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  1. RIP lads...be nice to celebrate a win tomorrow. WAWAW
  2. Haha Brilliant....... I can remember him lobbing sweets over the fence on't Kop causing mayhem, a mix of youths throwing them back at him or scrapping over them pink coconut ones with liquorice in middle. Bertie Basset and that Steve Ogrizovic goal are a couple of stand out memories as a youth on' t Kop. Dont think well need a replay... cup magic and all that. UTO
  3. Absolutely bob on with that post Mr T. Not an easy situation for any of our young players to be in, much easier fitting into a winning team with full support of the fans. I think Dawson and Thornley have stood up to be counted in some games more than the seniors and fair play to them for that. Happy there at our club. Merry Christmas Wednesdayites .
  4. Nice one dunsbyowl. Always posts good stuff. Good read that about a top bloke. Up The Owls.
  5. First Wednesday kit, Big Bob Bolder Bukta nipple burner. Happy days. UTO
  6. I bet that is good to watch, their manager must be a reit wazbobbler. UTO
  7. Not much fight in midfield today When needed. But no point expecting Bannan and Lee and Reach or Butterfield to be flying into 50/50 's and winning strength battles tho cos It's not there game, there all better going forward or further up the pitch with the ball. We need a strong mobile ball winner to cover Hutch, who id put straight back in.
  8. Some mega posts in this thread already. Top stories, connections and sentiment. Great read. nowhere as good but.. Can't remember 1st game. Do remember being on my old man's shoulders on the kop as young un. Away at maybe Blackburn 80's?? Big celebration anyhow cos we were on the pitch and Dad took a divot of turf. Away at Leeds bit naughty from their lot and Dad didnt take me for a bit. Losing at Villa park. Sitting on the North. Sheridan at Wembley and celebrating with mi pal who was a ball boy the other side of the fence. Spending time with the old man shouting the lads on celebrating a win. Up The Owls. WAWAW
  9. Bazza Bannan for me too..mentions for Hoops Fletch Pudil and Reach 2nd half. Glad we had a good go 2nd half and showed we got some battle in us. UTO
  10. Come on Wednesday back up and running today with a big home win. Looking forward to another year of improvement. UTO
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