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  1. Some Facts Reach isn't good enough Baz isn't a leader &takes too long on the ball Hutch isn't a midfielder Rhodes isn't a long ball player Penny makes very poor decisions
  2. It's sad to watch really...these players just aren't good enough to scrap their way out of the relegation zone No shape...lose the ball and don't fight to win it back, really sad to watch
  3. Can passenger Reach please report to the football match...
  4. The point being...EVERYONE criticises Chansiri. EVERYONE knows he's a complete FU. EVERYONE knows that we have been ruined by an idiot...and then we get people who haven't done any better telling us what we all know...they have an opinion, nothing changes...I get tired of people like this tbh...no offence meant to you or any other great supporters...
  5. Ah ok...his opinion must matter then...and you replied which makes it relevant...and I can kinda say what I want really...have a nice day
  6. Many of the teams still own their own grounds and this will be included in their valuations.
  7. 6pts from the next 3 games and maybe we have something to work with
  8. I’ve been doing some extensive research into our plight following the arrival of Dumbo and Colonel Hathi...do hear me out For many centuries, elephas maximus indicus has been a Thai symbol of intelligence, strength, power and fortitude...exactly what we are lacking at S6. More on this later. But in terms of Feng Shui these magnificent beasts are pointing in the wrong direction. They should be facing more towards the east with their arses pointing directly at the fans arriving over the South Stand bridge. So I have two proposals: 1. The elephants trav
  9. No He isn’t effective on or off the ball. He loses possession more often than not. He hasn’t won a tackle since before he joined us and his delivery is just hopeful. If he were any good he’d replace Bannan who can’t kick a set piece from any part of the pitch. He also hides. 9/10 there is a player between him and the ball...he doesn’t find those spaces between the lines that any good midfielder does. Don’t watch him on the ball, watch him off the ball. He’s always behind the game, he reacts late and he doesn’t read a situation. He’s nearly always
  10. We aren’t an unlucky side. We’re not getting a disproportionate number of bad decisions against us. We’re not subject to ‘rub of the green’ or near misses. We have a set of 16th to 22nd place players who don’t have the reserves into which they can ‘dig deep’ and pull us through. Westwood, like any player, has strengths and weaknesses. He’s past his best. He doesn’t want to make a mistake and so he clears his lines as far as he can...nothing more than that. He doesn’t come for crosses (last night he was woeful at it), he can’t play using his feet (Wildsmith can) and he i
  11. Can we all stop calling Tim Lees, Tim please???
  12. Never comes for a cross when you need him to...Reach played Fletcher onside.
  13. I’m really not a Tom Lees fan but he was great tonight along with Urhoghide and Shaw...3 great performances for me. The rest 5/10 - 6/10
  14. Baz headless chicken and dreadful passing and delivery...too far off his player all of the time and didn’t win a tackle (the couple he tried to make) all night. I just don’t get Reach at all...offers nothing when you compare him with Stoke midfield (or any midfield)
  15. Reach and Bannan poor in most games now...I’d rest them both for the next 40 games or so...
  16. He’s exposed because of Reach if you’ve ever understood how football works. Joint MOM tonight
  17. Tim Lees and Urhoghide 9/10 so far Reach and Bannan 3/10 so far
  18. When do we get our old Baz back from when he wasn’t this poo ?
  19. They need to make a mucky movie in the boiler room...plumber will come in about 45 mins
  20. They do seem to scout some great players and we don't...this goes all the way down to Academy level. Some of the players that have gone through the Barnsley system and how they manage their finances means they will probably become a solid Championship club and that might be enough for them. They have a good manager by the looks of it. Out of the 5 South Yorkshire clubs we are the messy one who can't find a good manager.
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