owls. WAWAW
  2. Man o match etc etc

    Bazza Bannan for me too..mentions for Hoops Fletch Pudil and Reach 2nd half. Glad we had a good go 2nd half and showed we got some battle in us. UTO
  3. The Wednesday -V- Queens Park Rangers - OMDT

    Come on Wednesday back up and running today with a big home win. Looking forward to another year of improvement. UTO
  4. West Germany 0. Sheff Wed 0

    Dunsby is ya man. UTO
  5. Better or worse season????

    Last season was better because it was totally unexpected, a big improvement and with a lot of doubters but this season has still been good and we fought to the end. Next season will be mega.
  6. Carlos, Wednesday and the jigsaw piece....

    You gave it away with the graph Snoots, we all know your big guns now. Good post that. Can't wait for next season myself.

    Nice one Mr Chansiri, nice words and sincere. I bet young Att is learning a thing or two about football and being a Wednesday fan too. This guy's in it for the long haul and were moving forward to where we need to be. When it happens it will be massive I tell thi. I can't wait for next season. Chok dee SWFC.
  8. Hutchinson

    Half way through season he was on for player of season spot so it don't say much for the others then. Hope he plays every game next season.
  9. Bannan. Well done lads , just come up a bit short tonight. see ya next year. UTO
  10. For anyone who is worried.

    Epic post OP epic. Can't wait to get goin tonight could be better than last year. UTO
  11. Come on Wednesday let's have a big night to remember. UTO
  12. Come on Wednesday let's scare the bobbar out of em
  13. U23's match update

    Congratulations U23's ! Best team tonight with some good performances. Hope that's the first of many for SWFC
  14. Matt Penney

    Played a top second half I thought. Well done all the lads best team tonight. UTO.
  15. Jim Smith a Wednesdayite?

    Sshhhh Birmingham will be after him if that's the case