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  1. Nuhiu hunting on the wing and half way line. Stay within the with of the six yard box and stay forward...simple
  2. Well the 2016 bid for promotion squad has now well and truly gone. Once we know what division we will be in we can build the next squad...there will only be 3 or 4 from that line up in our new squad.
  3. I think we will come back from 2 - 0 down at half time...to lose 2 - 0
  4. All good and valid points. Hull were good but not very good. We didn't really show up on the day.
  5. Owls need a Chairman with a knowledge of football and a clear vision for the manager. Promotion to Premiership is a great aim but he needs to plot a path and invest in it without EFL penalties. Like many clubs he just spent silly money in year one and came up short against a not very good Hull. For the last 4 and the next 3 - 5 years we will suffer because of this. Wolves would have been in the same boat if they hadn't gone up. Part of the plan would be to keep the fans informed...he just doesn't do this. Other clubs have found some very good managers, MM wasn't considered by any of them. He's not for us.
  6. They were all in a much bigger mess than we are...but I accept your point
  7. "If in the event the Club is relegated by virtue of their final position following the conclusion of the Championship season, then the deduction will apply in League One in 2020/21. However, if the Club is not in the relegation places following the final game of season, the sanction will be then be applied to their season 2019/20 total and final league standings amended as appropriate." The way it works is EFL wait until the end of the season to apply the punishment. If we end up outside the relegation zone they then take the 12 points off (if it is 12 points). If we still don't end up in the bottom places then we stay up and the points are deducted. If we end up being relegated without the points deduction they take the points off us next season. If we lose the case we can appeal and this takes time and may mean that we stay up but then have the 12 points deducted if we lose the appeal. I suppose the question is do we take it this season if we are safe or do we appeal?
  8. Thoughts... Would it be better taking a 12 point hit this season to get it out of the way? If we get relegated, we would look to strengthen the squad, quite possibly come top and be on a high the following season and could do a Leicester or United. If we don't get relegated then we start afresh next season and strengthen knowing where we stand. If we aren't deducted the points this season and take a hit starting next season with a 12 point deduction then promotion is very unlikely and costs will be higher anyway. Do we want to take the hit this season or next? Assuming we are found to be in breach...I think we would have heard by now if we weren't in breach.
  9. No I was comparing my view with your view. I never thought he was a great player but I did think he was once a good player. You have changed the context not me
  10. The game has moved on, his fitness/pace has gone...he's been rubbish for 2 ½ seasons now. If you think Reach is a great player for the Owls that's ok. I bet you think Nuhiu is good too.
  11. When was that then? Last season or the season before? I'm commenting on what he does not what he did
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