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  1. DC has invested money in the club. DC has got us to our 1st ever Championship play off final DC has got us to the following year’s play off semis That group of players were good(ish) in 2016 when signed, just above average in the 2017 final, average in 2018 semis, past it in 2019 season ending up 12th and they are still here. Anything above 12th this year is a bonus (and not anticipated). The majority of these player’s contracts are up, wages bill will be slashed and new players brought in this summer. There is no question of a transfer embargo if we don’t have a squad (my guess). No manager could get more out of this squad now that they all have a few weeks left on their contracts. The mistakes happened in 2016 by signing past glory players. DC has hopefully learned from this and we will see if Monk can build a team to challenge in 21/22 season. The two big question marks are: Has DC learned? Does he care enough to back Monk? If you expect anything before that then you’ll be disappointed. If I we’re a betting man I’d say DC is working very hard behind the scenes to find a buyer for his failed attempts.
  2. This squad would ruin any good manager’s career. The squad are great people and I’ve loved watching them but they are past their best in key areas. A good midfield and some young talent would be great. Right now I’d be setting up a scouting business if I was DC and look to find talent around the world. A few years back Ajax, Arsenal and Partisan Belgrade had the best scouting and academy set up and recruited to find players to play and to trade. We need a great network of scouts paid for by trading players.
  3. I've said all season that I haven't seen a midfield (home or away) that I wouldn't swap for our midfield. Our midfield is the cause of where we are at right now. Fix the midfield and we have better performances front and back. It's why midfielders are highly sought after. We don't have one.
  4. Interesting statement really. It’s all about what he isn’t saying. Available for selection Fighting for his place Wants to get back into team Backs Monk and wants to show him Ready to fight for the club Will wait on bench for his turn This sounds like an agreed statement that makes him sound reasonable for his next club. I wish him well, it’s over now, he’s gone...he’s been great For us and I hope he finds a new place to work.
  5. I thought we looked a bit better 1st half than last few games. I only recall one shot on target after about 85 mins. Yet again, I saw a midfield that I’d happily swap for ours. That’s every team so far this season. We have no midfield and so everyone else looks poor. It leaves defenders under too much pressure and that leads to goals. It leaves attackers isolated and unsupported and that doesn’t lead to goals. Nuhiu is out hunting for the ball on the wings. When we did get forward he was lumbering up the pitch by the halfway line when the ball went into the box. Wickham came on and did the same. We didn’t get it in the box that much (7 times I recall) but when we did...no striker there. We are an older and quite poor team now. Its fixable in a few months from now...but not til then.
  6. Ok...I'm as vocal as anyone when things are bad and they're bad right now (and have been for a while). How about we turn the tables and put or voices to work? How about we just cheer whenever we can, clap when they try stuff, sing their praises and show them some good old fashioned terrace love? It's not about what they do or don't do, it's about who we are as owls fans. Let's show up and show them who's important at the club...us
  7. My team against Reading (anyone) based on player availability at Luton. Westwood Iorfa Hutchinson Borner Palmer Da Cruz Bannan Hunt Harris Forestieri Wickham Iorfa, Hutch, and DaC to look after Hunt until he settles into the game. FF and Wickham to work closely and pushed forward (don't come searching too deep).
  8. Take a look at the clubs with good players who came down...not many do well for quite some time afterwards. Many players have contracts that give them more pay if they come down than if they stay in the Prem...this might sound ridiculous but it's a fact. This is how crazy the current imbalance between players, agents and clubs has become. Clubs need to take back control. The EFL is owned by the clubs and they should get together to fix this rubbish.
  9. The old boys of 2016 got older. They ran out of steam last year. We’ve tried a few sticking plasters but they’ve come unstuck. We’re a club without real leadership and there is no evidence of a plan. I’d change it from top to bottom over the next 5 years. A proper plan to improve and align everything behind one clear vision. If the 2016 boys had got us over the line in 2017 we could have been in even more mess.
  10. He took on a team that he’s seen doing ok. At pre season they all looked fitter than pre Bruce. But the reality is that most of this squad was a 2016 gamble, one where bringing in experienced players would carry them through. In the final we were marginally outplayed and Hull scored a wonder goal. The following year we ground out results and lost to a very ordinary Huddersfield. Last season it had gone from their heads and legs, they all knew they hadn’t got anything left in the tanks. I’m not blaming the players, they just got too old together, all of them. What has now happened is clear for any businessman to see. There is no culture of success here. DC has never been a success in, his father set up the tuna business. If he was smart he’d have bought Leeds at the time. A big successful city with just one team of interesting misfits. In other words, he didn’t do his homework. He still doesn’t do his homework. This squad has gone and it’s almost cruel to watch them. I haven’t seen one midfield this season that I wouldn’t swap with ours. We don’t have one. We used to be rock solid at the back, 17 clean sheets. We had 6 or 7 players chipping in with goals, we miss Fletcher now. This isn’t Monk’s fault and a more aggressive manager couldn’t squeeze any more juice out of this lemon. Iorfa and Börner looked great at the back, now every touch puts them under pressure. DC has lurched from bad signing to bad signing...embargo and crisis to ghost appointments. He got lucky with CC but from then on he’s got it wrong. Nothing has gone right. From tickets to facilities, from crowd management to crazy long term offers, he sees the supporters as fools to be milked. The formula is simple in football; build from a long term goal that everyone gets behind, communicate it well, update everyone and make sure any new signings sign up for it. Right now, players with contracts to provide a service are withholding that service from their employer...I could fix that conundrum in one conversation. This club is in trouble and it will take a long time to recover...I’m now not sure I want to invest my time or money (or wellbeing) into a club I’ve supported and watched for 50 years. See you all on Saturday (probably).
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