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  1. it’s just a business...if they go bust they go bust. P&S doesn’t stop them going bust...but it might contribute towards it because it guarantees nothing by preventing with it attempts to prevent. How is a points deduction contributing to sustainability? It’s the wrong vehicle used for the wrong purposes and the consequences of it are harmful...that’s just a race to the bottom
  2. That’s my point...if you can afford it it’s sustainable. If Jeff Bezos wants to buy Mansfield and sign 30 Lionel Messi and storm to the Premiership and win it for the next 20 years...just so he can put Amazon on the shirt...P&S says no??
  3. All in the Premier League now...so what did P&S (FFP) contribute to their present success? Nothing. It didn’t stop them going bust nor did it help them recover.
  4. Why would anyone want to own and invest in a club like Wednesday? P&S doesn’t work on any business level... Players work for employers that can afford them. Fans are paying customers and want a good product. In what other sector does restriction of trading resources like P&S work? In fact where else is it a thing at all? It’s the wrong mechanism and doesn’t do what it’s trying to do.
  5. Our owners are billionaires and affordability should be the measure not some arbitrary one size fits all cap. Wycombe budget should not be the same as Wednesday budget...but they should have to be able to afford their budgets. No ‘big’ clubs have ever gone bust in any league...small clubs go bust. More of them will go bust this year.
  6. No cap for me and owners should be free to run their businesses how they see fit...so no P&S either... Prem parachute clubs have too big an advantage anyway
  7. Really rated Moore...he gets the best out of players and the football is good too. I’d be happy with this choice if true
  8. Forgive me...an excellent point about attitude albeit not strong on the maths
  9. If you’re at a club of any size and the club retains you past 16 then progress depends upon mental structure and physical build. Physical build is 20% and mental strength/attitude/aptitude and speed of translating thought into action is the other 80%. Every player can make it if they believe enough and have the ability
  10. Like a Carlton Palmer or Steven Gerrard (obviously some way off them still)...rangy and confident...let him run the diagonals like those two did (as he did for his assist today)...when I saw him play for the U18s and U23s he stood out by a mile...a real talent
  11. FIRSTLY...I can think of 5 managers in the Championship that he would slap during a game and tbh I'd be all for it. SECONDLY...he reportedly loves to eat Thai THIRDLY...him pissed up and 'having fun' with a golden elephant would be my screensaver
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