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  1. They’re Laws and not Rules Pass back was deemed a tackle. The referee decides what is and what isn’t within the Laws of the Game during the match. No other consideration applies.
  2. Hutch (8.5/10) for me…important at all of the important times. Very good team performance in most areas today. BPF (6/10) position poor for their free kick, looks a bit low on confidence and Baz (4.5/10) had his poorest game for quite some time. Good balance in set up and worked hard for each other. Mendez-Liang, Luongo and Dele-Bashiru looked awesome
  3. Here’s a thing Baz is absolutely crap. Hasn’t found a pass. Loses his man running through from midfield, woeful at set pieces and can’t defend. I love his attitude but his product is awful…soz Baz fans (I’m not one)
  4. We have no composure at all, no class on the ball and whoever thinks Baz is a defensive midfielder is crazy…he’s only good at the front of the diamond, useless at the back
  5. He was utter crap in the 1st half…gave up for their 2nd…dropped uselessly into the back 4 at times. But he’s better than the rest of them
  6. Not one of them deserve the shirt…absolutely awful defending again
  7. Why not start a go fund me page where we can all chip in and you can keep your shirts, buddy? WAWAW
  8. Voted Bannan (haven't for quite a while) because he was at his best today. He was at his best in more advanced positions (awful when he drops deep)...and ran the entire show There were many good performances today...they were a very poor team and will be relegated
  9. No stewards in place in the gates to the pitch…club’s fault Some fans are nobs tho
  10. I seem to recall one or two chances for the Owls who had better quality players all over the pitch…their keeper did well too
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