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  1. Yep, true. But there will have been someone that could properly mentor him. It’s clear that he needed/needs it.
  2. Obviously you’ve had too much extra sleep...if Megson were a manager he’d be managing. His ‘90s style of football ended years ago and I’m glad it has. There are two types of manager: lump it forward and chase or pass it around and entertain the crowd. There are two types of fan. One that wants results at any cost and one that pays for entertainment; both want as many wins as possible. Monk might not be good enough but our club is run by a footballing idiot. A clever man would have retained Mandaric for a season to show him how to run a football club. DC is a
  3. Our midfield is the problem. Championship success comes from a strong spine and a physical midfield., Baz played 3 or 4 good passes early on then they stopped him and he was very poor at delivering set pieces again (and again and again...). Pelupessy is L2 standard at best. Reach offers nothing at all. We play without any pressure or intensity...we don’t have fitness or commitment. Its the 1st time I’ve been convinced that Monk isn’t good enough
  4. Luton want it more, they’ve worked harder, they’ve not let us play...very very poor again
  5. I haven’t seen a game where Pelupessy has added anything at all. But if you have then that’s ok...I can’t recall any game changing appearances.
  6. Pelupessy is utter pants. EVERY pass he made was backwards and he hasn’t a creative bone in his foot. Hunt is a very good player but needs good players around him. Baz never gives him the ball but demands it from him even when there’s a better pass on. Really...just watch them in midfield it’s not good. Brentford showed how midfields work well.
  7. The throw hadn’t been taken at the incident so he couldn’t give a foul for the block. It had to be retaken. Proper application of the Laws there. The ref was pretty good but for the life of me I don’t understand why they get involved with players at set plays into the box. Let it go if there’s a foul blow for it either way. Keith Hacket agrees on this...(rant over)
  8. He’d play best as a free role just off the striker. Stay along the 18yd line don’t wander too wide. Reach had a decent 1st half last night but I’d have swapped him early 2nd half for this guy just behind the strikers. If he sees his opportunity to put himself on the map he can step up and shine. If not, he’ll go nowhere like so many other young talents. It’s all in his head.
  9. The player who wasn’t involved in the goal? Ok Baz also played him onside. Baz was marking him. He was level with Baz when it was kicked. There’s no VAR if his arm was off...Baz is captain and should be organising everyone. Dawson only had to push it wide or out...that’s all that happened here
  10. So who was organising the defence and marshalling them? Dawson error whichever way you look at it
  11. They were all moving the other way Dawson mistake...push it around the post or hold onto it. Never parry it back into the middle
  12. The rest of the team didn’t pass it to Toney in front of goal on his own...Dawson did that
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