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  1. Missed Huddersfield game 3 pts for that one so 56 pts and 16th then...
  2. This is my guesstimate based on current form... Forest (H) 1 pts Bristol (A) 0 pts WBA (H) 0 pts Swansea (A) 1 pts Preston (H) 0 pts QPR (A) . 0 pts Fulham (A) 0 pts Middlesbrough (H) 3 pts Total 5 pts 53 pts (17th/18th)
  3. Every single issue stems from us not having a midfield. Back four can’t cope, front players don’t get any service. This is a midfield issue. If I was put in charge tomorrow Hirch would be CB as he’s the best CB at the club and where he played throughout his development. I’d then try to develop Iorfa to be centre mid near Baz to mix it up a bit and provide strength. It would be crisis management. PLAYERS DROPPED WOULD BE Lees, Dawson and Pelupessy. Not good enough. Westwood and Wildsmith would fight for No 1 jersey. FF would be given a free role behind 2 up front. This is all about the spine of the team...midfield is missing.
  4. I thought the radio interview questions were utter crap (as usual)...Monk might just be bored with the amateurish interviews. Same questions, same answers...Radio Sheffield performing badly 4/10 from me
  5. There's no simple fix here. The majority of the expensive players (except for Rhodes) were bought in 2016 or whist we were under a soft embargo. The one area where we haven't added any strength or quality is midfield. EVERY midfield that has come to Hillsborough this season has been better than ours. No midfield = no forward progression and no defensive protection. We have no midfield and in Baz we have a good player that tries to play a worldy pass with every ball...once or twice it has come off. Our midfield doesn't pass their way around other midfields, other midfields do with us. Our issues Lees isn't a captain (never has been) and he's lost his nerve now. Lee used to be box to box magnificent but he's not in the game for 80% of the time. Baz cannot boss any player he comes up against Fox and Palmer are ok and would look better in a better team. Dawson panics and flaps and makes his defence nervous. We have no real quality, pace or goal scoring threat... 12th is about right for this squad...Monk can't change that until the summer. I'm one of the 12,000 that hasn't yet renewed their season ticket...maybe DC will get the message sooner or later.
  6. I just love the wee wee tail ends that neg’d my original post without understanding the concept of irony...haha
  7. I enjoyed the referee tonight. I thought he did very well. I thought he got to grips with the time wasting apart from right at the end when he asked US to get on with it, which, I have to say, was a little out of character. He added massively to the spectacle and made a thoroughly boring game much more interesting. So yes, a big shout out for the referee...jolly good chap. I’d have given him an almost perfect 10 if he’d blown for an innocuous foul instead of allowing a goal and all that time wasting celebration. He nearly spoiled it by not doing so. Still, apart from that, he was almost flawless.
  8. We are...like any football club in the world...yet they sign players from anywhere they want and get work permits
  9. DC has invested money in the club. DC has got us to our 1st ever Championship play off final DC has got us to the following year’s play off semis That group of players were good(ish) in 2016 when signed, just above average in the 2017 final, average in 2018 semis, past it in 2019 season ending up 12th and they are still here. Anything above 12th this year is a bonus (and not anticipated). The majority of these player’s contracts are up, wages bill will be slashed and new players brought in this summer. There is no question of a transfer embargo if we don’t have a squad (my guess). No manager could get more out of this squad now that they all have a few weeks left on their contracts. The mistakes happened in 2016 by signing past glory players. DC has hopefully learned from this and we will see if Monk can build a team to challenge in 21/22 season. The two big question marks are: Has DC learned? Does he care enough to back Monk? If you expect anything before that then you’ll be disappointed. If I we’re a betting man I’d say DC is working very hard behind the scenes to find a buyer for his failed attempts.
  10. This squad would ruin any good manager’s career. The squad are great people and I’ve loved watching them but they are past their best in key areas. A good midfield and some young talent would be great. Right now I’d be setting up a scouting business if I was DC and look to find talent around the world. A few years back Ajax, Arsenal and Partisan Belgrade had the best scouting and academy set up and recruited to find players to play and to trade. We need a great network of scouts paid for by trading players.
  11. I've said all season that I haven't seen a midfield (home or away) that I wouldn't swap for our midfield. Our midfield is the cause of where we are at right now. Fix the midfield and we have better performances front and back. It's why midfielders are highly sought after. We don't have one.
  12. Interesting statement really. It’s all about what he isn’t saying. Available for selection Fighting for his place Wants to get back into team Backs Monk and wants to show him Ready to fight for the club Will wait on bench for his turn This sounds like an agreed statement that makes him sound reasonable for his next club. I wish him well, it’s over now, he’s gone...he’s been great For us and I hope he finds a new place to work.
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