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  1. Sorry to say that he wont be our Manager next season rumour is that he is going back to Portugal
  2. So is this the pub of choice fro Saturday?
  3. Sky sports report Wednesday have bid 3 million for Forestieri this morning
  4. Released today by west ham, could he do a job for use, he is a quality player and scores his share of goals
  5. posted outside B*mhole lane just to remind them teves.doc
  6. Rumour was he was offered a 3 year deal with Wednesday, his agent says they are confident that he will get his permit its all to do with FIFA and your country been in the top 50 and Jamaica have fallen to 76.
  7. Just in case you see him waiting at the tram stop to Middlewood you will know who he is
  8. I think as the season progresses we might find our midfield lacking that hard man to cover our back four, we have all the flair but not so many players who will put there foot in where it hurts apart from Hutchinson and we all know what happens then. Think Austin could do a job for us
  9. Anyone know if Wednesday are still intrested in him, heard he won his case to stay and work in UK would be a quality player in midfield give it a bit of bite.
  10. are this years pre-season games the worst ever Alfreton Town Ilkeston York Braga Scunthorpe St Mirren
  11. Sheffield Wednesdays new secret agent Mission Complete
  12. can anyone tell me if you can pay on the day in home end at Blackpool cheers UTOs
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