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  1. The thing that interested me about this whole ESL business was the outpouring of passion for grassroots football and the contempt for those running the huge clubs. It mirrored what fans have thought for many years now. You outline well the symptoms of a sick and outdated business model at SWFC but it could be that the whole structure of football has grown in a direction that means the ESL was inevitable but premature. I think it will still happen one day just like cricket shunned Kerry Packer in the 70s with his World Series Cricket only for it to be the catalyst that modernised th
  2. Reach has been dreadful again giving the ball away...we’ve dropped back again...
  3. I hope Wildsmith called Bannan all the names under the sun for missing the penalty against Bristol...it could be that one miss that cost us in the run in...
  4. Chansiri has lost us every point this season including the 6 we didn’t even play for
  5. It's interesting that there isn't a thread for each player... I would think that every player has made more mistakes than ANY of our keepers. I would also think that EVERY forward player has missed more chances than ANY keeper has conceded goals. I would guess that EVERY midfielder has misplaced crucial passes or missed essential tackles than ANY keeper has made a bad clearance mistake. I can only think that EVERY player has been beaten in an arial challenge more times than ANY of our keepers. I can only imagine that EVERY player has failed to give clear calls w
  6. Sad to see our club in this state...just sad to see
  7. Coaches say Wildsmith was not at fault for any of the goals. Experts on here say he was... I’ll go with the coaches Whole team was poor yesterday. They have no fight, no character and no clue
  8. Can’t pick one they were all as awesome as each other...3/10 for all of them today
  9. Bring him some waders to get the elephants out of the Don
  10. Anyone on this thread ever been a keeper? Wildsmith and Dawson haven’t improved since Rhodes left and Rhodes left because of comments made by Chansiri about Jordan Rhodes. Keepers need a defensive shape in front of them that they know and understand. They know who will do what and when. There’s a ‘zone’ where keepers do what they do. As for distribution, Wildsmith is by far the best of the three...but he needs targets in the right places. If a back pass is played into a place where his body shape means he has to hit it first time then you get what you get wi
  11. He’s been Gash for 3½ years...today wasn’t his fault. Today just shows why we are going to be relegated because he’s one of the worst of 6 very poor players...
  12. Reach walks slowly to get the ball for a throw in 3 mins into injury time...if you want to understand how thick these players are...that was it
  13. It’s well beyond his reach...tv shrinks it If Lees leaves it their player offside
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