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  1. I think the 4-3-3 doesn't always look as attacking as it sounds with us...we often end up a man spare in midfield, a big gap up to fletch or limited options to pass further forward at times. It works better when the full backs get up the pitch. A change of personal in the wide positions might change that and bring a more attacking style and goals but as Holmys stat shows why would Monk risk it with the current points return he's getting. At some point we will have the "must win, go for the throat" games and we'll see what Monk is about then I reckon.
  2. Like him a lot, challenges every ball and his pace makes us harder to get past. Hope we stick by him when he drops a clanger or has a bad game Think Lees form had been poor for a while so not sorry to see him out the line up but he will keep em on their toes for sure. Big Dom and Borner to be the 2 on showings so far...
  3. Took control of the game 1st half, him and Luongo won all the battles amd gave us the upper hand from the off. No probs with him sitting if the full backs can get further up the pitch. The high dangerous looking 50 50 he beat Allen to was just before the goal and showed total commitment. Lads a warrior. UTO
  4. Hutch and Luongo bossed midfield 1st half, won the battles and the Stoke players never had time to settle. That daft tackle early doors from Hutch was pure frustration at everyone backing off, daft tackle yes but it got the message across to our players and theirs that were gonna get stuck in. Bazza got in the mix too when needed but could have kept the ball better at times I thought.
  5. Referees are getting worse...I mean Swarbrick getting away with that at Hillsborough v Villa sums it up...unreal The FA or who ever need to encourage ex players and coaches from decent levels to get involved who understand or have played the game. We are there to watch a game of football flow and played fairly for 90mins thats it.
  6. Can't blame ref for missing the pen.....he was miles away Not sure he got Hutch's yellow right either? Another poor official who looked like he was glad of a breather everytime he blew for a foul. Gave either team ages to decide what to do before blowing to start play.
  7. Yeah agree, looked more composed in defence and tried to get forward all night. I think he's been targeted last few games as well so nowhere to hide for the lad...not helped by his midfielder much either. Had a better game and kept on battling. Keep him out there with time to settle and he will improve....
  8. Big Dom again, never stopped battling all night. Had a lot of space to fill and a man round the back for the goal so tough on him...not sure where right back was tbh. Got in early doors with some good challenges and kept going till the end.
  9. Some poor decision making tonight and poor on the ball when it found him. If he is gonna play put him on the left so he can take the ball and go outside and get balls in the box.
  10. We played so much long ball and just turned possession over that quick at times none of our players had any responsibility on the ball or decent opportunity to create. When we play like this theres a chasm between midfield and attack we just dont fill. Missed a few chances yes, but didn't like the tactics tonight at all.
  11. We need to start looking foward... Iorfa, Odubajo, Borner, Harris, Murphy and Luongo need to be out there making an impact ....and a couple more to follow next window including a striker would help. Thought tonight was an ideal chance to play Luongo in midfield and Murphy up top or behind the striker.
  12. Iorfa is in great form, a real competitor out on the pitch with his pace and aggression. Hope he keeps it up as we look harder to get past with him in the team. He's young and will still be learning though and bound to make the odd mistake which is when we still need to get behind him and see how he responds. Great potential and hope he keeps bobbin the odd goal in too.
  13. Much better game from Reach and a good goal..bob on lad. If he can support right back and get quality balls into the box like today he's playing an important part again. Maybe having 2 proper strikers in front and not being lost in no mans land suits him better.
  14. Fletch is in great form and looks much fitter and hungrier than when he first joined...get the wingers flying and quick quality balls into the box and he's much more effective.
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